Went to a wedding on Tuesday. It was Simon and Jee Wan’s wedding and was in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. It was a great day and all the better that the weather was really nice. The day before it was cold and day after was a bit dull as well but on Tuesday the weather was really sunny. One of my friends actually got sunburnt!!

I set off from Manchester to Birmingham about 910am. I meant to set off at 830 but snoozed the alarm too many times!! Traffic was OK – a little busy. There was congestion on the M6 so I ended up taking the toll road. The sat nav tried to get me to turn around though once I got on to the toll road!! Got to the Botanical Garden just in time abit before 11am. The ceromony was beautiful. You could tell both Simon and Jee Wan wore nervous 🙂 The vicar – is the guy called a vicar if its in a ‘registry office’. Anyway, he looked a bit like Tony Blair (especially when he smiled!). After the ceromony lots of photos were taken in the gardens. Like I said before the weather was great.

Afterwards we went to China Court restaurant. There were lots of people – about 40 tables with up to 10 ppl per table. I sat with my friends on one of the ‘friends’ tables but shortly a couple of us moved to another table (which only had 3 ppl on). That still meant 5 ppl on the table with food for 10 ppl!! Wow – I was so full!! No way could we finish everything. It was all the usual food – lobster, fish, shark fin soup…. 🙂 The lobster was done unusually with no ‘easy’ pieces and it cut on just one long piece. Too big for the plate!!!

Anyway, after all the food, I gave a friend a lift home and then I drove back to Manchester. Traffic was good and didnt take long at all.

Photos are online but are private – if you want to view them send me an email.


It was a friends birthday at the weekend and went for a meal at Alberts Shed. I had ribs for starter and duck for main. Ribs had a slightly strange sweet taste but was OK. The duck was very nice and tasty. A little pink so the juices still running. Mmmmmmm. I was quite lucky with the portion sizes. One of my friends had pate for starter. It was a little pot of pate and 4 small pieces of toast/toasters ciabetta!!

Afterwards we went to Cloud23 which is the bar on the 23rd floor of the Hilton hotel on Deansgate. We had to wait for an hour to get in. Seemed to have to wait for 10 ppl to come out before 10 ppl (us) could go in. The place is quite expensive. The cocktails were about £7.50. It tasted OK but you are really paying for the view which is very good. One of my friends – same one who had the pate – had a drink which had mostly ice in it!!! Like I said the view was nice and you could see for a fair distance. Got a nice view of where I live as its next door to the Hilton. Took some photos and they will be online – click on the usual link to view photos. Unfortunately the photos of the views dont look that good because of reflections on the glass etc. One thing in the bar is a glass floor where you can see all the way to the ground 23 floors down. As if you are walking on nothing. Seen these before in places like CN Tower in Canada and Blackpool Tower – these are a lot higher up than this one!! 🙂

Afterwards we went to Baa Bar in Deansgate Locks for a few drinks and 1 or 2 shots – it is only a £1! Afterwards a few ppl went back to mine and watched some very random TV.

The next day as usual I played football. It always seems to be that I play a lot better after drinking the night before. I was not hungover as didnt drink that much and scored 7 goals including a cracker from a tight angle into the inside side netting – I was particularly pleased with that one!!! 🙂

Weekend sport and music

Live EarthLoads of things were happening this weekend with the British Grand Prix, Wimbledon finals, Tour de France, Live Earth concert and T in the Park gig. The grand prix was OK but unfortunately Hamilton didnt win. He made a couple mistakes and finished 3rd. Amazing how we seem disappointed in him not winning but this is his rookie season!! The Wimbledon finals were good – the womens one Venus Williams won. I wanted the other women to win. Oh well. The mens final was very impressive. Missed the middle bit but saw beginning and end. Wasnt sure who I wanted to win – if Federer won it would be 5 in a row. However its all getting abit boring when he wins all the time.

I missed most of the Live Earth concert. However from what I saw some of it was very good. There were several concerts all around the world. I have seen clips on YouTube and Foo Fighters were brilliant.

However the whole idea of the concerts was about increasing awareness about your ‘carbon footprint’ and how much energy we use etc. However I am not sure how much it achieved really. Its all good having these stars playing and seeing some great singers and bands play. However I am sure all the energy used for hosting the concerts and transporting the stars to the venues would be a massive amount.

In fact one of the main acts in the London Live Earth gig Madonna apparently has a carbon footprint equivalent to 14000 people. I may not be the average UK person but 14,548 Malawians. She has nine homes around the world, six cars and takes three private jet trips a year. Hmmm!!! What have you got to say about that Madonna!!

Didnt see any of the T in the Park but heard some on Radio 1 and seen Avril Lavigne’s performance online.


The weather really has been rubbish recently. Apparently all down to jet streams – whatever they are. It rained so much the other day that it flooded near work. The water was coming out of the manhole and since our office is on the ground floor it came into the office a little bit. Where is the summer!!!