Congestion charge

The voting forms were sent out recently and should be arriving in my postbox soon. When I get the form I will be voting NO! There are a few reasons I dont agree with the congestion charge.

For one I just dont believe that the money generated from it will be used for public transport. I also dont like how they are hypocritical going on about how people should use public transport but then there are plans to build their own car park yards away from one of the main tram stops in the City Centre.

I think it will increase the cost of living in the city centre as businesses will be voiced to charge more for things.

I also dont believe that people will get out of their cars. We are a nation of people who love our cars so there will still be “congestion”. Saying that I dont think congestion is that bad for many people. The M.E.N. assistant editor Robert Ridley for one has little problems travelling into work.

Its also unclear how much it will really cost if/when it goes through. The prices they have mentioned are todays prices so goodness knows what it will be!!

Even the congestion charge which is in London was in “successful” was because of an established public transport system – the underground – which is horrible in the summer. However, there is still plenty of congestion in London!!

Another reason to vote No is the Department of Transport are trying to play dirty with a biased “promo” video about the congestion charge. It has been taken off air because it was biased!

Another thing that worries me is the effect to the economy – many people visit Manchester regularly whether its once a week or for a few days a week and this increases the amount of money coming into Manchester. Visitors from places such as Bolton or Leeds may think again and go elsewhere.

I personally think the congestion charge is once again another tax for car owners.

(There are also some other reasons I didnt think about which have been bought up in The Manchester Blog. If the congestion charge happens, the council will have to properly install number plate recognision cameras, loads of signs to let them know they are entering the zone, blocking off detours etc. Where is this money coming from? Is it being taken out of the money generated from the congestion charge???)

I won again!!!

A few days after winning some Internet Security software, I won a few prizes in the “prize giveaway” on a web design web site/blog. To win, a posted a useful web design related blog. My post was about using web design resources and the web sites I visit daily and why I find them useful.

The prize I won was:

Photoshop World Tickets, Scott Kelby Book Bundle, Layers Subscription, NAPP Membership
Courtesy of RC Concepcion, Host of Layers TV, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and Kelby Training.
Value: $720 (Tickets & NAPP membership $600, Books $90, Layers Subscription $30)

Based on its position in the post and its value its one of the top prizes!! Thanks Just Creative Design!!!

(Unfortunately since the main part of the prize are tickets to Photoshop World in Boston/Vegas I cant attend. If the prize included flights and accommodation then that would have been great!!! :))