Went to my friends house party on Saturday. Had a great time. We played a few board games and a little bit of poker. We played Cranium for about 3 hours and it was very noisy! We also watched Fearless which stared Jet Li. Found it a little boring and not enough fighting!! 🙂

Great party Keith!


United v Chelsea

SahaThe game ended 1-1 and it was properly a fair result. We were really good in first half but unlike game against Celtic we managed to score with a great goal by Saha. Chelsea were a lot better in 2nd half when Robben came on and they changed formation to more of a 4-3-3 formation.

Ronaldo did well but have to be honest that Cashley Cole did a good job against him. Rooney was ‘OK’ but was pretty quiet, in particular, in the second half. He did set up United’s goal though. Vidic did really well in defence, even after being elbowed a few times. Gaz and Gaby did really well also. Carrick played well and this was one of the best games for us so far.

Drogba should have been sent off for his elbow on Vidic. Also pulled Rooneys shirt when he was in the box.

Heinze possibly at fault for Chelsea goal. VDS properly had it covered but Saha tried to get it away but ended up heading it over VDSs dive. If I was critical I would say VDS should have shouted for Saha to leave it.

Ronaldo went off injured at the end but it didnt look too serious. Would have been good to win (and be 6 points ahead) but we are still 3 points clear. ALso Rooney signed a new deal worth £100k a week which will keep him at United till at least 2012.

Arsenal lost and are not realistically out of the title chase. Also have to mention David James new hair cut. He looks like Clark Kent with his sleek hair LOL. Funny thing in Everton match – Yobo putting his boot back on in the middle of the penalty box which the other team then proceed to score – the shot going pass him. Fool!!!

Casino Royale

aniel Craig with Caterina Murino at Casino Royale's Spanish premiereWent to see this on Wednesday and had heard some very good reviews. When I first saw Daniel Craig I wasnt too sure about him looking like Bond. However the reviews were all very good. Maybe that was the problem – expecting too much. It was a good film but just not very very good. There were not enough gadgets – no Q. Daniel Craig did a good job overall. There were some funny moment but no typical Bond one-liners.

The opening scene with the Free Running guy running away from Bond was very impressive.The Aston Martin DBS was beautiful aswell. Shame he ruined it without using it much. It would have been better if there were more stunts and more action. It slowed down too much I think.

Still worth seeing though.

Busy weekend

Last weekend was busy and tiring. Went to a friends birthday do. Went to the Mayflower restaurant in Liverpool and sang karaoke till about 1130. Sang lots of things including backstreet boys, bon jovi, bryan adams and Hoobastank. Will upload the photos (and maybe vids) at some point – maybe.

The next day on Saturday went to ‘Da Bing Lo’ – (chinese hot pot). We had the seafood option and it was really nice. There looked like there was loads of food but because you have to wait for the food to cook it wasnt as much as first seemed. Will upload photo at some point. Afterwards we went to a friends house and played poker. I didnt win any of the games – I still cant remember all the different hands!! We also played Articulate which is like the game Taboo. By the time we finished poker and also talking it was about 6am. Got home but had to get up for football about 1030.

Without much sleep I actually played a little better than normal!! Got home and watched abit of TV and got some food. Was so tired and fell asleep on the sofa about 7pm. Woke up again at midnight. Was still tired so after watching CSI (or something like that) went back to sleep. Was tired all week at work!!

Photos – Candy’s Birthday
Photos – Da Been Lo