The poor run continues

United have been knocked out of the Carling Cup by Coventry. It was mainly youngsters but Nani and Anderson still played. From what I have heard the defending was terrible. So far this year we have still not played well in one game!!

Chelsea players surround refGoing back to Sunday in the game against Chelsea. (We didnt really play well against them either but won 2-0). It was a good goal by Tevez after a great cross by Giggs. Saha won a penalty when he certainly looked to go down very easily. I was not too happy with his really dramatic dive. In the game Chelsea had Mikel sent off for a tackle on Evra. It was properly a little harsh but it was bordering on a 2 footed tackle. However the reaction from the Chelsea players was not good especially from John Terry who grabbed the refs arm to stop him showing the red card.

Chelsea have been charged but the FA has once again bottled it and not charged John Terry. However Chelsea have decided to appeal. Hopefully they will charge Terry now.

See ya Jose

JoseJose Mourinho left Chelsea early this morning. Its not clear yet whether he was sacked or quit but there are lots of rumours including a big argument with captain John Terry.

Even though I didnt like him, he certainly made the league interesting. A lot of the time when he seemed arrogant (and he admitted he was) I am sure he was just playing about and having fun with the media.

He still had 3 years left on contract and has apparently been given £20m compensation. Not bad going!! Get sacked (or quit job) and get £20m!!!! I want to be a Premier League football manager!!

Personally I am happy and it will (hopefully) mean Chelsea now have some questionnable performances and results! 🙂 Lucky they have a low-key easy match this weekend. 🙂 (Its against United at Old Trafford!!). I bet now they will beat us!! Listening to the radio this morning on the Chris Moyles show was fun as they were making fun and singing all sorts of Goodbye type songs as the newsreader is a Chelsea fan. LOL

RIP: Colin McRae

Colin McRaeOver the weekend Colin McRae (along with his son, his son’s friend and a family friend) died in a helicopter crash 🙁 Along with Richard Burns he was the greatest British rally drivers of recent times.

I really love watching him driving – his style was very aggressive which meant he could be really fast some times but he had the tendency to have spectacular crashes.


England win

Finally a decent performance by England. SWP did really well (shane his passing/crossing sometimes let him down; it also meant that Ian Wright was more annoying than normal) and also Heskey (I know!!). It was good to see Owen score with a rather good goal from outside the 18 yard box. Richards was great as well – not a good thing for me as a United fan and Gary Neville fan!! However the opposition were not exactly the greatest and Russia on Wednesday will be a much tougher game.

Come on En-ger-land!!!

On another note Leeds continue they winning run and now have ZERO points!! They have one 6 games in a row (including a cup game). If you didnt know they were docked 15 points at the start of the season.