AaB Aalborg 0-3 Man Utd

Berbatov and RooneyIts Champions League week again and tonight United played AaB Aalborg. They won 3-0 with an overall decent performance. They created lots of chances and really should have scored more. Rooney got the first and Berbatov got the other two. It was good for Berbatov to score and gain some confidence. However, his overall play was a slow and lazy. It did get better after he scored the goals but still could have put a bit more effect. He did seem to be suffering from lack of confidence in the first half when he should have scored with a very good chance.

The ref was overall “OK”. Some strange decisions though like giving their goalkeeper a yellow card for taking goal kick in slightly the wrong position and their defender Pedersen not even getting a card and all of his fouls!!

There were some excellent performances on the pitch but some poor ones. I have already mentioned Berbatov but also Nani. This season he is even more frustrating with his ending shooting attempts when he should be passing. Hes even more selfish than Ronaldo was when he joined! He needs to improve quickly!!! (He still has a place in my heart after the crucial penalty he took in the Champions League final in May). The players who played well in particular were Rooney, Rio, Evra and Rafael. Ronaldo did pretty well too but isnt quite 100% yet. (When Tevez came on for Rooney he did well as usual for another all action performance).


United now lead the table with 4 points and a 3-0 win away from home is a good result. However, United got some injuries. Scholes has some sort of knee ligament damage and it could be a few weeks out. Also Rooney went off injured but didnt look as serious and was apparently a pre-caution. Rafael went off injured but I dont think its that serious.

Singapore Grand Prix!!!

AlonsoThis weekend is the first ever night time F1 grand prix and its in Singapore. Looking at the photos online it looks amazing!! The actual race will be at 1pm UK time which is 8pm local time. The F1 drivers have been sticking to a European time so it means sleeping at 4am and waking up about 12pm. It also means having breakfast at lunch time and dinner at past midnight.

Its going to effect some drivers differently. Mark Webber is an early morning person it will properly effect him a lot. However Kimi Raikonnen, who has a reputation for sleeping in till late and being up late may have less problems!!

Also the body itself will automatically adjust to the local time. The Toyota doctor Riccardo Ceccarelli said that “The human body has evolved so that we’re active during daylight and asleep at night. He also said “It will be very hard to keep European time because the production of hormones such as cortisone and melatonin is related to daylight, so their bodies will start to adapt to local time”. No matter what it should be an interesting race and hopefully lots of overtaking. If it rains it will be even better for action and to see how the rain effects the drivers with the spray and possible glare.

Qualifying is tomorrow but in the final practice Alonso was the fastest with Hamilton 2nd. Jenson Button was 8th fastest. Hopefully he can improve in qualifying.

Premier League action

Park and ScholesUnited played Chelsea today at Stamford Bridge. The game ended 1-1. Before the game I would have taken a draw as United havent been playing very well at all this season and Chelsea are flying. United took the lead after good play from Evra and Rooney with Park finishing. Chelsea, who were without Deco (and Calvalho for most of the game), equalised with about 10 minutes to go. It all came from a freekick they would after Rooney dived in abit as he sometimes does. It was poor defending though when keeper Kuszczak (Van Der Sar went off injured) should have done better. It was also poor marking by United too as Kalou had a free header. I think it was Berbatov who was supposed to be marking him.

United played well for most of the first half but in the 2nd half Chelsea were the better team. Rio Ferdinand was brilliant. Park and Hargreaves worked hard provided protection for the defence against the full backs. Scholes was rubbish though (looked like he wanted to get himself sent off) and the way its going this could well be his last season for United. Neville tried his best but seems to have lost some pace after all his injuries.

In the second half Ronaldo came on and Park came on (for O’Shea). This meant that Ashley Cole on the Chelsea left had more freedom to attack as no Park to provide cover and Ronaldo isnt the type of player to track back. I think it was a mistake really. I know Park has only recently come back from injury back he looked like he still could have continued running. I would have put Ronaldo on and taken Berbatov off who was very very poor. He didnt do anything really. Its only 2 games and they have been against 2 of the big 4 (Liverpool and Chelsea) but hes done nothing to justify the £30m. Before we signed him I thought he was a good player BUT was lazy and had an attitude problem. I hope I am wrong!!!

Ronaldo played his first premier league game of the season and had a couple good runs but lost the ball and still not quite match fit I think.

As with all Chelsea v United games there was some “controversy”. First there was the no. of yellow cards issued. United had 7, Chelsea just the 1. Park said he thought maybe a couple were yellow but not the rest. It wasnt that type of game at all and Mike Riley really was card happy!! A poor poor performance by the ref. Also there was a penalty claim from Chelsea but even Scolari didnt think it was a penalty.

JoIn other games in the premier league, Manchester City beat Portsmouth 6-0!!! It was both an excellent perfomance by City, and a poor one of Portsmouth. With all the Brazilian players in the City team they now play with abit of flair especially Robinho. Lots of stepovers, backheels and flicks. Will be interesting to see how they do this season.

Newcastle and Spurs season continues to worsen with Newcastle losing and Spurs drew against Wigan. Spurs are firmly at the bottom of the Premier League table with Newcastle a couple points above them. Newcastle’s game was against West Ham. It was the first game managed by new manager Gianfranco Zola and they played really well. I hope West Ham do well because I think Zola. A great player.


Joomla logoIf you didnt know Joomla is a content management system (CMS). Its the most popular CMS with its roots going back to the year 2000. There are over 200,000 community users and contributors.

So far for the web sites I have developed the CMS I have used have pretty much all been hand-coded using PHP and MySQL. (I have also used Dreamweaver templates and the actual software Adobe Contribute).

I have decided to look into it and create a site using Joomla and this will be an extra service I provide.

Travis Barker injured in plane crash!!! :(

Travis Barker and DJ AMTravis Barker, who if you didnt know was the drummer in Blink 182 (one of my favourite bands), was involved in a plane crash yesterday. 4 people died and 2 survived included Travis. The other person was his friend DJ AM. His assistant and also his security guard were among the people to unfortunately die.

The latest is that they suffered second and third degree burns but are expected to make a full recovery. Theire condition is described as “critical but stable”. The doctor said that Travis was burned on his torso and lower body. DJ AM (whos real name is Adam Goldstein) was burned on his hands and part of his head. He also said that their injuries could take up to a year to heal.

My thoughts go out to all the family and friends involved in this and hope Travis and DJ AM get better soon.