Wanted: Movie review

Met up with some friends today and went to see Wanted. After watching the trailers I was looking forward to this movie. Also after the RUBBISH The Happening and slightly disappointing Indiana Jones 4 it was time for a good “blockbuster”.

It was a very good movie. I really enjoyed it. Lots of action, car chases, special effects were impressive. It was an 18 certificate movie so the fight scenes had that extra bit of “gore” and blood.

It was one of those action movies which had funny bits. Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy were great and Angelina Jolie was excellent. She looked particularly nice in the movie. Didnt used to see what everyone liked in her but recently think she looks great! 🙂 I like a woman with some tattoos

Rating: 8.5/10

Spain – European Champions

Spain won Euro 2008 tonight against a very ordinary German team. Its been a great tournament (although not quite the same without England) and its good for football that a team like Spain with their attacking style of football win Euro 2008.

Spain were overall the best team in the final and in the whole tournament scoring the most goals and conceding the least number of goals. Germany started well but then it was really all Spain. It was just a surprise that it was only 1-0 in the end.

After the game in an interview Lehmann, the (idiot) German goalkeeper went on about how the ref was biased and even said it was like the game was fixed going on about how Silva should have been sent off for headbutting Podolski. Maybe the ref should have given him a red card but Lehmann cant be saying things like this. Looking at the replay it was not all Silva with Podolski charging in and leaning his head in. Also you could argue that Podolski did the first “headbutt”.

The tournament has many great games with just the odd dull game – e.g. the France Romania game (luckily I missed that one). Holland entertained a lot especially in the group games – in particular when they comprenhensively beat France 4-1. Russia did excellent well and it just showed what a great manager Huddink is. Portugal and Croatia also played some excellent football but the best team were Spain. There were last minute minutes and massive drama – most of them coming from Turkey and their last minute goals. Amazing last minute drama in games like Croatia v Turkey with an game with minutes to go and then an equaliser with the last kick of the ball. Also in another game involving Turkey when they equalised late on only for Lahm to score the winner with seconds to go. High entertaining. There some excellent goals including Germany’s against Portugal scored by Schweinsteiger, Sneijder’s goal against Italy and the 3rd goal for Villa’s hat-trick.

Amy Winehouse – why!?!

Amy Winehouse has recently played in 2 high profile “concerts”. She is “singing” in the special Nelson Mandela 90th birthday concert and also sang at Glastonbury.

I just dont see why she was booked. She has/had a good voice but has just ruined it and herself with her behaviour for about the last year e.g. drink, drugs etc.

Also she constantly goes on about her husband Blake and all this “free Blake”. Why should we free him when he has admitted to GBH and Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice!!

I saw a clip of her from the Nelson Mandela gig – what a mess. Shes like a rat with a wig. Someone get her PROPER help. At Glastonbury it seemed even worse with more mumbling and she appeared to hit someone in the crowd. When she “sings” on stage you think she is going to fall over at any time and keeps seeming to pull up her skirt abit.

The “Geek” retires

Bill Gates has stepped down from his job running Microsoft. He will still be a Microsoft chairman but is going to concentrating on his charity work which includes projects in the developing world. Bill Gates, worth about $58b, is donating almost all of his money to his charity, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He made a “leaving” video a few weeks ago and you may have already seen it on Youtube (or on here – I mentioned it a few weeks ago). If you havent you can see it here: