Why I think the iPad won’t be a “huge” success

Before I start, when I say huge success. What I mean is that it won’t sell an anywhere near the similar numbers of the iPhone and iPod.

It does look really nice as you would expect with an Apple product and the pricing is not too bad (in a way).

However, I don’t really know who the iPad is aimed for. If your into gadgets you were no doubt want one but I personally was expecting something as an in-between ipod touch and a macbook. However, to me its just a big ipod touch with 3G (or a big iPhone with the phone).

The 2 main things I think is missing is multi-tasking and Flash. You could get away without both of these on a iPhone but not on a large screen where potentially large sections of a web site are not visible. I know the future looks like the transition to  HTML5 and CSS3 but this could take awhile to happen. Also, without multi-tasking you wont be able to have email client open, the same time as Word processor or IM software. Once again, I think this was OK on a phone but not on a larger device like the iPad. Potentially they can fix this in the next major software update but why not now??

Other less major things I think wont work is the virtual keyboard. I just don’t think it will work and can’t see people typing on it for that long or fast. There is the keyboard dock you can plug in but this is only in portrait orientation.

Its not widescreen so not ideal if watching movies, no HDMI output, no camera and its tied into the App Store so you can only run apps bought from App Store. Also no SD card slot, no USB port and no drag and drop management.

Looking at the memory of the iPad it looks like Apple are not thinking of this as a laptop replacement (which makes sense – they dont want to lose potential sales of their MacBooks) but I don’t see who will be the main users.

I am sure reading this you will think I am just being anti-Apple since I have a PC but was I really was hoping for a great device. (And, I have an iPhone and love it so don’t just hate all Apple things).

PS – It also has a stupid name!

Celeb Big Brother – Vinnie is an idiot

It is the last ever Celeb Big Brother this year (on Channel 4 anyway) and the usual random set of celebs are in the house. This year I have been kind of watching it – properly watching just over half of them.

As usual, the “best housemates” have tended to be evicted first. They may make the best housemates but generally not particularly nice people. People like Sov who was so immature and bratty and Stephen who was a bit creepy and annoying were evicted before HM who generally did less.

Vinnie Jones

At the start of the show Vinnie Jones was the favourite with the bookies. He was arguably the most famous person in the house to the UK viewers. Personally I didnt like him from the start. Hes very arrogant, a control freak and dictating everyone. I really don’t like him. It doesnt seem right in the world when a man famous for being a hardman in football getting tons of red cards, the fastest red card ever and particularly being that good a footballer. He was once banned for 4 matches and told to grow up.  He later said “”The FA have given me a pat on the back. I’ve taken violence off the terracing and onto the pitch.” Idiot!

Hes English but never played for England team but somehow managed to play for Wales team (his gran was Welsh or something like that). There is also (if you check wikipedia) and story about one of the players he injured as a result of his challenge, had to retire from football. Also, in the 50 movies hes made only a handful you will have heard of, he just plays himself really. Just a stupid hardman. In Gone in 60 seconds he doesnt even really speak until the end where he says a couple lines!


He seems to be getting worse and now other ppl are realising what hes like. The latest episode had him bragging about the houses he has, the money he spends before getting out of bed with his housekeepers and dog groomers and his big gates and drive so big you get into 3rd gear driving up it. At one point in show yesterday he had a go at Alex for looking like in Englishman in Benidorm. Then later he goes on about the massive 6ft Union Jack flag he has on his house.

From what I have seen my favourite is Nicola. Dane generally seems OK and then Jonas is alright too. One person I cant decide 100% is Alex. Sometimes he seems OK, comes across a bit dim but generally seems alright. But then he says stuff which just isnt helping himself. Stuff like hating the press but then says and does things he knows will just be mentioned in press. Maybe its the associate with the horrible Jordan is effecting him?

Avatar review: Its good but not “brilliant”

Well I went to see Avatar yesterday. I was expecting it to be absolutely brilliant. Some people have said its the best movie they have ever seen. I havent heard any negative review of it so had high expectations!!

