Movie reviews – Jumper / I am legend


Thought I would finally get round to some movies I watched recently. Jumper was not too bad. Something was missing though to make it a good blockbuster. Rachel Bilson was great too look at. Jamie Bell was good in it, Hayden was just “OK”. Since the movie is all about people who can transport there go to lots of different locations so great scenary.

I Am Legend

Not sure what to think of this film. Its kind off like an American version of 28 days later which I really liked. Will Smith was pretty much on his own in most of the movie (along with Sam his dog – who was great!!). I thought he did really well. Hes come along way since Fresh Prince of Bel Air!! I wont ruin the film by saying what happens (unlike Edith Bowman on Radio 1 who said what happened on her blog!! Ahh!!! Grrr!!!). Once again like Jumper it was just lacking something to make it a really good movie. Also didnt really like the ending.

United 4 -0 Villa

Evra and RooneyFour more wins and the title is ours. Yesterday against Villa we played brilliantly!! We always seem to do well against Villa so I wasnt worried. It was quite an open game in the first 15 minutes but after that it was pretty much all United.

Ronaldo was great again involved in all 4 goals. The first goal was a cheeky back heel flick. 2nd goal was a great cross by him to Tevez. 3rd was a great flick on to Rooney to finish nicely round the keeper. The 4th one was a nice pass with the outside of the foot to Rooney to finish well. Thats now 35 goals this season and potentially 11 more games to go if we get all the way to the Champions League final. The record is 46 goals by Denis Law. Whos knows if he will do it.

Arsenal won 3-2. They were 2-0 down at half time and down to 10 men (because of the terrible tackle by Diaby). There second half performance though was very impressive. Unfortunately it means they are still in the title race.

Rio is captain

RioRio Ferdinand will be captain for England against France tomorrow. It may be a slightly controversial decision since about 4 years ago he was banned for 8 months for missing a drugs test.

I personally am not that surprised. We know that Capello will be trying things out and seeing who will be his captain. Gerrard was captain in the first game and Terry has been captain in the past. Firstly I am happy he is captain and he has had a great season for United and has been captain for United. Also I think that John Terry doesnt act like a captain always having a go at refs!! (The same can be said for Gerrard who on occasion seems to have influenced the refs decision).

Well done Rio!!

The Birthday/Easter weekend

It was my birthday on Thursday and I had a meal at Tai Pan with about 22 friends. Lots of nice food – a lobster banquet. I also got lots of cards and presents!! I have such nice friends!!! Friday was bank holiday so had a nice lie in!! Didnt really get up till late morning. One of my friends stayed over and we watched some tv including some Anastasia (I wasnt really watching it) and most of Magic Roundabout. Later on in the day I went back home to my parents. My parent had come up for my birthday weekend from London and we played some scrabble. We played a couple games and I think I was 2nd in one and last in the other!!

Saturday I met up with some other friends. The idea was to go to the science museum and go see the Bodyworks exhibition. Unfortunately it was very busy and the next “screening” was about 2 hours later. We decided to go get something to eat and eventually decided on Walkabout. I had a kangaroo mixed grill. Basically kangaroo (I have had it before and tasted EXACTLY like beef), chicken and prawns. Pretty good!! We then went to the cinema to watch Meet the Spartans. I have already reviewed this (see previous post) but just to say its RUBBISH!! We all then went back to my place – it was freezing outside. Just chilled out with abit of singing and singstar. For dinner we went to the Tai Wu buffet which was OK (however I have had a slightly dodgy stomach since so maybe it wasnt that good!!). The plan was then to go to Pure for some dance and cheesy tunes!! Most people were tired so we went back to mine. On the way we stocked up on supplies and then on to more singstar and singing and chilling.

RonaldoSunday I went back home to my parents. It was my family birthday meal in the evening and also it was Grand Slam Sunday (United played Liverpool and Chelsea played Arsenal – more of that in a bit). Met up in the local leisure club for a light lunch. To the football…… United beat Liverpool 3-0 but it wasnt straight forward. Liverpool were down to 10 men by half time with Mascherano was sent off (2 yellow cards). He got first for a late tackle but his 2nd is what everyone is talking about. Torres got a yellow card for what appeared to be talking to the ref and asking for help with the tough tackling etc. Mascherano ran about 15 yards to get involved and really got in the face of the ref. He was stupid to do it but the ref also got of used some common sense and tried to calm things down. However maybe some of his teammates could have done a better job at pulling him back?? It did kindoff ruin the game (certainly for them!!) and United won easily in the end with goals from Ronaldo and Nani in the 2nd half (to add to Browns goal). Reina in Liverpools goal had a poor game. United overall did well especally Rooney. Ronaldo was abit quiet but still got a goal.

The ref could have been effected by this weeks football news with “Cashley” Cole’s reaction to getting yellow card. He tackle Hutton but it was a late high tackle which could have broke his leg. Instead of being appologetic he had a go at the ref and when being given the card he turned his back on the ref. He just has no respect!!! When he had a go at ref his teammates also got in the refs face including Terry and Calvalho. Terry needs to start acting like a captain!!

Chelsea played Arsenal later in afternoon and won 2-1. A draw would have been a great result but Chelsea scored the winner late on. Drogba played really well. It now looks like Chelsea are going to be United’s main title rivals now. We play them in about 5 games time. If we win all the games up to that and beat them then the title is ours. However there are plenty of games to go and tough games including Arsenal, West Ham and Boro (bit of a boogy team for United).

In the evening it was my family birthday meal at Mei Mei. Lots of nice food, more gifts (thanks!!!) and some karaoke. Not everyone sang but about 9 people got up to sing. I had to start things off and sang some of the songs are always sing e.g. Backstreet Boys. I think everyone had a good time.

Monday was a chill out day. Just watched TV and nothing in particular!!! Maybe should have slept ALL day as I am tired now!!

(Photos are on Facebook).

Meet the spartans – DONT WATCH!!!

I went to see this movie on Saturday (during the mega Birthday/Easter ‘weekend’). First of all I just have to say DONT go and see this movie. Its rubbish!!!

A very very poor movie!! Repeats the same ‘none-funny’ jokes several times. The movie was about 85 minutes long (including the credits). It seemed so much longer!!!! If you like jokes involving vomit and poo over and over and over again you may like it. NOT FUNNY!! The product placement was just mad as well – it was like a long advert for various products like beer and chewing gum. For some reason this has been a success with it making about $20m in the US. This may mean there is a Meet the Spartans 2 – please no!!!!!

Apparently in the credits there are credits for ppl like Tom Cruise lookalike and George Bush look-alike. These are apparently in the outtakes afterwards which were too bad even to get in the movie!!

I have had a look online and I have not read 1 good review!