Great performance by United

RooneyUnited beat Bolton 4-0. It was an excellent overall performance and Rooney got a hat trick. He has been more like his old self the last 2 games or so. You kind off thought that he would suddenly score loads against a team and unfortunately for Bolton it was against them. Carrick properly had his best game for United so far. Even though the whole team performance was excellent, Ronaldo wasnt as good as he has been so far this season but still scored a goal – with a lot of help from Saha!

Rooney’s hat trick was his first since his United debut against Fenerbahce in 2004. It was also the first hat trick in the premiership this year as well! (We are about a quarter of the way into the season).


Evra has been brilliant this season. Fletcher only came later on in the game as sub but played a good pass for one of the goals.
Vidic was fantastic. An absolute monster!! 🙂 He seems to get everything – like Evra he has improved loads since last season.

To make things even better for United is that our on loan keeper Ben Foster had an amazing game for Watford. Its looking good in the keeper department 🙂

Other teams

Chelsea won 2-0. There first goal was a freekick by Lampard. It wasnt a deflected goal but a bad mistake by the keeper. The ball swerved a little bit but not loads. Arsenal slipped again and only drew 1-1 against Everton. Liverpool played unusually entertaining football and ended Villas unbeaten run beating them 3-1.

Beckham misses United

BeckhamAccording to the newspapers David Beckham misses life at Manchester United. Apparently Becks will not accept a new two year deal at Real Madrid if he cannot win his place back in the Real Madrid first team.

There are many clubs interested in him in England, Italy and America. Its looking more and more likely that Becks will leave when he missed training the other day. Good news for United fans like me (who still highly rate him) that he has said that if he comes back to England he will ONLY play for United.

He has also tried to make up with Sir Alex Ferguson by saying the famous boot incident was all an accident. He said: “It was an accident. I’ve known Ferguson since I was 12-years-old and we have had one or two problems in that time. “Maybe he didn’t want me to leave. I don’t think there is any desire on his part for me not to have success. In every way, I hope my luck changes.”

Becks has also said he is a bit disappointment at how Real Madrid players dont really socialise. He said “I have friends – Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Michel Salgado – but we don’t go out together enough. “At Manchester I was there 15 years and every day, every match, we were united, win or lose. “Every 15 days we went out together to dinner with all the players, including times when Ferguson and all the coaches came.”In the three years I’ve been here we have done that four times.”

I hope he does come back as long as he doesnt expect to be in the first 11 all the time. I still think he can do a great job and is still the best free kick taker and passer of the ball.

Read harder!!

Jens Lehmann has apparently been studying an 18th century German handbook on how to treat others. It includes everything from table etiquette to showing respect to people. (This was in the Daily Mirror).

He really needs to read it harder!!

He may wear a helmet…

Lehmann has also said he may wear a helmet when playing. LOL. Heres some pics of what he may look like.