Champions League final 2009

Well it was the Champions League final on Wednesday between United and Barcelona. I am sure you have heard the result by now. United lost 2-0 and were completely outplayed.

It was one of the worst performances of the season and a real shame that the players just didnt turn up. Barcelona were excellent and were on top for most of the game. It was only the first 10 minutes when United played really well and could have gone ahead if it wasnt for some good defending from Pique. Once Barce scored after there first attack, it was all Barce.

It was the midfield which really won it for Barce. Iniesta was excellent. Xavi was really good too. It was a midfield which was miles better than United’s of Carrick (gave ball away), Giggs (poor) and Anderson (so bad he was subbed at half time).

Up front we played Rooney, Ronaldo and Park. Park had a poor game – he just couldnt get into the game. Rooney had one of his worse games this season. Ronaldo did alright – United’s best player of the night but that was not hard!

United really had a chance to really go for Barce with 3 out of 4 main defenders missing. There oldest defender Puyol was at right back! There were some moments in the game with Puyol v Ronaldo are some over-dramatic play acting from Puyol – properly trying to frustrate Ronaldo and try and get him sent off!

United’s midfield missed Fletcher – we needed someone with some bite to stop Iniesta and Xavi getting all the possession. Next season we should have Hargreaves back so will have 2 options for that sort of player – hopefully he can stay fit!

The only other half decent performance was VDS who made some good saves – although saying that he shouldnt be beaten at his near post!

Later on in the 2nd half, Scholes, then Tevez and finally Berbatov came on. They didnt really make any impact. The only one was really Scholes and that was only because he tried to break someones legs. A typical Scholes “tackle”. You would think he would learn!! Tevez ran around a lot and Berbatov had a good chance with a free header but headed well over.

It will be interesting to see what happens this summer with transfers. Looks like Tevez will go. I think its the end for Scholes. Giggs will get one more season but will play even less than this season. Who knows about Ronaldo! The stupid saga never ends. Hes apparently told friends he will be leaving and of course he critizied Fergie on tactics

Bottom line is that United didnt deserve to win. Barce were so much better. I was really disappointed but not totally gutted. If we played well and narrowly won than would have been gutted. Its just a real shame on the biggest game of season, the players didnt perform and their heads dropped after that first goal.

Still we on league, carling cup and that world club cup thing.

We will do better next year!!

Man gets pushed off a bridge

A man in China was threatening to jump of a bridge and commit suicide. Apparently lots of people recently have been jumping off the bridge recently.

Anyway, this man was on the bridge for 5 hours and causing massive traffic jams. A passer by came up to him and pushed him off. It all sounded very dramatic (and funny) when I first heard but I have since seen the video and its not what I had pictured in my head.

The man was on the bridge sitting on part of the structure and then the passer by climbed up as well. He appeared to be talking to him and calming him down and then he pushed him off the bridge. The man landed on a partly inflated giant air cushion. He suffered arm and back injuries.

Champione, Champion, Ole Ole Ole!!!

United are the Premier League champions!!! They played Arsenal on Saturday and drew 0-0. It was enough for them to win the league, no one can catch them up now.

It was a poor game really and United didnt play particularly well. Arsenal played better and hit the post. There was not much to say about the game. Rooney continued to play very well with good form. Tevez had a quiet game and was subbed in the 2nd half. When he went off, the crowd booed, he clapped and then waved to the crowd. It looks more and more like he will be leaving United. He wants to stay but it appears United dont want to pay the money to keep him. United fans love him as he always puts in 100% effort and has scored some crucial goals for us.

There are plenty of videos online on the BBC Sport site and also Youtube of various celebrations and interviews (heres someone with several vids). Some showing inside the dressing room including an interview of Anderson by Ronaldo – pretty funny.

It could be his last game for United and possibly the last start. United play Hull next weekend and likely to play and weakened team with the Champions League final the following Wednesday. Players like Rooney, Ronaldo, Ferdinand and Vidic will almost certainly not play against Hull.

