Alton Towers

NemesisAnother great weekend – wish someone could figure out how to have weekends ALL the time. On Friday after work went round to a friends house who was having a dinner party. He was cooking a load of different dishes and it was delicious. My fav was the stuffed fried tofu. Saturday was a long long day. Started early – about 7am – very early for a Saturday. I went to Alton Towers for a friends bday. Planned to set off at 8 but by the time got going was about 815. However got to Alton Towers just on time at 930. We waited for everyone to arrive, some ppl had something to eat and by the time we got on a ride it was almost lunch.

I went on almost every ride everyone went on:

Duel – shoot-em up haunted house
Hex – a swing story based ride which plays trick on the mind making you think you are upside down
Oblivion – its the one big drop – the rest of the ride is nothing
Rita – fast. Not bad
Air – it was OK but seemed abit slow
Runaway Minetrain – not too bad for the first ride of the day
Rapids – didnt get too wet. Always good fun though

I think thats all of them. Nemesis is still my favourite – its so smooth and brilliant!! Rita was unbelievably fast. I checked online and it does 0-100kph (about 60mph) in 2.5 seconds!! Comparing this to performance is cars: McLaren F1 0-60mph in 3.2 sec, Bugatti Veyron 0-60mph in 2.9 secs (thats soooo fast!!). When it was on Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson said it outperformed Formula 1 cars from certain speeds. There are faster rollercoasters though. The current fastests (and highest) is the Kingda Ka which looks mad!! It goes 128mph (Rita is about 65mph) and accelerates from 0 – 128mph in 3.5 seconds!!! 😮 (Also the Top Thrill Dragster is also very fast and high).

We were lucky with the weather with it drizzling for about 10 minutes and when it rained we went to an indoor ride. It wasnt that busy either with the longest queue being about 45 minutes.

In the evening I went to a friends housewarming which was fun. Played on the Wii and also Cranium. I good fun game!!

I have uploaded photos and vids. Link from my photos page to my picasaweb gallery.

Stupid Olympics Logo

Crap London 2012 logoIts Rubbish!! There have been lots of talk recently about the logo which has been designed for the London 2012 Olympics. Loads of ppl think its crap and I do too. Terrible!!

There has even been a petition to scrap it. The latest news is that the government will NOT change the logo despite demand for them to do so.

There have been several alternate logos which has been designed and some of them are rather good. There all better than the official one.

The mayor of London has made light or the matter, saying its just a logo and wont change your life etc. However if its just a logo then why pay £400,000!!! I am sure its not just the logo but the whole ‘brand’. However thats a lot of money for someone so crap.

Rip off Britain

Another example of rip off Britain. Apparently its cheaper to watch Barcelona than Wigan. A JJB Stadium season ticket will cost £250 next season, the cheapest in the Premiership but a season ticket at the Nou Camp is just £110.

Weekend fun

Not been posting for awhile!! Cant be bothered!! Anyway a few weeks ago I had a really busy weekend. Work day out, party and a wedding.

About 3 weeks ago on Friday 25th went to Blackpool on a work day out. It was a good day out and we were lucky with the weather. Nice and sunny. The next few days the weather was abit dull and rainy. We went to the pleasure beach and went on several rides. My fav was the Valhatta – which was like a water adventure ride. I got soaked!!! My other fav is the rollercoaster Infusion – its similar to Nemesis in Alton Towers were your legs are suspended. The ride used to be in Southport but they moved it to Blackpool. The difference was it is now above water.

On Saturday I went to a friends party. Everyone bought a dish – most people bought chicken wings. About 4 different varieties of chicken wings!! LOL. It was a good night out with a fair bit of Singstar!!

Sunday I went to a wedding. It was my friends wedding and was in Liverpool. It was a great day with a lovely registration and great meal (and after meal games).

I have some photos and you can find them on my Picasa pages. In the evening a load of people went to MTwo to the summer theme party. Not usually my sort of music in MTwo but it seemed OK. It was a bit strange having everyone in summer-ware (inc. bikinis :)) when outside it was pretty cold.

After such a busy weekend I just rested on the Monday!!!