Football match (v Omars XI)

Played a game for GM Monkeys about 3 weeks ago. Wrote the review – its on the GM Monkeys web site I designed.

However decided to post the review here:

Sunday 30th September 2007 (‘Omars XI’ 0 v GM Monkeys 3)

GM Monkeys started the game well with much of the possession. In fact the vast majority of the play was in the opposition’s half. However there was a slight lack of space and this meant no clear cut chances. “Omars XI” had a few good chances on the break, and it was down to good saves from the keeper Rob to keep the score level. In the defence Carl used his height well and dominated the defence clearing everything in the air. Alongside Tony it was an excellent partnership. In fact the whole back line of Simon Ung, Tony, Carl and Kin were very solid.

Throughout the game both times made good use of the rolling subs with the subs able to give some players a rest and freshen up the team. Considering they had most of the possession GM Monkeys arguably should have been in the lead.

The 2nd half the dominance of GM Monkeys continued but this time with some clear cut chances early on. However they did have some good chances which needed decent saves from new 2nd half keeper Chat. In the 2nd half on the right hand side Phil did well getting forward and when Dave replaced him he continued to press forward. GM Monkeys took the lead from a corner on the right hand side. Ming got the ball and took a good shot. The ball immediately rebonded off the defender which bounced back off Ming into the penalty box. Kin was in the right place at the right time and knocked the ball in from about a yard out. GM Monkeys continued to press with players like Chi, Ed and Darren combining well. There were some excellent moves, in particular down the right hand side with Colin combining well with the right-back (Simon Ung) with some excellent defence splitting passes. Later on in the 2nd half the ball found its way into the penalty box and after a little scramble Andrew Yee managed to volley the ball in with his left foot from about a couple yards out. For his troubles he was almost immediately squashed by a defender about twice the size of him! By now GM Monkeys were completely dominating play and Darren Butterworth managed to create space for himself and score from about 10 yards out with about 10 minutes to play. As the game reached its climax, the final 10 minutes of match it almost seemed like GM Monkeys were playing with 4 strikers – Colin, Andrew Yee, Ed and Simon Tsang!!

Overall it was a good performance by GM Monkeys on a slippery pitch (with hockey nets used as goals).

Omars XI: “names unknown”

GM Monkeys (inc subs): Chat, Andrew Cheng/Kin, Carl, Chi, Danny, Colin, Simon Ung, Rob, Tony, Darren Butterworth, Ed, Dave Wong, Andrew Yee, Ming, Phil, Simon Tsang. (Manager/coach – Yip) Goals: Andrew Cheng, Andrew Yee, Darren Butterworth.

Man of the Match: Darren Butterworth

United v Villa / Liverpool derby

United played Villa today at Villa Park. We always seem to beat Villa and today was the same – Villa have not beaten us for something like 20+ matches. Villa took the lead but then we played really well and the partnership between Tevez and Rooney seems to be developing well. It ended up 4-1 to United. Rooney got a couple and also got a hat-trick but his penalty was saved. Ferdinand got one and Giggs scored one via a couple deflections. Villa actually ended up with just 9 players after their keeper got a red and Reo Coker getting 2 yellow cards.

In the Liverpool derby there was plenty of action and controversy. Everton didnt seem to get any of the decisions in their favour. Everton conceded a penalty after a good run by Gerrard. It was arguably just outside the penalty box. The player who fouled Gerrard was about to get a yellow card but then Gerrard said something to him and he got his red card out instead!!! WTF!!

Kuyt was also lucky to stay on the pitch was a flying 2 footed tackle – terrible tackle. Phil neville did well to jump out the way. Phil Neville himself got in on the controversy when he handled the ball to stop the ball going in the net and got a red card for his troubles.

Right at the end Lescott was fouled by Carragher – no idea how an assault on a player is not a penalty!!

One surprising decison by Benetiz was to sub Gerrard. Gerrard was surprised and so was everyone else. He has not been playing well recently but he was doing OK in this game.

Oh crap! :(

RooneyEngland lost to Russia yesterday and the chance of them being in Euro 2008 is not looking unlikely. However its not all over. England played OK with good performances from some players like Campbell and Barry. Gerrard continued his poor form and should have scored. If he did England properly would have gone on to win.

Rooney scored a great goal but then conceded a penalty. However it was NOT a penalty as it was outside the box and I dont think it was even a foul. Their second goal came when Robinson saved but did not catch ball and a Russia player had an easy tap in.

We now need to beat Croatia and hope that either Israel or Andorra draw or beat Russia. Like I said its not all over – it wont be easy versus Israel – although they wont have anything to play for.

Fingers crossed!!! It will be RUBBISH if England are not in Euro 2008.

(Another reason I hope England get to Euro 2008 is so Beckham gets to 100 caps for England – so far he has 97 caps. If we dont get to Euro 2008 there will be a lack of matches remaining before its too late. He has just come back from injury so not match fit so properly wont be playing in the friendly v Austria and qualifier v Croatia in November).


Been awhile since I posted. Just a few things I had to say.

Firstly Al Gore getting a Nobel Peace prize – what an earths that about!!! It used to be for ppl who actually did something for peace and not someone who just talk stuff – which also turned out that it may be wrong!!

This weekend was a great weekend for English sport. England are into the Rugby World Cup final after beating France on Saturday. In the football England beat Estonia – not the best match in the world or the best performance in a match though!

Earlier on that weekend – Friday to be precise met up with some friends. Went to the beer tent first, and then onto Yang Sing where they was some sort of Stella Artois night – free drink (and food) and “how to pour the perfect pint”. The food was nice and drink of course nice. The “special guest” was Paul Van de Walle, the chief Brewmaster at Stella Artois. He was there to show how to pour the perfect pint although the bar staff didnt seem to like it. He was standing behind them telling them to pour at a 45 degree angle and to scrab the head in a particular direction etc etc. Afterwards we went to 42nd street which was a good night out.

On Saturday I was planning to go to check out the markets. However there was a change of plan and I met up with some of my cousins and Aunty & Uncle. They (my cousins) were in Manchester to see some band who were playing in the Printworks. I joined them and the band were pretty good. They are called Reemer and is the sort of music I like – punk rock (ish) e.g. Blink 182 type stuff. Also playing was a singer called January. She had a really impressive voice. It was really busy in Manchester with some rugby match going on and some concert going on.

Photos from Saturday will be online at some point soon. Either on my photo page here and/or on Facebook.