Brits 2010

Well if you follow me on Twitter you will know I was watching the Brits last night. I thought about watching the football but realised everyone would be talking about the Brits last night and today.

Overall, it wasnt that good. There were some good performances like Jay-Z & Alicia Keys and Robbie Williams was great at the end. Lady Gaga’s performance was good. Showed she can really sing – even if no one knew what the song was. She won 3 awards and was very emotional – when accepting the award she seems completely different to the whole on-stage persona. (It was the first time I heard her speak really anyway).

One thing that really bugged me was the general production of the show. The sound seemed to be out sometimes – which made Cheryl Cole look even worse at miming. Cheryl was certainly miming but it was almost a second delay but I think there was also a delay with the other person she sang with sang. Good performance though with the dancing and that first “jump” onto the stage.

When it came back from a commercial break, there was just silence and sometimes hear Peter Kay say something like “we’re back on soon…”. There was a mess up with Sam Fox when it just showed the Spice Girls clip – not her fault but she did mess up saying “rememberable”. LOL.

Also, what was with the guest award presenters?? First Geri and Mel B accepted an award for best Brit moment or something like that (no other Spice Girls??) and then moments later Mel B was back presenting award and then Geri later on presenting. (Also, why was Geri Halliwell presenting award for Breakthrough artist which is voted by Radio 1 listeners – she has nothing to do with Radio 1!). Another guest presenter that just didnt work was Jonathan Ross who did his best “Richard Madeley at the Brits award being an embarassing Dad”. Alan Carr was the only good award presenter – as usual very funny.

Peter Kay did an overall good job but repeated some jokes – he tends to do that but still very funny. Loved him calling Liam Gallagher a “knobhead” – which he was. Liam Gallagher seems to be stuck in the 1990s.

Just to go back to the production and the sound problems – it should really be on post watershed because the audio muting partly ruined it. Also, when stars were walking onto stage (which was a stupidly long way), they sometimes played the “rude” version of the song and had to mute that!!

My thoughts on the whole John Terry scandal

It was revealed a few days ago that John Terry had an affair and slept with the girlfriend of his former team-mate Wayne Bridge. It was announced today that he has been “sacked” as England captain. Personally, I never thought he should never have been captain. There is too much evidence that hes not a pleasent guy.

Some people are saying that he is being made a scapegoat and other people are involved – they are right. Other people are involved (and other footballers have been “dodgy” things). Also, you have to say that the woman involved isn’t exactly “whiter than white”. If the papers are right she has slept with 4 other Chelsea players (and who knows who else). You have to feel sorry for Wayne Bridge!

As well as this latest John Terry scandal it was also reveals that he sold his own corporate box at Wembley for £4000. (Which hes not allowed to!). He has to pay £80,000 a year for the box – if he wasnt captain it would be £120,000. A few months ago, it was also reveals that he was taking a share of £10,000 for private tours around the Chelsea training ground. Thats just 3 things recently. I could add to the list!! The main earns £170,000 a week but still wants to earn a few extra ££ on the side “dodgy-ly”.

The new England captain has been announced today as Rio Ferdinand – who isnt exactly “whiter than white”. Personally I would like Rooney to be captain. Hes been captain for England. However, maybe its best to have him concentrate on just playing. It seems the top contenders for England captain are have had “scandal” in their past. Maybe the best one is Lampard??

Anyway, as long as England play well and win I dont care. Some people have been saying about England captain (and other footballers) being role models. I think footballers (the vast vast majority) should not be role models.

Movies 2010

Every year, I check out the various movie web sites and check out the best movies to come out during the year. I am a bit late this year but here is the list. It is ordered in chronological order (release date) wherever its released 1st – either UK or US:

Whip It – 2 Oct 2009 (US), 7th April (UK)
Armored – 22 January (UK), 4 December 2009 (US)
Up In The Air – 15 January (UK)
The Book of Eli – 15 January (UK)
When In Rome – 11 June (UK), 29 January (US)
Edge of Darkness – 29 January (UK/US)
Valentine’s Day – 12 February (UK/US)
Takers – 26 March (UK), 26 February (US)
Alice in Wonderland – 5 March
She’s Out Of My League – 23rd April (UK), 12 March (US)
Green Zone – 12 March (UK/US)
Bounty Hunter – 19 March (US), 16 April (UK)
How To Train Your Dragon – 26 March (US), 31 March (UK)
Hot Tub Time Machine – 26 March (US)
Date Night – 9 April (UK/US)
The Losers – 9 April (UK), 23 April (US)
The Repo Man – 16 April (UK)
Cop Out – 16 April (UK)
The Joneses – 16 April (US), 23 April (UK)
Iron Man 2 – 30 April (UK), 7 May (US)
Kick-Ass – 2 April (UK), 16 April (US)
My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend – 1 May (US – limited)
Prince of Persia – 21 May (UK), 28 May (US)
The Killers- 4 June (US), 16 June (UK)
The A Team – 30 July (UK), 11 June (US)
The Karate Kid – 16 July (UK), 11 June (US)
Jonah Hex – 18 June (US)
Toy Story 3 – 23 July (UK), 18 June (US)
Knight & Day – 2 July (UK/US)
Predators – 7 July (US)
The Kids Are All Right – 9 July (US)
Despicable Me 3D – 15 October (UK), 9 July (US)
Inception – 13 August (UK), 16 July (US)
Salt – 20 August (UK), 23 July (US)
Beastly – 30 July (US), 15 Oct (UK)
Morning Glory – 10 September (UK), 30 July (US)
The Other Guys – 6 Aug (US), 2 Sept (UK)
Scott Pilgrim vs The World – 6 August (UK), 13 August (US)
The Expendables – 20 August (UK), 13 August (US)
The Switch – 20 August (US)
Going The Distance – 27 August (US)
Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D – 14 January 2011 (UK), 27 August 2010 (US)
Priest – 17 September (UK), 1 October (US)
You Again – 24 September (US)
Life As We Know It – 8 October (UK)
The Zookeeper – 15 October (UK), 8 October (US)
Easy A – 22 October 2010 (UK)
Due Date – 5th November (UK)
Megamind – 3 December (UK), 5 November (US)
Unstoppable – 12 November (UK/US)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I – 19 November (UK/US)
Yogi Bear 3D – 17 December (UK/US)
The Green Hornet – 29 December (UK), 22 December (US)
Little Fockers – 22nd December (US)