Is that the title race over?

RooneyFor a few weeks now people have been saying the title race was over. I didnt think so – its not over till its over!!! However its almost certain now with United 5 points clear of Chelsea with 3 games to go. If we beat City next weekend and then Chelsea dont beat Arsenal the next day we are champions. I watched the match in the pub which had both games on at the same time (Everton v United, Chelsea v Bolton) – I was looking left and right to the different screens all the time! At half time it wasnt looking good with United 1-0 down (and not playing well) and Chelsea winning.

However it was a great performance in the 2nd half from United finishing the game 4-2 – also some help from their keeper which kick started the comeback and also the equaliser from ex-United player Philip Neville. There was a great goal from Rooney and also from Chris Eagles. (When Rooney scored he celebrated infront of the Everton fans jumping up and down and kissing the badge – bet that made him popular!!! He is a red now!! :)) The United celebrations were brilliant – however Fergie still doesnt look right when he celebrates and started jumping about.

There is a great pic I have seen which sums it all up – the ball in the net and Philip Neville holding his head in his hands.

The Chelsea game finished 2-2. Thanks to Bolton and Philip Neville!!! When he scored the pub started singing a Neville song:

Philip Neville is a red, is a red, is a red
Philip Neville is a red, he hates scousers

The next 3 games are:


Saturday, 05 May 2007 Man City v Man Utd, 12:45
Wednesday, 09 May 2007 Chelsea v Man Utd, 20:00
Sunday, 13 May 2007 Man Utd v West Ham, 15:00


Sunday, 06 May 2007 Arsenal v Chelsea, 16:00
Wednesday, 09 May 2007 Chelsea v Man Utd, 20:00
Sunday, 13 May 2007 Chelsea v Everton, 15:00

At the end of the United match when we were counting down the clock Rooney started show-boating and showed some great ‘Joga Bonita’ skill:

The end of The OC :(

The OC recently ended. They stopped making any more because the ratings were dropping in the US. I think some people stopped watching it when Marissa died. Personally I never really liked the Marissa character.

Also the previous series the standard did drop abit but the most recent series was very good. It was one of my favourite tv shows I its a shame its on no more 🙁

There is however some (possible) good news. There could be a spin-off involving the Seth character. It wont quite be the same but Seth was one of the most popular characters. He was the geek who got the hot girl!! Hehe. Lets wait and see what happens – the last spin off from one of my favourite shows (Friends) – Joey – didnt do too well. It did rubbish in the ratings and critics didnt like it. I thought it was quite good – it had its moments but certainly not as funny as Friends.

Le Legend

CantonaSome great quotes from Cantona 🙂 He has praised the club for helping Ronaldo after his controversial summer.

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has heaped praise on his former club for the way they have helped Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo faced hostility at every turn upon his arrival back in England last summer, after he played a major part in The Three Lions’ exit from the World Cup finals.

Ronaldo was blamed for getting club-mate Wayne Rooney sent-off – but the much hyped move to Spain never materialised and the Portuguese winger has gone on to have a sensational season.

Cantona likens Ronaldo’s treatment to that which he went through after he was banned from the game after attacking a fan at Crystal Palace.

“Not all the fans would react as Manchester United fans reacted to the World Cup with Ronaldo – how they reacted to me when I was banned,” he told Sky Sports News.

“This mentality, this philosophy, it’s important for players to feel we have people behind us, who trust us, give us confidence when we need to express ourselves.

“Especially in more difficult moments, it’s important for the player in that difficult moment.”

Cantona insists Sir Alex Ferguson has played a huge part in Ronaldo’s success this term.

“It’s important for the other ones that they know that if they have a difficult moment all the fans and the manager will be behind them to help them,” he added.

Thanks Newcastle

The weekend wasnt looking that good with United drawing against our bogie team – Middlesbrough. We drew 1-1 and there was another controversial penalty incident. O Shea bought down a Boro player. He just about touched the ball but you could say that he brought the player down before that. We scored early but then they equalised just before half time. It was just after Rio got injured. He injured his groin again and will be out for another 2 weeks. We now hardly have any defenders. We have been quite lucky with injuries this season with injuries spread evenly throughout team. Now all the injuries are in defense. Our game against Milan will have defence of Fletcher, Brown, O Shea and Heinze.

Thankfully Chelsea also drew. There was a controversial penalty incident again. Moanrinho is back to his usual self complaining that there are different rules for United etc. Knowing the FA they will do nothing.

A lot of people such as The Sun and ppl like Moanrinho have been going on about how they are never penalties awarded against United However in The Times’ “The Game” pull-out recently there were some interesting stats:

Penalties awarded against Man Utd at Old Trafford this season: 3
Penalties awarded against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this season: 0
Penalties awarded against Liverpool at Anfield this season: 0
Penalties awarded against Arsenal at the Emirates this season: 1