Beckham would love to go back to United

In an interview in Zoo Magazine (online) became is asked “You’ve said you might come back to the Premier League. Would you go back to Manchester United if you had the chance?”

He said “I’d love to go back to United because they are the team I support. They’re the best club that I’ve played for, but I’m 34 years old now – I’m getting a little bit older. I was very successful there and made a lot of friends and for me they are the best fans in the world. As a supporter, I’m really happy they’re having a lot of success. Manchester United is always a team that any professional would want to play for.”

A United legend!

Read the full interview here – he talks about England, freekicks and his favourite game (which is the England v Greece game at Old Trafford in 2001 and scored the freekick to get us to World Cup – and the match I was at!)

Gerrard cleared

Steven Gerrard has been cleared of affray after punching a man in a bar. The incident happened back in December after Liverpool had won 5-1 and Gerrard was out celebrating with friends.

Even though he admitted he threw the 1st punch (in self defence apparently) and CCTV proves it, he was cleared. He said he “firmly believed” he was about to be punched, and swung out in self-defence.

Dont get me wrong, I dont think he should be locked up for it. Even though hes a Liverpool player as a person he seems “OK”. Just seems odd that he throws the 1st punch (actually 3 punches but only 1 connected???? I think).

Beckham to return to Milan??

At the weekend David Beckham played for LA Galaxy for the first time in awhile (since being on loan with AC Milan). It was in a friendly which was actually against AC Milan.

The main headlines from the game was when Becks (properly un-wisely) confronted the crowd who had be taunting him all game. Several fans had big banners all about Becks being a “part time player” and not showing commitment etc.

In the actual game, Becks was involved in both goals with one long range pass and also a corner.

Maybe this is a turning point for Becks?? AC Milan have said they are eager for Becks to repeat his loan spell.

“The most likely hypothesis is that Beckham plays for us from January until the end of the season,” said Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani.

Ronaldo may come back to United??

In a recent interview, Sir Alex Ferguson, commented on Ronaldo. He has said hes really proud when he see Ronaldo, he believes that when Ronaldo came to United as a young player it was at the right time of his career. He even says “he may come back, you never know“.

It certainly does seem that Ronaldo left on good terms with Fergie and United. I have said it before, ever since Ronaldo has left United he has said some very nice things about United.

Back to the subject of Ronaldo maybe one day returning to United, he said “I don’t see it happening if things go wrong at Real Madrid necessarily, but he loved Manchester United so it may happen. He loved the club. If you look at the six years he had with us, he never missed training and he was never injured. He always played. He was fantastic.” “It wasn’t easy to see him leave. I had a good chat with the boy about it but he had made up his mind. Last year he was begging me to let him go but this year it was a sensible discussion.”

Fergie also said that he believes Ronaldo is the best player in the world by miles. Streets ahead of Kaka and Messi. “There is no doubt it is a huge loss. It is a challenge for us because it won’t be the same without Ronaldo. He is the best player in this world of ours – by absolutely miles. He is streets ahead of Lionel Messi, streets ahead of Kaka. Look at his figures. They are unbelievable. The attempts he has had on goal, the attacks in the penalty box, his positions, his headers, his shots.”

Anyway, good luck to Ronaldo but if United play Real in the Champions League I hope he ends up on the losing side!! So far his Real Madrid career hasnt gone to well playing 45 minutes against Shamrock Rovers (who finished last season in 7th place in the LOI premier division) and didnt play that well – and Real Madrid only won 1-0 with a late goal by Benzema. On the other side, new United no.7 Michael Owen has played in 2 games and scored 2 goals.

Owen > Ronaldo > Tevez