Ryanair – £1 to use toilets on plane!!

It seems to be every other day that there is a Ryanair story in the news and another reason not to fly with them. There are plans to charge people to use the toilets on the plane – £1 to spend a “penny”.

The chief executive Michael O’Leary tried to explain the reason behind it saying nobody “has got on board a Ryanair aircraft with less than a pound” and “We’re all about finding ways of raising discretionary revenue so we can keep lowering the cost of air travel.”

He also said its the same as paying 20p to use the toilets in Liverpool St. train station. However, on the plane you have no choice. I know its only £1 but it just seems like a way of forcing people to pay more money. They will have to spend money to add the coin-slots and at the end of the flight they are still going to clean the toilets (you hope!).

Someone from Which? Holiday has commented and said  “It seems Ryanair is prepared to plumb any depth to make a fast buck and, once again, is putting profit before the comfort of its customers.” “Charging people to go to the toilet might result in fewer people buying overpriced drinks on board, though – that would serve Ryanair right.”

Easyjet have said they have no plans to charge people to use their toilets on the plane.

Update: Turns out he was “only joking” and he wont be charging people to use toilets on the plane. This hasnt stopped people coming up with other suggestions on what he can do to save money such as charge for oxygen masks & to use emergency exits.

Ryanair: “Lunatic bloggers”

A few days ago it was announced that Ryanair was to provide a service so people could talk on mobile phones while in-flight on the plane. Loads of people seemed to think it was a terrible idea. It personally would put me off flying with Ryanair.

Now there is another reason added to this. It seems to people in charge of Ryanair – or certainly the spokeman and a “staff member” – doesnt think much of people who blog.

Web developer Jason Roe thought he’d discovered a flaw in Ryanair’s website while booking a flight, and blogged about how it seemed that users could book a flight for a charge of ‘0.00’. Someone commented on his post (under the name “Ryanair staff”). (Travolution looked into it and the IP address of “Ryanair Staff” could be traced back to Ryanair HQ):

“jason! you’re an idiot and a liar!! fact is!

“you’ve opened one session then another and requested a page meant for a different session, you are so stupid you dont even know how you did it! you dont get a free flight, there is no dynamic data to render which is prob why you got 0.00. what self respecting developer uses a crappy CMS such as word press anyway AND puts they’re mobile ph number online, i suppose even a prank call is better than nothing on a lonely sat evening!!”

(I dont know what this Ryanair staff member has a problem with WordPress – its one of the most popular blog software out there, I use it and many many other people do).

Jason Roe replies and it goes back and forth a few times. You can read it all either on Jason Roe’s blog or on the Guardian web site.

No matter whos side you are on, what the Ryanair spokesperson has said isnt really the best PR! Here is what the spokesperson said:

“Ryanair can confirm that a Ryanair staff member did engage in a blog discussion. It is Ryanair policy not to waste time and energy corresponding with idiot bloggers and Ryanair can confirm that it won’t be happening again.

“Lunatic bloggers can have the blog sphere all to themselves as our people are far too busy driving down the cost of air travel.”


Melanie C has baby girl!

Melanie CMelanie C, one of my favourite “pop singers”, has given birth to her first child – a baby girl they have named Scarlet. It was announced on her web site. The message read: ‘Melanie C gave birth to a beautiful little girl at 4.10pm on Sunday 22nd February. Both mum and baby are doing well.’

She has been the most successful solo career and is the only female artist to have a number one as part of a quintet, quartet, duo and as a solo artist. She announced she was pregnant back in last August and said she would “need to take some time off to be a mum but, before you know it, we’ll be back” with a fifth album. Looking forward to hearing her next album!

Congratulations Melanie and Thomas!

Mobile phones on planes – a terrible idea!!

Ryanair has become the first airline to offer in-flight mobile phone service on some routes across the UK.I think this is a terrible idea. Who wants to be on a flight, your trying to relax and enjoy the flight and some idiot is talking loudly right next to you. We all know people talk louder than normal when on the phone. You get this on buses (apparently since I dont get buses). On trains similar things can happen but on trains you do get “quiet carriages”.

