Great Manchester Run

I did the Great Manchester Run on Sunday – my first ever running event. I finished the 10km in 52 minutes 3 seconds. Pretty happy with it – I wasnt when running it but when I finished it was great!! Had been getting lazy leading up to the run (I was doing quite well as well). The most I did in training was 5km in 26 mins. That was maybe about 3-4 weeks before the run. In the run I passed the 5km marker about 23 or 24 minutes. Properly too fast since the 2nd 5km was nearly 30 minutes!

While going round and certainly around 7km I was thinking “Why I am doing this!!” LOL. Sprinted last 300 or so metres – just has to be done when everyone cheering a whizzing past ppl! 🙂 However got to about 20m to line and was dying!! It was good wearing my United shirt as had a few United cheers and a few shouts of Ole (I have Solskjaer on the back of my shirt). I did get one guy shouting 1-0!

All for a good cause! 🙂

FA Cup – lost the battle but won the war!!

On Saturday United played Chelsea in the first final in the new Wembley. It was soooooo boring. I think United were the better team but teams kind off cancelled each other out. Both teams just didnt seem to want to risk making a mistake. There was a period of about 10 minutes in the 2nd half when it was better but that was it.

You could blame the pitch for the slow game. It seemed to make us play the usual slow game Chelsea play (and we seem to play in Europe). (The one time we play like United with loads of pace etc we thrash Roma 7-1!!). The pitch seemed to be a bit long and was cutting up a lot. You would think after 6 years and £800m they could have a decent pitch!!!

The stadium did look nice, although it looks abit like the Emirates plus a big arch. However the design has some faults – when the team picked up the medals – they walked up loads of stairs and actually go out of view for abit!!

Anyway back to the match. Rooney played quite well with some great runs. Ronaldo unfortunately didnt. Actually most players just seemed tired. We did manage to get the ball in the goal but the goal was not given. Rooney crossed and Giggs slid in. However he was tripped by Essien and for that reason slid into Cech resulting in the ball going over the line. It was either a foul by Essien, foul by Giggs or a goal. The ref gave nothing!!!! That means he thought the ball didnt go over the line – when it clearly did.

It was a good goal from Chelsea by Drogba. However the freekick leading up to the goal was NOT a foul. It was a good tackle by Smith. Grrr!!! I also just had to say that that idiot Mikel is a dirty cheating ****. Perfect for Chelsea I guess! If you dont know he is the player who almost signed for United – he changed his mind and said he was forced into signing for us or something. Oh well, thats a shame!!

There was loads of time wasting at end from the cheating scum – they got loads of yellow cards at the end for it as a result. However it didnt help us. Looking at the post match analysis stuff we were unlucky with a few offside decisions which went against us.

The final score in the end AET was 1-0 to them.

Stag do

Hi all. Not posted for awhile. Getting lazy! Went on a stag do last weekend – it was great!! In the morning we went Go Karting in Warrington. I finished in 4th place – just missed the podium 🙁 However I did get the fastest lap 🙂 In the evening we went for a night out in Liverpool. We had a nice meal in La Vina – I think thats what it was called and then various other stag night type things. What happens on a stag night stays on a stag night!!

There are some photos but they are private – if you were on the stag do then email me and I will send the link.


Woohoo!!! United are champions!! We didnt even have to play a game. Chelsea played Arsenal on Sunday and they only drew. That meant that United won the league!! YES!!! United played Chelsea on Wednesday in a meaningless game – it was such a dull dull game.

Rubbish!!! :(

KakaWell United are out of the Champions League after losing 3-0 to AC Milan in the 2nd leg (5-3 on aggregate). We were really really poor. For some reason the players just didnt seem up for it – the worst time to have their worst performance! Also AC Milan played really well. Good luck in the final. Right, thats all I have to say on this!! Bring on the league and cup – hopefully we can win on Saturday against City and then Chelsea dont win at Arsenal. Then we will get the trophy at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday and they will have to give us the guard of honour!!

UPDATE (5th May): Getting the trophy would be even sweeter getting it at Stamford Bridge in front of their arrogant players. Obi Mikel, who turned down United (he signed for us but then changed his mind and claimed he was forced to sign for us – or something like that), says we dont deserve to win league and Chelsea do because “…. of our hard work, determination, the injury crisis and everything.“I think United have been lucky at some points this season while we’ve had a long list of injuries to cope with. Overall, we’ve been the better team.“On the strength of our performances we would be worthy champions, because we gave it our all.”

Nothing there about the boring football they play. Nothing about our injury problems. Nothing about them scoring lots of late goals! What an idiot!! So glad we didnt see him – thanks for the £12m!! 🙂

Earlier on this season I think it was Essien who said he had calculated that Chelsea would finish 5 points ahead of United. Time for a new calculator Essien!!!