(Before you read on, if you have not seen this movie you may want to stop reading as there are some minor spoilers. Kind of…)

Too predictable

First of all I have to say that the movie was good, just not brilliant. The special effects were fantastic, the scenary and the whole Pandora world was AMAZING. However, it was just a bit too predictable. You could easily work out early on in the movie what was going to happen, who was going to die etc. The 2 “bad guys” are very stereotypical. The man in the suit who only cares about the money, and then hard guy who just wants to blow stuff up and has some sort of scar. Also, its very long at just over 160 minutes. It could easier have been cut down a fair bit.

Heard the story before??

Having a look online to see if I could read some “negative” reviews – maybe it was just me who didnt like it. However, I
found several reviews from people who didnt think it was overall brilliant. It is not just me who things its predictable and in some cases very very similar to other movies. First there is its similarity to Pocahontas. Someone has changed the synopsis of Pocahontas, amended in most cases just the name and suddenly its the synopsis of Avatar!!

Also, there is a Russian sci-fi noval  from the mid 60s which has things very similar. The novel is set on a planet called Pandora – same as in Avatar. Both the novel and movie take place in the 22nd century. The people who live on Pandora also have similar names. In Avatar they are called Na’vi, in the novel they are Nave.

3D movies – the future??

Anyway, like I said Avatar is still a good movie. Its a shame it has its faults. I would still recommend seeing it as its one of those movies you just have to see – if anything just so you know what other people are talking about! If you do go
and see it, go a see the 3D version to get the most of the special effects and all the 3D “ness”. If you wear glasses like me you will find the 3D glasses may not sit quite right. It wasnt as bad when watching Toy Story as it was a much shorter movie. Personally I dont think 3D is “the future of cinema” in any way but it has its uses. Still, like I said if you do watch this movie you might as well watch the 3D version on the big screen. You can watch the 2D version another time 🙂

Anyway, thats my opinion and I am sure many of you will think I am mad or an idiot!

PS – I had a thought about the main character Jake and how he lost the use of his legs when in combat. With 22nd technology they said he could get the use of his legs again but it was a matter of money and he couldnt afford it. (Still in the 22nd century not looking after the troops!!). Surely, the government could have paid for him to sort his legs out. It would have made his mission on Pandora easier!

PPS – The mineral which is so valuable is called Unobtainium. What a stupid name!! Wonder how long it took them to think of that! (Actually, done some research and the term unobtainium has been used since 50s be engineers to describe unusual or costly material. Still a stupid name! With $500m spent, surely a new better original cool name cool have been thought of.)

PPPS – Not actually about the movie but just read article about its main star Sam Worthington. He has admitted he is short-sighted and struggles to see on daily basis. He says when he squints people thing hes angry but its just because he cant see. He also said he “gets distracted by anything on set”. WTF?!?! Why doesnt he wear glasses or contacts?? Surely he was kidding?!?

David James failed loan deal

The loan deal which would have seen David James move to Stoke on loan has failed. I personally thought it was a strange reason it failed but even stranger why the loan deal was trying to be arranged.

It apparently failed because of wage demands. Portsmouth wanted Stoke City to pay wages up to end of June but Stoke said would only pay his wages up to end of May. All for an extra £200,000 they could have got James. James contract expires at end of season but crucially, if he plays 20 games this season will automatically get a 1 year extension. That will cost Portsmouth even more money!

The reason I think the deal in the first place was an odd one is why would Stoke want James. They have already got a very good keeper in Sorenson who is the no.1 keeper for Denmark national team. (If they did sign James, I am sure Sorenson would have been on his way out or risk losing his national team place – just before the World Cup).

Haiti disaster

As I sure you know, there was a huge earthquake in Haiti a few days ago. Haiti is already one of the poorest in the world and this makes it even worst with getting help/aid to them.

I was watching Sky News soon after the earthquake and it said up to 500,000 could have died. Latest reports say it could be up to 50,000-100,000.

Aid is struggling to reach the people but I think its slowly getting there. Unfortunately with Haiti being so poor, there are communication problems. The latest is that the US is sending 10,000 troops.

If you want to help, its best to donate money through someone like the DEC or UNICEF. Unfortunately, it seems  some people are setting up fake charities – pretending to get money for Haiti. 🙁