UPDATED: Top Gear back

Top Gear is back on Sunday 28th January. Woohoo!!!

UPDATE: You can now check out photos from Richard’s accident on the web site (and also the latest magazine). On the show on Sunday they will be showing the crash!

Here are a couple trailers for the new series.

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Tuesday night

Went out for another BBC do on Tuesday. Went to the restaurant Glamourous for a meal and also a bit of karaoke. I ended up singing Bon Jovi – Livin on a prayer, Sexual Healing by Marvon Gaye (someone else picked it!) and another song I cant now. I wanted to sing Queen – Dont stop me now but the D letter page disappeared. I was a good evening and saw a few people not need in ages.

Some people went clubbing afterwards and I was tempted. I am glad I didnt in the end since I was knackered when I got hom and almost overslept the next day.

There are some photos about somewhere and I will link to them at some point.


Johnson / MourinhoLast weekend was not the best weekend regarding results. United lost to West Ham! I knew it would be a tough game with them having a new manager. To make matters worse Chelsea won 🙁 They are now 2 points behind us.

Also Jose Moanrinho has been an idiot – I am getting so bored and sick of him. He accused Andy Johnson of diving. In previous examples he may have possibly but in the game Everton v Chelsea he actually jumped over the keeper to avoid injurying him. Moanrinho just said he “is a diver” and should be embarassed etc.

He should look closer to home with his players like Drogba and Robben who go down rather easily. What an idiot! He has since made an apology.

As usual The FA has done F*** All. He accuses player of diving and I suppose you could say ‘bring the game into disrepute’ and they do nothing.

Christmas parties

Last weekend was my work do and also the BBC Christmas do. On Friday it was the work do and we went to The Cotton House. Its a nice place and the type that is nuvo cuisine. Before the meal a few of us met for drinks in Kro Picadilly. After the meal a few of us went to a couple other bars. Had a real good time. Since it was a work do they paid for everything.

On Saturday was the BBC (British Born Chinese) Manchester Christmas do which I helped organise. The party was in the club Pure. We had the meal in the VIP room and then stayed in the club to dance the night away. The food was ‘OK’ – it was a bit dry but not bad I guess. Some people stayed all the way till 4am. I would have stayed till the end but some of us wanted to get something to eat and left about 3 to beat the last orders in Kwok Man. I didnt take any photos but there are some photos about – I will post links at some point.

On Sunday about 20 people met up for some dim sum. Afterwards some people went to watch the football (which I am glad I didnt watch in the end since United lost)! I went with some friends to watch Happy Feet. Not my normal sort of movie but it was entertaining.

United v City

RooneyWe played City at OT on Saturday and won 3-1. It was a good game against City with both teams about equal in regards to possession and shots. What made the difference was we had the cutting edge with the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo. City also didnt play particularly well defensively with all of United’s goals coming from mistakes by them. Rooney scored the first with a well taken goal, Saha scored just before half time. City got one back with a good goal but the game was finished when Ronaldo got the 3rd.

It was a good game also for my fantasy football team with Ronaldo, Rooney and also Saha in my team 🙂

Back to the game – although most of the team played well I was disappointed with Saha who kept losing the ball. He needs to hold the ball better and hes abit like Andy Cole where he needs a few chances to score. He should have scored another one with a bad miss. Rooney also had a few chances to make the result more comfortable. Ronaldo did very well as usual with loads of tricks including I think his ‘new trick’ where he sort of knocked the ball against his left foot and it bounced to the right. (Will try and find a clip).

I also though Scholes lost the ball too easily when he tried to play the ball out from defence in the box and it almost resulted in a goal for City. The partnership between Rio and Vidic is getting better and so far hes been the best player for United for me (apart from Ronaldo).

One disappointing thing to see was the City player diving – it was another high profile act of cheating and he was rightly sent off.

Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs running down the wings

One thing worth saying is about Giggs. He is now United’s 2nd top player in regards to appearances. The game against City was Giggs’ 688th appearance in a United shirt, he’ll need to play another 72 to beat Bobby Charlton’s record. I hope he’ll do it – he should do if he stays clear of injury with I think at least 2-3 more years.

Chelsea v Arsenal

To make things better this weekend, Arsenal drew against Chelsea. We are now 8 points clear of Chelsea with a game in hand and 18 points ahead of Arsenal. Thanks Arsenal!! 🙂

Just seen the highlights on MOTD and I was expecting more boos from arsenal fans for Cole. Heard some boos at the start but since considering he is such a greedy money grabber I expected boos rivaling the stupid booing of Ronaldo. Drogba was back to his old self with some stupid over dramatic diving. It was quite funny especially when he is challenged in the box and went mad wanting a penalty. Lehmann taps him on his back and he falls over like hes been shot. He gets up straight away and goes up to Lemon and walks into him and Lemon falls over over-dramatically.

It was a great goal by Essien to equalise. Arsenal were lucky to survive with Chelsea hitting the post a few times. Hleb should have scored right near the end but hit it miles over.

Wonder goal!

Another thing worth mentioning from the weekend of football is Matt Taylor’s wonder goal. A dipping volley from about 40 odd yards out. Contender for goal of the season.