Kevin Spendaline

Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ husband has apparently been signed up by Sony BMG. This will be shocking news to anyone who had the mis-fortune of hearing his rap on the Teen Choice awards. Of course this has nothing to do with fellow redneck wife Britney being on the same label. Also, its been reported that he will be staring in an episode of CSI. His character is a “menacing, arrogant teen” (so he should have no problem there).

In other news about waste of space celebrities, Paris Hilton asked for £350,000 to appear on Charlotte Church’s new show. Charlotte quite rightly said no. Shes not exactly going to be that interesting and will just promote her album – which is selling really poorly!! 🙂 Its sold 75,000 copies so far (don’t know how its done that) compared to Christina Aguilera’s which has sold 320,000 (and has been out for a few weeks).

Little Chris Moyles show

Little Chris Moyles showRecently on the Chris Moyles show they have a part where they all talk to each other in chipmunk style voices. They all become little versions of themselves e.g. Little Dave, Little Dom.

Someone has taken the audio from one of the ‘sketches’ and the podcast and created a very funny animation. (Video below).

United win again

GiggsUnited continue to win (we beat Watford 2-1) – we didn’t play quite as well as the previous 2 games but still won. Giggs once again played brilliantly – hes like a good wine (not that I like wine!!) – he just gets better and better. Its just a shame that there is a 2 week break now for the International games.

At least it will give some players time to recover from injury e.g. Neville. The transfer window closes tomorrow and there are lots of rumours about which players will go where – it does look though that United will not buy anyone. Rossi will go to Newcastle on a loan till Jan 1st 2007. That would mean only 4 strikers – Saha, Rooney, Ole and Smith. This would put pressure on Saha to score lots. Rooney is not an “out and out” striker and Smith is not fully fit. Ole should do a good job for us if he gets a good run in the team.

The FA know F.A.

The FA chief has said that the appointment of Sven was not an expensive mistake. He’s talking out of his as*!! Sven got England to the quarter finals in 3 tournaments with supposedly the golden generation. He was paid £25m in 5 years and is still being paid now. Apparently he is still being paid about £13k a day!!! If he doesnt get another job the FA will pay him £3.2m!

KeaneIn other news, United legend Keane has become Sunderland manager. Very surprising. Keane was a great player and hopefully for him will be a great manager. He has said since being appointed that his temper has properly effected his International and United career. He has said sorry to Sir Alex and his new chairman Niall Quinn.

In other United news Ronaldo has said he is very happy to stay at United. Great news!!

Sport news

A few days ago the umpire for the England v Pakistan game offered to resign in exchange for $500,000!!! OMG!! How cheeky is that. He has since said he has had time to think about it and regrets sending the email – I guess thats OK then!!

In other sport news the France football team manager has said he will Makelele could get a 2 game club ban if he doesnt play for France. Makelele recently came out of retirement of international football to help France in the world cup. Will be daft if he is banned – however as a United fan I wouldn’t complain!