We need Berbatov now!!!! (and Ronaldo back soon!!)

United just played in the UEFA Super Cup and lost 2-1 to Zenit St Petersburg. The Super Cup is played between the winner of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup.

United once again didnt play that well. The second was abit better. At the moment United are showing that we are abit of the one player team and without Ronaldo just done really have the spark.

Tevez was excellent though and typically fought for everything. Evra did well and also Vidic. Once again Nani was rubbish – bags of talent and potential but his end product is just not there. Poor shooting, poor crossing, poor final ball. Scholes got an “equaliser” near the end but he used his hand to pretty much just push the ball in like a hand ball player – good finish in a way!!! It was a stupid thing to do as it could lead to  missing some Champions League games.

United are just missing something at the moment. I know its early days. United now dont play for over 2 weeks because of the International games. Also because United played tonight we dont play in the Premier League this weekend so will be 1 game behind most teams for a good few weeks. I suppose its not all bad as its an extra week to get Ronaldo back. Lets hope we get Berbatov (or another top class striker at the very least). He will add something to United and also we have now sold Saha now to Everton. (Assuming his medical goes OK which you never know with Saha!!).

Olympics Beijing 2008

Fireworks at Birds NestThe Beijing Olympics is now over and London is now official the host for the Olympics. The countdown has begun!!! The Beijing Olympics have been one of my favourites. Its had some amazing performances.

The first week was all about Michael Phelps with his amazing 8 gold medals. Something like 5 world records. The second week was all Usain Bolt. He won 3 golds in the main sprinting events and broke 3 world records. I think the records Bolt broke are a bigger achivement. There were so many records broken in the “water cube” and it seems to be every Olympics tons of records broken. This year it seemed to be because of the latest technology in the swimming wear and also this particular pool was deeper than normal and the lanes wider which helps the swimmers. However, when the questions is asked: Whos is the star of the Beijing Olympics???? Hmmmm…. I think both of them!!! LOL

Team GB

Team GB did extremely well. It all started very well on the first day in the cycling with Nicole Cooke winning gold. It was a sign of things to come especially for cycling, rowing and sailing. Maybe we could get some of the athletes from Team GB to play football for England!!! Bunch of overpaid idiots – can you tell I am not a big fan of the England football team!!

Its been a great summer of watching sport – Wimbledon, Euro 2008 and then Olympics. It was just a shame olympics was mostly in middle of the night UK time. It was better in the 2nd week when the track and field events started as they finished at about 11pm Beijing time – 4pm UK time.

As with lots and lots of people I have been very impressed with the organisation of Beijing 2008. The stadiums and arenas have looked great especially the “birds nest” and the “water cube”.

Britain – in the end 4th place in medals table – beaten by China, US and Russia. Australia have slipped down the table since they did so well in Olympics 2000 in Sydney.

London 2012

Pressure now on the UK and London for 2012. Budget of about £9 billion (I think it was originally about £3 billion??). Apparently its already at a stretch and they are cutting back on things.

Hopefully it will be great and not an embarassment. Are we going to end up with a load of z-list reality TV stars carrying the torch around?!? Lets hope not. (Although I watched some of the closing ceremony and handover and the “show” in London featured some people singing from a reality tv show).

I will have to watch the highlights of the closing ceremony – couldnt be watching the whole 5 hours – to see what it was like and the part with London mayor Boris Johnson receiving the Olympic flag etc.

I recommend checking out the BBC Sport Olympics web site for some great video highlights etc.

Closing ceremonyEdit: I have watched the highlights and Boris Johnson “receiving” the Olympic flag etc. Good job he didnt trip like he usually seems to do!! Maybe he could have buttoned his jacket though! I bet Ken Livingstone really enjoyed watching it!! LOL.

The official London 2012 handover part of the closing ceremony was a short 8 minute section involving a London bus. It transformed into a special stage which included some shapes of famous London landmarks. David Beckham made an apparence and got a massive cheer!! Maybe the biggest of the night!! He held up a ball and kicked it towards the crowd. Leona Lewis sang abit – didnt sound that good on the TV but I think it would of in the stadium.

It was a very colourful ceremony, lots of dancing and singing. Can see why China did so well in the gymnastics!! Jackie Chan made an apparence with abit of singing.

It goes without saying that the fireworks in the closing ceremony was spectacular. Check them out on the BBC Sport web site (and properly on Youtube). I also recommend checking out the video review of Beijing Olympics 2008.

Silvestre leaves United … for Arsenal!!!

SilvestreI am abit late with posting about this since it happened a few days ago. Mikael Silvestre has been sold to Arsenal. Silvestre, who has played for United for 9 years, was not pleased with his lack of first team action. He had lost his place to Evra in the first 11. His injury last season didnt help either.

He has come back recently and played in various matches and played pretty well. He is an very good defender who can cover for left back and also in centre back. With the loss of Pique a few months back we have less cover. (Although we do have the 2 new Brazillian brothers who have done really well in pre-season).

The big surprise was that he was sold to big rivals Arsenal and also he was sold for only about £700,000. Sir Alex Ferguson has explained why he sold him:

“I could have been selfish and put Mikael in the reserves… but we are bigger than that. Mikael said he wanted first-team football. He had lost his position to Patrice Evra, so after nine years’ service, there was no point holding the boy against his will.” He also said: “He is a really nice lad and a great professional, so I let him conduct his own affairs. We knew the price we wanted and informed the teams who came in for him. He went up to Sunderland last Friday, and was very positive about that, then Manchester City came on to the scene.”

Thanks Mikael for 9 good years!

Taekwondo star kicks ref in the head!!

Ref kicked in headThere was more controversy in the Olympics in the tawkwondo. It was the bronze medal match and there was an injury break. Cuba’s former Olympic champion Angel Matos had injured his foot and medical staff were tending to him. They are allowed a minutes worth of “injury time” and basically they ran out of time. They apparently do allow so give or take and to be honest it was the medical staff taking the time to do there thing. Anyway, the referee disqualified him.

He was justifiably angry. He was ahead in points in the game and was disqualified for a technicality. The ref really should have used some common sense and just given him abit more time and not be such a jobsworth.

However what happened next was very unexpected!! He kicked the ref square in the face!

Birthday meal / Manchester pride

It was my friends birthday yesterday and lots of us went out for a meal and some drinks. We went to Tai Wu – almost seems like tradition to have a birthday meal there!! We had a lovely meal including lobster – mmmmmmmm. Afterwards most of us went to the bar Obsidian. It was the birthday girls idea and her thinking was to go somewhere I bit more expensive so she wouldnt get drunk – that didnt work out for her! I only had a couple drinks. One was a cocktail called Basil and Honey Martini. Tasted very nice – couldnt realy taste the alcohol. However it did take ages to make the drinks in general. Especially the more “pretty” drinks which he drew a pattern of a flower in it. I think that particular drink was called Red Gorgeous. I had a little taste of someones and it tasted abit like milkshake and abit like melted ice cream!!

The birthday girl ended up getting quite drunk as ppl bought her drinks and she also had some special shots drink which the bar-staff set on fire as she drank. I know it had sambuca in it but not sure what else. I took a few photos which may appear on the usual places soon – Facebook / Flickr.

Today I met up with some friends and we watched the Manchester Pride parade. I have lived in Manchester for several years but this is the first time I have checked out the parade. I have always been away. The parade was OK – I think it lasted for about an hour or so. It did get abit “same-y” after a while though. The rest of the day we checked out the shops, some ppl came back to my place and we watched some Olympics and then we all went to Pizza Hut.