Australian Grand Prix

It was the Australian Grand Prix at the weekend. It was much better than the Bahrain GP. All we need is a bit of rain every race!! Jenson Button won with a great smooth performance. He made a great move changing the tyres to slicks which pretty much won it for him.

The Red Bulls and Ferrari’s are still faster cars but the way it all worked out, Jenson got to the front. His race was helped of course when Vettel had brake problems and crashed out.

I am a big fan of Jenson Button so I am very happy with the result. It was great for him to win with just his 2nd race for McLaren and he seems to be getting on with the team brilliantly.

One other talking point was about Lewis Hamilton. He didnt have the best weekend with his driving “incident” on Friday and the poor qualification on Saturday. He finished 6th yesterday – almost being taken out by Mark Webber – but had issues with the team. He complained during the race (for the whole world to hear) about the tyres asking whos idea it was to change tyres.

In hindsight it wasnt the right decision and who knows where he would have finished. However, to complain like that with the world listening was not good. If he didnt want to change tyres he didnt have to pit??? Jenson was the one who decided to change the tyres when he did. Could Lewis not do the same and tell the team he was staying out. The way he drives the tyres may have destroyed themselves before the end?? We will never know.

It was good to see the post-race celebrations at McLaren on the BBC F1 Forum (which is excellent) and the interview with Jenson. They tried to get Jenson’s girlfriend Jessica to talk on camera but Jenson said better not – shes had a couple sherbets!! LOL

Although this grand prix was entertaining, the rain and safety car and changable conditions only disguised the fact that overtaking is still very difficult. Teams are saying a car needs a 3 second advantage over another car to overtake!! In F1 that is a massive amount and its just crazy!

Anyway, hopefully Malaysia will be another good race. It will be warm but there will the chance of rain so could be another good race!

PS – There was a nice feature I have only just seen where Jenson Button gives Jake Humphrey a tour round the McLaren HQ. It was shown before the race but I missed it but seen it now on iPlayer. You can see it on Jake’s blog here –

Movie reviews

Watched a few movies recently. Here are my thoughts:

The Blind Side

Feel good movie but nothing special really. Not sure will Sandra Bullock won best actress Oscar. She did a good job but nothing fantastic.


Couples Retreat

Pretty good movie – I enjoyed it. Stars the likes of Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell (who I think is brilliant) and Jon Favreau. Great location – makes you want to go on holiday to a beautiful island in the sun.


He’s Just Not That Into You

Really enjoyed this movie. Has loads of famous people. Pretty funny if a bit predictable.


Love Happens

Bit of a typical Jennifer Aniston type romcom. Enjoyable enough but nothing special.


Up In The Air

Really enjoyed this movie and its won loads of awards. Admittedly George Clooney just plays George Clooney but its well worth seeing.



I had read some really good things about this movie. I thought it was good but just not that good. Animation as usual from Pixar was brilliant. Had some funny moments but its no Toy Story or Monsters Inc.


Serious Moonlight

An OK movie. Only watched it really because Kristen Bell is in it. Justin Long plays a different sort of character than he usually does. Meg Ryan played a different sort of character to her normal role and its good to see her in a movie – even if shes kindoff ruined her looks with the work she did on her lips.

It has a good twist at the end. Although saying that I pretty much guessed it.


Another run done. Faster pace – 8 min a mile. Need to find a longer route.

Looking at last 3 runs getting faster. 8 minutes a mile average. If I can keep that up for 10k I would be v happy. Would be about 50 minutes.

I do need to work on pacing though.

Tried another route today but difficult to find route in city centre where u dont have to cross too many roads.

(I think I may get one of those gym headphones as the left headphone is loose and a few times fell out of ear).

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United v Liverpool

It was one of the big games of the season yesterday, with Manchester United playing Liverpool at Old Trafford. It was about 53 weeks since the same fixture last time when Liverpool easily beat United 4-1. That was a bad day!! However, the result yesterday was much better and was a nice belated birthday present. United won 2-1.

United went into the game as the team most in form but Liverpool had a couple good games with a win against Pompy and also in the Europa Cup. Also there top striker Torres had scored 4 games in those 2 games.

The game started of fast for about the first 15 minutes. Torres scored with a good header after some poor defending by United. Still cant take anything away from a good Liverpool goal. However, United equalised after about 11 minutes with a Rooney penalty.

There was all sorts of debate whether it was a penalty or not. There is no denying that Macherano had hold of Valencia out of the box and a bit of pulling. Valencia fell in the penalty box but there is lots of debate saying he let go just before getting into penalty box. With the tugging and pulling, just because he let go doesnt mean he isnt a penalty. Thats what I thought anyway and I later found out that by the letter of the law – it WAS a penalty.

The law states:

If a defender starts holding an attacker outside the penalty area and continues holding him inside the penalty area, the referee must award a penalty kick.

Anyway, after the first 15 minutes it was a bit of an odd game. Liverpool played very defensively and Torres had very little service. Gerrard once again was annonymous. Not too bothered as a United fan but its not a good sign as an England fan – hes not played well this whole season.

United pretty much controlled the midfield with 5 midfielders. Fletcher had another excellent game and was MOTM. Personally, I though Park was MOTM. He was playing in the middle of the midfield and was pretty much playing just behind Rooney. He made some great runs, had some chances he maybe should have done better but he scored with a diving header from a great cross by Fletcher (and excellent run outside by Neville). I loved his celebration!!

One thing I have to mention is the behaviour of Torres. It seems to have gone down recently. Hes clearly frustrated. When United were awarded the penalty, he kicked the penalty spot trying to take a chunk out of it. Arguably could have got a yellow card for that. He had a few all moments as were having a go at Park thinking he dived and then waving an imaginary card. I do like Torres and think hes a clearly world class player and admire the loyalty he has shown and what hes said but his recent petulance is not a good side to him. He seems really fired up and on another day and maybe with a different ref he could have been sent off?? Well maybe??