Australian Grand Prix

The 1st race of the 2009 F1 season was at the weekend and it was pretty much the perfect weekend for Brawn GP. Its an amazing story – a team which official didnt exist about a month ago. They finished in 1st and 2nd, qualified 1st and 2nd and got a “significant” sponsor deal with Virgin.

I ended up watching pretty much all weekend, waking up early in the morning. I am regreting it abit now and knackered!

Back to the F1….. qualifying was on Saturday and Brawn GP finished in position 1and 2. The Brawn GP cars were a lot faster than the other cars. It wasnt a great qualifying for McLaren who really struggled. Hamilton ended up about 18th after qualifying poorly and moving back 5 places after changing his gearbox.

In the actual race, Jenson Button was in 1st place from start to finish. Brawn GP had the fastest car but the didnt end the race miles ahead of everyone because of a couple safety car “sessions”. Lewis Hamilton ended up finishing 3rd which was very impressive. He actually didnt end up on the podium (that was Trulli in 3rd) but he was deduced 25 seconds after he overtook when the safety car was out – which isnt allowed.

A great start to the F1 season. It will be interesting to see how the season develops if they manage to keep up the pace. Jenson Button has said there is more to come. Teams like Red Bull, Williams and Toyoto showed some good pace and you can not forgot about Ferrari and McLaren. Also several of the teams have the Kers system which Brawn GP dont have so that could effect future races – maybe as soon as Malaysia which has long straights.

Personally very happy as a big fan of Button. Finally hes got a great car!

Formula 1 season 2009!!!

Its the start of the new F1 season this weekend and I am looking forward to this season the most in a long while. There have been a lot of new regulations so it will be interesting to see what happens with the new look cars e.g. the much smaller rear wing.

The driver line up is pretty much the same but there is the new team Brawn GP. Brawn GP were formed from the Honda F1 team – Honda pulled out a few months ago. They have only official been around a few months but have been doing brilliantly in winter testing. In fact Jenson Button was (and may still be) favourite to win the race. In practice today both Jenson and Rubens have been right up near the top of the times. It will be interesting to see what happens in qualifying in a few hours and in the actually race.

I really hope Jenson Button wins the Champions this season and at the very least is competing for races. He has taken a massive big cut so he can continue in the sport etc. He was being paid £18m but is now being paid £3m. Hes not exactly poor earning £3m but thats quite a slash in pay!

In other Brawn GP news it has been announced that Virgin will be a main sponsor of Brawn GP. Apparently the sponsors colours/livery could be on the car before the race on Sunday. If there is one thing about the Brawn GP car I am not sure about is the colour scheme. Just looked abit unfinished in white with the yellow and black “slash”. If Virgin is the main sponsor maybe it could be a nice red colour – maybe not enough time before Sunday to come up with a nice cool design but maybe for Malaysia next week.

One thing that seems certain at the moment is that McLaren are really struggling with Lewis Hamilton finishing practice in 18th out of 20th place. There is also some controversy with some types using a diffuser which a few teams saying its illegal. Brawn, Toyota and Williams are using some “special” diffuser which teams like Ferrari and Red Bull are saying should not be allowed. This means that the next couple races will be raced under appeal.

Football – its rubbish!!

I wasnt going to blog about this but what the hell.

Recently United have been playing terrible and its just getting worse and worse. First there was the humiliation of losing 4-1 to Liverpool. Then last weekend we lost 2-0 to Fulham. However, it was more the performance than the result which really hurt. Dont get me wrong, I dont like at all losing 2-0 to Fulham but we played really really bad. Properly the worse I have ever seen United play. The first half we just kept giving the ball away. I was worried when we started with just Berbatov (and Ronaldo) upfront. Berbatov is not the type of player to chase upfront etc.

Pretty much everyone was terrible. The only players who have slight positives (only slightly) were Van Der Sar and properly Park. If the result wasnt bad enough we had 2 players sent off. The 1st red card was for Scholes who handled the ball in the penalty box. It was a good saved actually but I think it was just an automatic reaction but he had to go. The 2nd one was more controversial. It happened right at the end of the game and Rooney threw the ball “towards” the ref. I think (but not sure) that Rooney grabbed the ball and threw it fast and hard towards Johnny Evans back towards the half way line (from the penalty area) to quickly get the game restarted. However it did go close to the ref and I think the ref thought Rooney was aiming for him (although the ball did go straight to Evans feet). When Rooney was given the ref he was shocked but then did his usual Rooney rant and stump etc. On the way off the pitch he punched the corner flag.

Check it out yourself your and see what you think.

Either way United at the moment are playing really bad. Ronaldo has gone back to his 1st season performance (but worse) by falling over all the time, pleading at the ref. He has been caught a few times but because hes moaning all the time the refs are not giving him anything.

The last 2 games have resulted in: 3 red cards, 1 goal scored, 6 goals conceded, 0 points! (We are still a point and a game ahead of Liverpool).

It is not the international break – which may be a good thing?? Gives the players rest, time to think and re-group. However they may want to get the play Premierleague game ASAP (against Villa) and get the terrible performances out of their head. It was also slow down the momentum for Liverpool who have had a great couple of weeks.

Just showed how important some players are. Gerrard has played really well recently and so have Liverpool. Ronaldo has been poor and so have United.

Birthday celebrations

Well I havent been blogging very consistantly so heres something I should have blogged about a few days ago. It was my birthday on Friday. Its my first birthday since I have “gone freelancing” so I thought I may be able to get away without doing work. Didnt work out like that with work to be done both on the Friday and also the Saturday. Oh well!!

Friday I actually went back home to my parents place and my Mum made me a lovely steak! Mmmm. On Saturday, I went out for a meal and drinks. The meal was in Ha Ha Bar and Grill in Spinningfields (Manchester). The food was pretty good. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I had a Seafood Gratin for starter – still not sure what it was but was some sort of seafood “medley” in a pot with cheese and breadcrumbs with some toasted bread. The main I chose was pork chops which were very tasty. I wasnt planning on having dessert but everyone else was so went for Chocolate Brownie – to be honest it was too sweet. My friend opposite had a big T-Bone steak which looked lovely! At the end I opened up presents which included aftershave, body wash pack and some cufflinks. Before the meal I also got a keepfit DVD and one of those abs belt things. Is that a hint that I smell, am scruffy and need to get fit??

Afterwards we went to Dukes 92. Had a drink or 2 there – sat outside under the heaters and was nice and pleasant. Apparently Vernon Kay was in the bar too but I missed him – even though he is about 6″4!! After Dukes 92, we moved on to Deansgate Locks to meet some other friends who were out for someones birthday. We went to Loaf – not been there for years!! It was pretty good and different sort of music with 3 different “areas”. Bumped into a couple gym instructors from my gym and they made me promise I would be in the gym on Monday!! Hehe. Also in the bar was Vernon Kay again – he was following us!! This time I did see him – he certainly is very tall. He was there was some other people and I am guessing its his brother who is also tall and looks quite like him.

Anyway, after a few hours we all decided to call it a night. After a few hours of sleep, I then played football……. in hindsight I should have just stayed in bed!

Twitter followers overload!!

Yesterday when I woke up I found out that I had about 20 new followers in about an hour. Normally it would take me at least a week to get that many new followers (or even longer). In the end during the whole of 25th March I had about 120 new followers.

It turns out that was mentioned in an article on Freelance Switch. It was an article aimed at anyone new to Twitter and some people to follower – “50 Freelance Followers on Twitter“. I was listed under the Designed & Developers and since my twitter username starts with “a” it was right near the top 🙂

Thanks Freelance Switch!!

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