Manchester wins super casino race

The second big news for Manchester today. Manchester has been chosen as the location of Britain’s first super casino.

It was one of the outsiders for the vote and the favs were London and Blackpool. It will be built in the East side of Manchester in Sportcity which is near to the City of Manchester stadium. It might be a good time to buy property in Manchester or in particular around the East Manchster area near Beswick.

It may not be a completely good thing though. Even though it will create jobs etc it could create problems such as gambling problems. Many years ago in America in Atlantic City they got there first super casino – it was thought to do lots for the place and improve it etc. However its not worked out and the crime rate is apparently still high – its really just geared towards tourists and not the people who live there.

NB – The deal is not a 100% done thing and is in fact only a ‘recommendation’.


The parking charge proposal has been dropped!!! The stupid plan to charge for on-street parking from 8am to midnight has been dropped.

Councillor Swannick, the man who was the architect of the proposals to charge you to park in the city for 77 days a week from 8am to midnight. He has bowed down to pubic objection. received 4,444 emails and The Manchester Evening News received 3000 emails. Here is the statement:

“As the overwhelming majority of responses to the consultation from city centre residents, workers, businesses and their customers alike have been hostile to these proposals, I have no hesitation in withdrawing them.”

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Big Brother / Top Gear

Can’t be bothered to write too much about Big Brother. The final 3 were my favs. They were the most normal nicest people in there. I missed the start of the final because I was watching Top Gear – which was brilliant!! Jo and Jade were not there – apparently they are in hiding after receiving death threats.

Like I said, Top Gear was great. I am so happy it is back and that all 3 of them are back. On the show there was the usual review of some guy (new Jag), some mad challenge (re-tarmacing road in 24 hours) but the main feature on the show is the video of ‘Hamsters’ crash. It was an amazing video and he is so so lucky to be alive.

Jeremy Clarkson made a few comments about Big Brother and made a great comment about Jade calling her something like a “racist pig and waste of organs”. LOL

‘Carrie’ on footballers: Joey Barton

On Radio 1 on the Chris Moyles show there is a feature where their sport presenter talks to footballers. She has talked to people like David Beckham and Thierry Henry. On todays show she spoke to Joey Barton (plays for Man City). They are asked the same questions every time like “Chinese or Indian?” and “Blonde or Brunette”.

However the genius that Joey Barton answered with some classic answers. When asked “Best thing about being footballer?” You would think he would say stuff about the money, hours, doing something you love – ppl would do for nothing. Instead he said that its that he sometimes gets stuff cheap and free. Otherwise its like a normal job. LOL. The question straight after was his best thing he bought recently: a race horse. Dear me!!! LOL