FA Cup

The FA Cup hasn’t been that exciting so far this year. Saw some of the Arsenal match but that was extremely dull. The United Reading match was better but I was disappointed we only drew. However Reading are a very good team and in something like 6th or 7th in the league. They are also in great form and have won there last 7 games or so. Ronaldo wasn’t as brilliant as he has been recently and Saha just couldnt shoot. When Laarson came on we almost scored. It also made a different when Scholes came on. Fingers crossed for a better performance tomorrow in the Champions League against Lille.

The FA Cup draw is in about 15 minutes as I write this. Will be interesting if we get City!! 🙂

One of the best bits of the match was in the pre-match. They showed on MOTD how Ronaldo warms up and one of the tricks he does. Its amazing!! Its on YouTube – see below.

Gung Hay Fat Choy (Happy ‘Chinese’ New Year)

Manchester ChinatownIt was Chinese New Year on Sunday and I met up with friends and checked out the fireworks. I also went home to see my parents on Saturday and had some lovely food including some traditionally lucky dishes.

The firework celebrations were quite good – photos now online.

Some facts if you didnt know:

* Its the year of the Pig
* The pig is the last of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac
* Pigs symbolise good luck, but also turbulence
* 2007 is the year of the fire (golden) pig
* Babies born in Golden Pig years are believed to be particularly lucky

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Evra: Ronaldo’s a playboy

Patrice Evra has revealed in an interview with The Sun that Cristiano Ronaldo is called the ‘playboy’ by his team-mates. He said “Cristiano makes me laugh because he is the only one to have his personal mirror in the dressing room. He spends hours doing his hair and putting on his gel. He loves his body,”. He also revealed other nicknames for his team-mates. Gary Neville is Mr 100,000 volts because he has a twitch. He said: “Gary talks very quickly and gets facial twitches. He often makes little grimaces as if he were receiving an electric shock. That makes us laugh a lot and Cristiano Ronaldo takes him off perfectly.”

Mikael Silvestre and Rio Ferdinand are given the nicknames by Evra of Creatine and Snoop Dog. Wayne Rooney is The Hummer because ‘he’s a four-wheel drive who destroys everything in his path,’ while the United line-up is completed by Paul ‘The Pitbull’ Scholes, Ryan ‘The Rocket’ Giggs, Ole ‘The Legend’ Solskjaer and Louis ‘The Panther’ Saha.

Nice to see he thinks Ole is a legend aswell. Wonder what he calls Vidic??

Ronaldo Loves Life At United

Ronaldo and RooneySir Alex Ferguson has urged United fans to ignore any speculation linking Cristiano Ronaldo to a move away from Old Trafford.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have been touted as possible destinations for the Portuguese winger, but the United boss says he can’t see it happening.

“I’d dismiss it, to be honest with you,” Sir Alex told MU Radio. “Cristiano loves it here.”

“He’s in his best spell, he’s improving and progressing fantastically as a footballer. He’s a great lad and there’s no way you could see him not being happy here. Without question, he loves it here.”

Sir Alex was quick to point out Ronaldo’s contract runs until 2010 and slammed those who claim the 22-year-old needs to be on a bigger stage.

“Why would we sell Cristiano? We have as much right to be at the top of the footballing tree as Barcelona. We have the same ambitions as them.

“We may not have a 90,000-seat stadium but we do have 76,000 in every week. I don’t know if there’s another club in the world like it. There are so many positives about Manchester United. You wouldn’t want to leave here.”

This is great to hear direct from Fergie instead of all the paper talk recently of what various people have apparently said.

(Some text taken from ManUtd.com newsletter)