Well its been awhile since I blogged. Tweeting on Twitter seems to have taken over! If you want to follow me on Twitter my username is @andrewyee.

Anyway, heres my latest post. As per usual its football related!! 🙂

Last week, England played a qualifier game against Croatia. At the start of the match, England only needed a draw to get enough points to qualify for World Cup in South Africa next year. In the end, England won 5-1. It was an excellent performance by England. Everyone played really well especially Lennon on the right. England now have 2 more games in qualifiers so Capello can experiment abit – maybe. WOOHOO!!! Come on England!!

In more football related stuff, there were some great football games this weekend. Lots of goals as well – 32 goals just on Saturday. United played Spurs and won 3-1. It was a great performance only spoiled by Scholes getting sent off for 2 yellow cards. His 1st yellow was a typical mis-timed tackle. He 2nd he was abit unlucky. He went for a challenge and actually pulled out of the challenge. His boots ended going abit “high” when he was on the floor. The tackle was on Huddlestone and he pretended to be hit on the head 🙁 The result takes United up to 2nd on goal difference with Man. City in 3rd. Its the Manchester derby next weekend which should be tasty!!

The only game with talking points was the Man. City v Arsenal game. City won 4-2 with an excellent performance. Adebayor was playing against his former team and he certainly had an up and down game!! He scored a good game and made one particularly great run.

However, the game will be remembered for the idiocy of Adebayor. First, in the pre-game warmup he warmed up in the Arsenal half. Its just not the done thing and shows disrespect. During the game, he stamped/kicked out at Van Persie. Van Persie should have got at least a yellow card for his challenge which went right through Adebayor but that gives no excuse to him kicking Van Persie. He ended up needing stitches and he could have injured his eye! Van Persie was not happy and released a statement on the Arsenal web site. Van Persie has said he was “sad and disappointed”. He added: “He set out to hurt me today. I do feel lucky that I have not received a greater injury”. “I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made”.

The final stupid thing Adebayor did was when he scored, he celebrated by running 90 yards up the pitch to the Arsenal fans. The Arsenal fans were clearly and understandly angry.

I would not be surprised if Adebayor ended up getting fined or maybe even banned. (Apparently The FA is going to “have a close look at it“). He did apologise but it was not enough. He has apparently not appologies to Van Persie.