Be a best man at someones wedding

Someone is auctioning on ebay the chance to be someones best man!!! LOL


He says he is able to attend the ceremony and ‘the ring bit’ but has to leave at 3.30 so he can go to the pub to watch the football. The wedding is this Saturday!

everyone seems to be having a go at ronaldo – gerrard, shearer, martin jol,….. although Ronaldo did not help I think they are just trying to cause problems at United

Football rumours

RonaldoThere was some interesting headlines in the newspapers today.

* Spurs have signed Zokora from St Etienne which could mean Carrick is on his way to United.

* Atletico Madrid have put a £41.4m price tag on Fernando Torres – AC Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Newcastle all apparently want him

* Ronaldinho plays as Manchester United in computer football game competitions against his Brazil teammates

* Sven is talking to publishers about a biography deal where he will tell-all. Deal could be worth £2m. Sven manages to get even more money for doing nothing much really. I wish I could get a fraction of that just for telling my story.

Also United assistant manager Carlos Queiroz is going to be seeing Cristiano Ronaldo after the match on Saturday to try and persuade him to stay at United. I really hope he does – he has the potential to be the best player in the world. Like I said a couple days ago, United fans seem to love or hate him. There was a poll, I think on United’s official site, on whether you would be happy if he left. About 56% would be happy (or rather wouldnt mind) if he left. However Sir Alex has said he is not worried about the rumours.

Back to the actual football and its not long to the big match. Ronaldo appears to be winning his battle to play. Good news for Portugal, not for England.

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 is not out till next May but there is a teaser trailer out already. Usually the teaser trailers show nothing but this actualy shows us what the movie will be about – Spiderman meets the ‘dark side’.

View the trailer on the apple site. You can also download it directly from here (right click and select Save Target). This is the high res version. You can download HD version direct on


RiberyFrance beat Spain the other night 3-1. There was a great goal fron Zidane. I wanted Spain to win but I am glad we will get to see France v Brazil.

In the match the freekick leading to the 2nd French goal Henry cheated. He was blocked off the ball and it wasnt even really a freekick. He was kindoff emailed in the chest but went down grabbing his face as if he had been elbowed in the face. He was trying to get Puyol sent off. I always thought Henry was a decent guy but hes just like most footballers!

After the match he said Puyol should not have blocked him since the Spain left back would have got the ball before him. He didnt say anything going down grabbing his face. Some fans of Henry have claimed he was holding his face in disappointment at not getting to the ball and having a good chance to score. Rubbish!!

Just 6 weeks ago Henry complained after the Champions League final that he would not resort to diving etc like Barcelona players. He questioned maybe he should in the future. Looks like his has!

In other World Cup news, there was more evidence that Sven has no idea at all with tactics. He was going to play Beckham at right back so that he could play Lennon. Beckham himself said no to it. Sven then opted to play Hargreaves at right back and play Carrick in the holding position. This is Carrick who he seemed to have forgotten about. Played really well in the US tour and a match ages ago – then for some reason seemed to play Hargreaves and Carragher ahead of him. Then suddenly he is in. Personally I am glad as I think Carrick is an excellent player.

Sven just cant seem to drop Beckham and just has to play him somewhere. I am a massive Beckham fan but he just hasnt done it for England apart from a couple passes and a freekick.