Ronaldo here to stay

RonaldoRonaldo has said he wants to stay at United for “many years”. He currently has a contract which runs out till 2010 and is always being linked with Real Madrid. He said “It is a good sign to know I have so many clubs interested in me, such as Real Madrid,””It means that I am valued.””But I am very happy where I am and I hope to stay at Manchester United for many years. I have a good contract, in financial terms, but what really matters to me is to show my best form”.

When he was asked if he was the best player in the world at the moment he said “The United players are by my side – but of course I believe I am one of the best.” United want to Ronaldo to sign a new deal which will take him up to 2012. “I have a good contract, in financial terms, but what really matters to me is to show my best form.”

Excellent news!! He is getting better and better and seems to be maturing a lot as a player.

Car problems

Been having all sorts of car problems recently. Finally got the car sorted last week – as suspected the gear linkage was broken so they replaced it. It cost about £120 to get fixed. The actual part was only £40 but add on labour and then VAT. 🙁 This is the first thing thats gone wrong with the actual car so could be worse – 4 and half years and about 30000 miles.

After picking up the car I heard I strange noise underneath and though maybe they forgot to bolt something up! Turned around and didnt see anything. Later on after work and driving home heard noise again and looked in mirror and saw something had dropped from car. It turned out to be a torch the mechanic had obviously left when fixing the car. I kept the torch off course – it was very useful for the weekend in the Lakes! 🙂

Sarah’s Birthday!

Sarah's BirthdaySpent the last 4 days celebrating Sarah’s birthday. On Thursday went for a Thai meal in Ikan. The food looked really nice and tasted delicious. This weekend a load of us went to the Lakes – Erkdale Green in West Lake District to be exact. We all headed up on Friday evening on the road trip up to the Lakes. Think it took about 2 and half hours to get up there. Trip up was good going up and down all the hills in the dark!! The cottage was very nice as you can see from the photos. We played a few games including Jenga and also the girls did a bit of cheerleading.

Saturday started off with everyone slowly getting up at different times 🙂 I somehow found the energy to go for a morning run. Much better than running on the treadmill in the gym. Had to do some exercise over the weekend to keep up the training for the run in about 2 months. We all had a nice full english breakfast – hash browns, tomatoes, bacon, toast – everything!! Thanks to the cooks! 🙂 We then went for a walk up various hills and across loads of fields. We must have walked quite a distance and some great views. Looking back at the hills they were higher than we realised! We ended up in a nice pub where we all had a well-deserved drink! 🙂 Had another good meal in the evening with pasta and chicken wings – thanks again to the cooks! After food we played more games – Jenga (the drinking game version of it) which was very funny, a bit of Singstar (had to be done!! hehe) and a few of us played Pro Evo. Around midnight we also went out for a midnight walk in the nearby forest. I made use of all the torches I got including the one left under my car by the mechanic) but thats another story. Its actually a very good torch! 🙂

Singstar!Sunday started off a lot later with breakfast not till past 12. Most people were obviously very tired from all the walking, Jenga and singstar 🙂 I went another run in the morning and took a slightly different route. It ended up being a lot steeper than I thought!! By the time we finished tidying up, reversing cars out down the steep drive and losing the hour to daylight saving it was about 3 when we got going. On the way back home we went to Windermare for a quick visit. Afterwards we headed home via Preston. Some people went for some food and some others went straight home.

A tiring weekend and wish the weekend could have been longer. Had a great weekend and was most enjoyable spending it with friends. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sarah!

Photos – Birthday meal
Photos – Lakes weekend

Birthday 2007

BirthdayIts my birthday on Tuesday and last night I had a birthday / flat warming party. Its only a small apartment and about 25 people came so it was quite a tight squeeze but OK in the end. Just kept it cosy!! Everyone bought food and drinks and I also made some food and cooked abit of food. I was abit worried about not having enough food but it was fine. There are loads of crisps left and also drinks – I was trying to get rid of the wine that I already had but ended up with more!!

I also forgot to take some stuff out of the fridge such as the salad and also the gateau. D’oh!

BirthdayWe sang singstar for a fair few hours of the party. As usual good fun and some ‘interesting’ singing!! 🙂 We sang till about 3am and no complaints from neighbours! Hehe. On one side of my apartment is the lift so thats OK, the other side there is an apartment but inbetween is some sort of emergency corrider or something so that would have created a sort of buffer!! 🙂

Thanks everyone for coming and thanks for the cards and gifts!

Photos and vids now online.