Midweek game action

RonaldoLast night was pretty much a full Premier League fixture list. One of the big games was the London derby between Arsenal v Spurs. The game ended 4-4!!! The first goal of the game was by Spurs and was a great goal by Bentley. He scored from about 40 yards out. He controlled the ball and volleyed it over Almunia (ala Beckham). Check out the video at the bottom of this post.

At one point, Arsenal were 4-2 with just 2 minutes of extra time to go. However after a mistake by Arsenal who were trying to pass there were out of defence instead of just kicking it clear, Jenas scored and then in injury time Lennon scored after Modric hit the post. I am happy for Harry Redknapp that hes got the draw against Arsenal. He will need to sort out the defence though especially the keeper who looks like a liability.

The other main game (as far as I was concerned!) was the United v West Ham game. United ended up winning 2-0 but it should have been a lot more. The first half they played brilliantly cutting apart West Ham. They could have scored 4 or 5 (or maybe more). Ronaldo got the 2 goals (he actually celebrated the 1st one), the 2nd was after some great play by Berbatov.  Check out the video at the bottom of this post.

In the 2nd half, like in the Everton game, United took the foot of the gas and didnt punish West Ham. It was a chance to get a few more goals and improve goal difference which could be all important at the end of the season. Apparently Fergie wasnt pleased either with United easing off in the 2nd half.

Hasnt the PM got more important things to do???

I am sure you have all heard and read about the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand prank call by now. Basically they called up and left several answerphone messages on the phone of Andrew Sachs (used to be in Fawlty Towers), who was supposed to be on his (Russell Brand) radio show. The messages were quite rude and it turns out have upset Andrew Sachs.

The whole situation though has really avalanced since the media got hold of it. Originally there was just 2 complaints during the show but its now something like 25,000.

You can hear the part of the Russell Brand show which causes all this controversy on Youtube now.

PM Gordon Brown has got in on the act and said it was “clearly inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour“. Surely he should be worrying and dealing with the state of the nations economy etc rather than a couple tv personalities acting foolishly and leaving a message on someones answerphone.

The day after the interview was played out (it was pre-recorded) Jonathan Ross was suspended. His friday night show, at the moment, wont me on. Russell Brand was suspended but has since quit. If the BBC sack Jonathan Ross they will be saving a lot of money. He was on a massive £18 million three year deal. He was “OK” but in his interviews he did end up talking about himself a lot and certainly wasnt worth £6m a year!

Top Gears back!!!

Top Gear is back this weekend on BBC2 (Series 12). If you have have the TV channel DAVE its never really “gone” since its on all the time but we finally get some new episodes.

Here is a trailer for the upcoming series:

Remember to tune in on Sunday (2nd Nov) at 8pm. Really looking forward to it!!! I love Top Gear!!

No more Hewlett Packard for me!

Actually I havent bought a HP product for a long long time but after a massive blunder they have helped Gary Glitter get a £100,000 hand out. They have used the song Do You Want To Touch Me on one of there adverts to promote a new touch screen model. The song they used was a version by Joan Jett but the song was originally written by Gary Glitter. The advert is only being shown in the US.

He could also end up with more than the £100,000 from possible Internet downloads.

Thats just great!!! Dear me! 😐

Vouchers, competitions,…..

Over the last couple of weeks or so I have been getting into entering competitions again. A while ago I entered competitions online with limited success (the only thing I can remember winning is a Family Guy DVD). I thought I would start up again – I mainly use the site Prizefinder. Hopefully I have more luck now!

Aswell as competitions, I have started to keep an eye on voucher/coupon web sites. There are many about which help you pick up a bargain and make a nice saving. These include HotUKDeals and also My Voucher Codes. The latest one I have found which looks really good is called CouponDeal.