Players Awards

It was the Manchester United players awards last night. Vidic won the fans award (voted on and also the player’s players of the year award (voted by his teammates). Ronaldo won goal of the season for his 40 yard screamer against Porto.

Great Manchester Run 2009

It was the Great Manchester 10km Run at the weekend and I ran it again – 3rd time in a row. I finished in 56 min 49 seconds. I thought I actually would have beat my last years time (53m35s) as I didnt actually stop to walk at all – although at some points I was not running that fast. Not too pleased and disappointed with the time! I have abit of excuse because it was windy on the way back into the city centre!! Even Haile Gebrselassie slowed down and was not able to beat the world record.

Last year I stopped a couple times and the year before (finished in 51m 3s) I even stopped for a loo and stopped to walk at least once. Not idea how I ran that fast!!

Looking at all the stats they provide I am about 20 seconds per km slower than last year!! Going to need to train more!! I plan to continue doing more running from now rather than a few months before the run.

Several friends also ran the race. Almost everyone who ran it last year actually improved their time but I still beat everyone I knew who entered. The way things are going though next year will be over an hour 🙁

Anyway, thanks for everyone who sponsored me!! I raised £200 (+ gift aid) and thats just the online sponsoring. Its not too late to sponsor me if you want –

The weekend was very much a sport weekend for Manchester with the mini Manchester run on Saturday and then later on Sunday afternoon, a special 150m sprint event. The final included the amazing Usain Bolt. I think 150m was not an “official” distance for record books but he ran in 150m in about 14 seconds – the fastest ever. Considering he was not 100% (was in a car accident a few weeks ago) and the conditions were not great it was amazing!!

I was thinking of going to watch it as it was only nearby to me on Deansgate but was aching from the run and it was chucking it down with rain!! By the time, Usain ran in the final it had stopped raining but by then would have been too late for me to watch it live so just watched on TV.

(Also, on Sunday was a special Wimbledon event. Centre court now has a roof so play wont be stopped all day if it rains. It had a special mixed doubles match with Andre Agassi/Steffi Graf v Tim Henmen/Kim Clijster. I saw the end of the match – I thought it was live but while watching the show and the closing of the roof etc it showed the match and was suddenly 8 games in?? There was another game with Tim v Andre and Kim v Steffi – not sure who won as I watched the athletics and highlights of the 10k.

X Men Origins: Wolverine / Birthday day out

I went to see X Men Origins: Wolverine at the weekend. It was my friends birthday and we all went to Liverpool One. Before the movie we went Las Iguanas and most of us had an Argentinian beef burger. It wasnt the best in the world – it was abit lumpy and “gristley”.

Afterwards, we headed to the cinema. I was really looking forward to it even though the reviews had only been “OK”. Empire magazine and Total Film rated it at about 3 out of 5.

It turned out to be an “OK” movie. Good special effects etc but I found it too slow in bits. I know the film is called “Origins”  but it spent too long with the build up story and stuff like finding out how Wolverine got his jacket etc.

As it seems to be the case for many Marvel movies nowadays there was a scene after all the credits. What made it different for Wolverine was that there is apparently 2 different post-credit endings. You can read about the endings here. (Dont read it unless you have seen the movie and you couldnt be bothered to stay all the way to the end).

After the movie, we strolled round the shop and had a coffee (or in my case a cup of tea). For the evening meal we were planning to go to Yee Rah but it was fully booked and we would have had to wait over an hour.

We ended up going to a nearby Thai restaurant (cant remember name). It was all very nice and we all ate too much. We all ended up going with the set menu. I had the one which had soup, a platter, rice, bean sprouts, 3 main dishes (green curry prawn, sweet sour chicke, beef and chilli), dessert and tea. I was stuffed!

We all headed home after this and travelled back to Manchester. I very enjoyable day!