Go Karting

I went Go Karting on Sunday at the Speedkarting place in Warrington. Its the 3rd time I have been go karting and was great fun. First time I went karting was in Daytona in Manchester. It was awhile ago. We didnt do the grand prix event and was a endurance event and shared a cart with someone else. The 2nd time was in Speedkarting but was on the small track – I came 4th but got the fastest lap time.

This time it was the big main track and was the 3 tier one – apparently the only one in the UK! Once again I came 4th (out of 20 people). No fastest lap this time. It was 5 heats of 3.5 laps to gain points. The starting position was random – I managed to win one of the heats. In the final rest (the top 10 drivers) I started in 7th (and ended up in 4th). I mainly passed when people made mistakes. The track was pretty good but at some points REALLY bumpy!! I was bouncing out of the seat abit!!

United v Chelsea

BallackWell United played Chelsea on Saturday. A huge game and if United won we would have won the league. By saying “if” I think you can gather United didnt win 🙁 For some reason Fergie decided to rest a few players (obviously with Barcelona in mind) – e.g. No Ronaldo, No Tevez. However this was arguably the biggest league game of the season.

We played really poor in the 1st half (it didnt help when Vidic went off injured when he Drogba kneed Vidic’s face – it was an accident and they were both just going for the ball. He cut his lip and lost a tooth) but improved a lot in the 2nd after scoring. However that wasnt difficult!! The ref didnt have the best game and seemed to be giving loads of freekicks to Chelsea for nothing after United made good challenges and tackles. I think United should have had at least 1 penalty – such as when Ballack was almost wrestling Ronaldo. Also Drogba was diving all over the place – hes such a good player why does he do it! One great moment was after Chelski got a freekick and Drogba and Ballack were arguing about who to take it – very funny. Drogba continued for awhile and had a go at some Chelsea staff.

Ballack scored both Chelsea goals including a last minute penalty. The final score being 2-1 to them 🙁 When Chelsea scored they had a special shirt which had Pat Lampard on. She is Frank Lampard’s Mum who died recently. RIP. That was a nice touch.

United players were harranging the ref abit during the match – which wasnt good to see. It was overall just not a good day when after the match when United were warming down and got in to a confrontation with Chelsea stewards.

Its not 100% what happened with all sorts of stories. More details I am sure will be known soon.