End for Becks??

BeckhamIt looks like it could be the end of David Beckham’s England career. The latest squad for the next 2 England qualifier games have been announced. Considering Hargreves and Lennon are both injured you would have thought Becks could/should have got in the squad. He seems to want to make a point that hes his own man. He has picked SWP who doesnt even get a game – he just sits on the bench for £1000s a week. Becks at least plays regularly for his club!

Maybe he would have got in the first 11, however I would have had him in the squad. Scott Parker has got his place back after being out of the England squad for about 2 and a half years. I think this is a great move – hes a great player and is in great form.

The hamster is getting better :)

Richard Hammond with wifeRichard Hammond continues to get better and better 🙂 The latest is that he is making ‘very good progress’. He may be moved to a hospital closer to his home.

Donations to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance now stands at £188,000. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance are the people who took Richard to the hospital and are completely run on donations. One person even donated £50,000! This is great news and will mean lots of other people can get the help which Richard got and it will mean saved lives. They hope to buy a new helicopter with the money raised.

Sugababes to sing to Richard?

Its been reported that the Sugababes are to sing a private show to Richard. This seems a little odd to me. (Unless hes a massive fan – but from what I have read he isnt). They have said “Richard is a cute bloke with a great smile. Of course we’d sing for him.” Call me sinical but its this some publicity stunt – do they have an album/single out soon? What good will it be to have 3 women, no matter how good looking (well a couple of them are alright), singing to him do?? They should donate money to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Top Gear to be cancelled??

There seems a possibility that Top Gear may be cancelled. The new series has already been delayed and Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond (and I assume James May) are worried its the first step to the BBC cancelling it. Richard has said he doesnt want his accident to mean the end of Top Gear. The investigation into the accident will take ages but its thought the accident was caused by a burst tyre. i.e. no ones fault. Loads of people have been going on about how Top Gear should be cancelled because it promotes speeding etc. Does that mean we should ban F1, rallying, touring cars. Why not ban cars totally and walk everywhere!!

I really hope the dont cancel Top Gear or change it. Its the best program on TV and easily better than its rival Fifth Gear. Fifth Gear returned this week for a new series but its just not that good. Its trying to be more like Top Gear with more entertainment features. However some of them were just boring – like the crushing of someones old Golf with some digger *yawn* Also the new presenter Tim Lovejoy isnt that good – with Top Gear its all very natural and it doesnt feel like reading a speech. However I think Vicki Butler Henderson is good – shes quite cute and loves cars.

UPDATE (28th Sept)

Richard Hammond has been moved to a hospital closer to his home. He was transported by the same crew which took him to the hospital over a week ago. Experts have said it could take 6 months before he has fully recovered. Someone from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance has said it would take 2 to 3 weeks before hes nearly back to normal. Leaving the hospital he was in good spirits and was smiling and joking with hospital staff. Amazingly when getting off the helicopter on arrival to the new hospital he actually walked himself.

This is brilliant news. I just hope Richard doesnt rush it too much.

Benfica v United

SahaUnited played Benfica in the Champions League last night and won 1-0. We now have 6 points out of 6. However it was a very very poor first half where we just could not keep the ball. It wasnt just one player losing the ball. The 2nd half was a lot better especially after Saha scored. (Which was a great goal). It was one of those usual Champions League games where it just wasnt that good a performance. Good to see Smith playing. Would have likes Ole to come on. At least we won and got the 3 points even though performing overall badly.

Rooney didnt look good again and was another one of the players to lose the ball quite often. It could be down to him playing on the left side. Some people are saying he needs a rest – I think part of the problem is that he needs to be match fit so I think he needs to play. We play Newcastle next where he always seems to score. (Remember that goal of the season volley!).

Ronaldo almost left

Ronaldo was easily our best player – he could have passed more but quite often no one was near him supporting him. He has been praised by the manager about his form and how he is handling the booing and taunts. He has also admitted that he thought about leaving United. “It’s true I said after the World Cup I might have to leave,” he told the Sunday Mirror. “But I spoke to my agent and United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and I took a calm decision and decided to stay. I really think it is the best decision but when we are hot-headed sometimes we say things we don’t mean.” He added “Whether I will be here for another two, three, five or 10 years or until the end of my career I don’t know. What is important is that things turned out well. I’m at Manchester and I feel very good. This is one of the biggest clubs in the world. And I want to leave my mark on the club and for the fans to say I was one of the club’s great players.”

Football stuff

RonaldoNot the greatest football weekend. United only managed to draw against Reading (1-1). Admittedly Reading are doing well this season (I think they are about 7th now) but we should have won. Our performance was once again poor – than goodness for Ronaldo who played well and equalised. He seems to thrive on the booing 🙂 To make matters worse Chelsea won 🙁 They are above us.


Apart from the football, I went to a friends birthday do. We played some drinking games, some Pro-Evo and abit of karaoke 🙂 Later on we all went to Pure. It was a great night. We had access to the VIP room so it was nice to have a place to chill out inbetween dancing. However the drinks were expensive – in the VIP room beer was about £3.70 and a vodka and orange (or something like that) was about £6.50!! NOT in the VIP room a similar drink (JD and coke??) was less than £2. That didnt ruin the night. Danced to some dance stuff and also some cheese – Bon Jovi, Tiffany, Rick Astley,…. Afterwards some of us went for some food. Didnt eat too much because half way through my tiredness hit me! Got back home around 430.

Next day played football so had to get up around 10. Scored 2 or 3 goals and surprised I wasnt even more tired after the lack of sleep and the drink the previous day. Took some photos and will get round to uploading them at some point.