Once again its been ages since my last post. Sorry about that but its just so much easier tweeting!! (@andrewyee).

Anyway, heres a post about FlashForward. Last night was the 5th episode and I am still not too sure about it. It had lots of publicity before it was on with people saying its going to be the next Lost or the next Heroes etc.

I was really looking forward to it and the whole idea of the show. (If you dont know basically, everyone in the world blacks out for 137 seconds and in those 137 seconds they see there future in about 6 months time). However nothing really seems to happen apart from in the last 5 minutes of each episode. Also, at the end of the episodes it looks like we will get an idea of what will happen in the next episode but then nothing!

(Before you continue, the next paragraph or so will contain spoilers so if you have not seen up to episode 5 STOP NOW!)

Right, episode 5 started with a car crash between some Chinese gunman and some of our main characters. We see them in a car which is about to be shot be a rocket launcher. It then cuts to the past – from my memory its about 36 hours in the past). The story then “builds” towards this ending with the car crash and ambush etc. As I have said before, nothing seems to happen. We find out abit more about the mystery with the dead crows 19 years ago and some strange 100ft “tower” being built – maybe its emitting gas?? some sort of huge electro-magnetic pulse??

In this episode we see the president and also this hard tough women who is the senator. In her FlashForward she was president. In the presidents FlashForward it also appears he is president – 2 presidents?? Or do people still call the likes of Bill Clinton, Mr President???

Another thing was with Janis and her new girlfriend.The thing is her new girlfriend Maya checked out her mosiac and finds out that Janis was going to be pregnant in 6 months time. Janis isnt happy she checked – if she didnt want people to know or check then why put it on Mosiac?? Near the end of the episode, she is shot in the stomach area. Will she die? If she is having an ultrasound in about 5 months time is she already pregnant and has lost the baby?? If she loses baby or dies, then that means the FlashForwards can be changed. And that changes everything!

Another stupid thing about this episode was how a few of them went to a bar/karaoke with the recovering alcoholic Mark! Interesting choice but OK, I will live with it. Then they all get into the car but its not Mark who drives – the one who hasnt drank but Stanford??

We then get to the stupidest bit. The car getting blown up but they are all OK. We see the rocket launcher about to be shot with Mark, Demetri and co still in the car. We then see the car explode. However, within a few seconds from behind all the fire and smoke the people in the car start shooting back, looking completely unscathed!!

(Also, we saw Dominic Monaghan’s character right at the end of episode 4 talking to Penny’s possible future partner about how they are responsible for the biggest disaster in the world but then see nothing more about it at all in this episode. Also whats happened with the stadium guy??? One final thing which is bugging me – will did the FBI not bother comparing notes with their flashforwards and seeing how they linked and not just pretty much relying on Mark’s FlashForward – who was drunk during it)