Its only UK flights at the moment but this is where it all starts. If its a success then I am sure other airlines will start doing it and for longer flights. Currently its on 20 planes and the plan to upgrade its 170 plane fleet. Its not cheap to use the service. Calls will cost between £1.50 and £3 per minute, e-mails from £1 to £2 and texts about 40p.

(On some planes for Virgin America they offer Wi-fi which is different and they have actually banned any sort of Voip i.e. you cant go and start using Skype – and annoy passengers with all your loud talking).

Please dont let this happen!! This is one thing which will put me off flying Ryanair.

Brits 2009

James Cordon, Matt Horne and KylieWell the Brits are over for another year. It seems most people thought it was “OK”. Some people wanted more “rock and roll”, a bit of passion, some ppl wanted something to go wrong just to make it more “real”. There were some good performances and some performances which just didnt work. (I was tweeting on Twitter while watching it, if you want to see my random comments about the Brits – @andrewyee)

First on was U2. I am not the biggest U2 fan so may be biased but it didnt really work. Also, as Chris Moyles has pointed out they shouldnt really have performed since the song isnt even released now (or maybe just??) and the Brits is for the previous years (12 months) music. They were not even nominated for anything! Will Brits 2010 have U2 up for several awards including one for this song/album??

Girls AloudI thought Girls Aloud and Coldplay were really good. Kings of Leon were good too. I was looking forward to seeing Take That. They performed in a “spaceship” high up above the crowd and then slowly it lowered. It looked good BUT they mimed! Also they are were wearing specsaver style glasses – what was that all about??

TingTings I thought were good – not sure if it quite worked with Estelle though. Pet Shop Boys were OK. They have some catchy songs. Lady Gaga sang with them and stood like a teapot?? Whats with the pink wig? Brandon Flowers was good What was the point of Lady Gaga – also why was she on. Shes had one hit??

As usual most of the award presenters were abit “off” with them either reading off a script, not realising when to talk, not being funny etc. Alan Carr was very funny and it was good to see Natalie Imbruglia! Nick Frost presented an award but didnt really make an effort!! I like him as an actor – very funny but he could have dressed up a bit!! Looked like they dragged him off the street. He said he didnt like live music – if he has being sarcastic it didnt work. The Hoff also presented an award – The Hoffs a legend!

The winners: Duffy won 3 out of a 4 awards although she needs to get better with her acceptance speeches. I have not heard her album but maybe I should now. The Best British Male was won by Paul Wellor????!? WTF. What has he released this year?? Its like the Brits of “yester-year” when Annie Lennox won it all the time when she hadnt had any chart success that year.

The best international female was won by Katy Perry. I personally wanted Pink to win but Katy Perry is a well-deserved winner.

Another thing about the Brits I wasnt too keen on was the set. It was like they were trying to achieve the Glastonbury them but it looked tacky. The presenters of the Brits (James Cordon, Matt Horne, Kylie) overall didnt work. James and Matt’s jokes were not funny, Kylie overall did quite well. The only joke that worked was right at the start when doing “Cant get you out of my head” with James and Matt dressed up as dancers in the background. Also James seemed to disappear for ages leaving just Matt to present (and for some reason keep having a go at Craig David???)

Liked at the start when the camera cut to ppl in the crowd who looked bored. Problems with sound I think in O2 arena as some presenters didnt seem to know when to talk etc.

One of the strongest toughest awards was Best British Group. Girls Aloud, Take That, Coldplay, Elbow, Radiohead. Wanted Girls Aloud, Take That or Coldplay to win. Elbow won – at least it wasnt Radiohead! Its well deserved though as they have been around for ages!

Kanye West – best international male. Not modest is he!! He said Barack was best inter-racial male and he was the best male. (Seemed to have a lot of teeth in his mouth).

Girls Aloud won the best single album – there first ever Brits (after 6 or 7 years). About time after all the success they have had.

One final thing. How can Coldplay have the biggest selling album last year and not win anything?? (They were up for 4 awards).