England ‘performance’

CarsonWell if you can call it a performance!! It was a shocking display by the England team and they just looked like they didnt care. For the past few years it has become harder and harder to care about our national team and this performance certainly didnt help!!

England were given an amazing lifeline with a couple amazing results at the weekend with Israel and Macedonia winning. You would think they would take the chance and grab it with both hands and show they wanted to play for the shirt on their back. With the exception of Crouch who did good, everyone else was terrible. Quite frankly they were sh*t. (Beckham did well with a great cross for equaliser and tracked back a lot. Joe Cole also had his moments but they lose the ball). We just dont seem to get the basics right – pass the ball to team-mate 10 yards away, keep possession!! Instead we do the usual England thing of hoofing the ball up to the big tall guy at the front who kicks it on to the invisible player supporting him!

To the match. It was a bad mistake by Carson. I feel sorry for him – such an inexperienced player being brought in for such as massive game. However he just didnt do the basics and got his body behind the ball. The whole defence were awful and everytime Croatia attacked they looks like they would score. It also didnt help that Bridge looked like he wanted to played for they almost giving them the ball. Almost summing up the England team was the 3rd goal. He got the ball, no pressure on the ball, no diving in the way, no closing down. No player with a couple yards of the player – we just let him shoot!! WTF!!!

BeckhamIts always the same for England and it needs a complete change. Near the end with the score at 2-2 we needed another goal. However we just sat back. Just as the commentator was saying that he hoped we would not sit back – we did!!

Another thing is the freekicks were terrible – just couldnt even get past the 1st defender – basic things like that!!!

The England first goal was slightly lucky with a “soft” penalty. It was a penalty as he grabbed his shirt but he made the most of it. Lampard took it well but didnt do much else the rest of the match. The 2nd goal was a great cross by Beckham as I said but a good finish by Crouch.

Gerrard had a poor game – he was so deep. Sometimes Barry was in front of him! He always looks for the “hollywood” pass trying to pass 60 yards. Keep it SIMPLE!!

Ahhhhhh!!! I hate English footballers. A bunch of over paid, lazy, useless, incompetant …… ahhhhh!!! I cant think of the word!

Well thats enough for the players who have to take a lot of the blame. McClaren…… why or why do you change the way we play. The last few matches we have played 4-4-2 and have played well. English footballers like to play in one way and its 4-4-2 with a couple strikers helping each other and 2 players crossing the ball in. Even with just Crouch, why not have the best crosser of the ball on the pitch. Then bring SWP on so he can run at the tired players (and most of the time run into them). Even right at the end they just needed to smack the ball back into the box but seemed to struggle with that!!

We really need a complete change. Get rid of McClaren (and El Tel – what did he do – he wasnt even there for the 1st half??). Sort out the FA – its a joke. We should get in a load of the under 21 team!

In the post match interview he moaned about the injuries and the pitch. The pitch was the same for both teams!!! He also said the reason he played the 4-3-3 (or 4-5-1) was because of the injuries and experience. So you want experienced players and you leave out Beckham!?? Becks should have started. Why on earth keep changing the system – chopping and changing!!

McClaren will properly get sacked tomorrow so we hopefully wont see more of his annoying ginger balding smiling face anymore!! AHhhh!! (no offense to other balding ginger people). Also no more stupid interviews with him where he always says the same thing about needing the show commitment, passion, desire. That we should go out and play football and win. What makes it worst now is that he is likely to get a massive payout since his contract doesnt run out for about 2 more years. Why do the FA give such long contracts when it was quite possible this would happen!!

I think we should now get in Mourinho or maybe O’Neil. In fact even Alan Shearer would be better than McClaren. Hang on – how about getting Sven back!!! (Cant believe I just wrote that!). After the match they all say the care and that the hurts etc. Its alright for the players – some getting something like £150,000 a week, with all their houses and cars. The other day the paper said Terry got £25,000 a day!!! Not sure how true that is as that would mean £175,000 / week. Either way they earn far far far too much!!

The FA must have loads of money if they can afford to waste money on rubbish managers, terrible pitches, £100,000 a week to Newcastle for injured Owen. They are also going to have to pay McClaren some massive payout when he gets sacked!! :(I want to be england manager – even if i am sh*t I will end up getting loads of money!)

I am GUTTED!!!

I did however have a good laugh at the end of the match. Man of the match was Lampard!!?!?!? WTF!!! LOL. What did he do??? Will Becks now get 100 caps?? I hope so

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Singstar Studio

Last weekend I went to Singstar Studio with my friends. I am sure most of you know what Singstar is – kind off like karaoke on the Playstation. Well Singstar Studio is a place where you dress up as “popstars” – wigs etc and play the latest Singstar on the PS3 – over 260 songs!!

I was there for more than 4 hours as I was there was 2 groups of friends. It was all good fun!! I have uploaded photos online – click the link on the right. I have also uploaded some to Facebook so if you are my friend you will see it.

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Riise’s payslip

RiiseI am many of you have heard about this. The Liverpool footballer’s payslip was apparently stolen and is now on the internet.

If you Google now you will easily find it. The original copy of this payslip even had his home address!!

Anyway, it shows he earns a basic wage of £120,000 a month plus bonus such as appearance fees. However he does pay loads of tax. He ends up taking home about £87,000 a month!!

Footballers earn FAR to much!!!

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