World Cup build-up

Terry and RioEngland played Hungary today and beat them 3-1. The first half was very dull and only the last 5 minutes something happened. The England goals came from Gerrard, Terry and Crouch. After Crouch scored he did some strange robotic celebration – he apparently did this dance at the Beckham party the other weekend.

Owen did nothing. Doesnt have the sharpness at all and hardly did anything. He really does need matches to get fitness. Becks played really well – some great crosses. Gerrard did alright – he did dive for penalty though – after what he said last season about diving and how he would have a go at his teammates if they dived!! 🙂 However the tackle by the Hungary player was a bad one.

The left side is no longer a problem with Joe Cole. He made some excellent twisting runs. For some reason Hargreves played again!! Its getting beyond a joke 🙁 His control was terrible. He kept losing the ball. He didnt close players done and because of it Hungary scored a goal (admittedly a brilliant goal). When he lost the ball he then tended to foul someone. I dont often agree with Ian Wright but after the match he said that Hargreves must know something about Sven. Carrick not given a chance for some reason. He just doesnt like Carrick. If I was Carrick I would be really disappointed and must be really glad that Sven is leaving soon.
Carragher started in the holding position – did OK but not offensive enough. Silly with just 1 more game now before world cup playing players out of position! (Its OK playing out of position if they can and not got other options i.e. Gerrard). Man of the match in the last game, Lennon, didnt even get a chance for some reason. I hope in the game on Saturday Sven plays Lennon and also plays Carrick. Walcott came on as youngest ever player in a senior England game. Had one or two good runs.

Thankfully no injuries – the only possible is Gary Neville who went off a half time with a slightly tight hamstring.

Celeb X Factor

Nikki SandersonWatched most of the show (i flicked over to Big Brother when the singing got really bad. There were some good performance and of course Chris Moyles was brilliant. The audience all really like him. His fans already know he can sing so it wasnt a surprise to me but his dancing was funny.

Matt Stevens (plays Rugby) was quite good which was a surprise. Nikki Sanderson was also alright – I am sure I read somewhere that she was pursuing a singing career.

Moyles has said on his show that he doesnt want to win – hes wants to be 4th. I think he will win it though.

Rebecca Loos and James Hewitt were terrible. Sharen Osbourne had a real go at her – its clear she doesnt like her at all. Seems like the audience didnt like them either with booing. The Chefs were not good but they seemed to be having fun. I also though Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee were entertaining too but unfortunately they were the first to be kicked off. They were in the final 2 against Gillian McKeith (who was terrible). Gillian McKeith seems to have an attitude problem and Louis Walsh really doesnt like her. Louis has said she has the face like the back of a bus! LOL. Gillian is the nutrientist women who goes on about eating healthy and beans and lentils etc. She presents the program You Are What You Eat. Goodness knows whats shes been eating! Seems like the healthy eating isnt doing her that much good! Apparently she is 46 – now!! Its like saying Lea from Big Brother is 35

Schumacher does it again

SchumacherSchumacher does it again. In the qualifying for the Monaco grand prix he was in pole position with about 5 minutes to go. Drivers like Alonso were on fast laps. On one of the last corners Schumacher appeared to make a mistake a stalled. However it did look abit like he did it deliberately and he didnt even damage the car going into the barrier. He said he made a mistake and then when trying to reverse he stalled the car.

Pretty much everyone including current and former F1 drivers think he did it deliberately. Its not the first time he has done something like this. More than 10 years ago he had an incidents with Damon Hill. He also had an incident with Jacque Villeneuve when he tried to barge him. Other drivers who had an incident with Schumacher are Coulthard, Hakkinen, Alonso and even his brother Ralf.

Schumacher was punished by being sent to the back of the grid. He still managed to finish 5th though. Alonso won. Coulthard did really well and finished 3rd. Unfortunately Jenson Buttons poor performance continues. The car just isnt working for him.

England win the cup!!

Robbie WilliamsWell the Soccer Aid cup anyway. They beat the Rest of the world team 2-1. The idea for Soccer Aid was to get an England team play against a Rest of the world team. Each team was made of former footballers like Zola, Seaman, Gazza, Jamie Redknapp and Bryan Robson and celebs like Jaime Theakston, Angus Deayton and Ben Shepherd. England were the better team, especially in the first half. However you never know what can happen with the other team having the likes of Maradonna and Zola.

It was a pretty good game and good goals from Les Ferdinand and Jonathan Wilkes (an excellent finish). Some of the celebs played really well – Wilkes was good (playing for Everton youth team when young), Lewis was really good too. The best ex-professional player for England was properly Les – he was still playing professionally not long ago. For the rest of the world team Zola was really good – he actually played in the Italian league this year and scored 10 goals. He had a good chance to score but hit it over.

Nearly 72000 people went to Old Trafford. This means lots of money raised for UNICEF which is all excellent news.

Hopefully in about 6 weeks time, England will be lifting the cup again 🙂

I watched the show on ITV2 afterwards – it was called something like Soccer Aid Extra Time and my all time favourite women Louise Redknapp was on the show doing some interviewing. Its been ages since shes released a song (2003) but she is apparently releasing some stuff this year. After doing some Googling found some of her new songs for the currently unreleased album (its on her new producers MySpace page).

Here are some Louise related links:

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I also read that she is working with Xenomania – they have produced all of Girls Aloud tracks and a lot of the Sugababes stuff e.g.’Hole in the head’ and ‘Red dress’ – I am not sure if Xenomania is the same as the new producer guy (mentioned above).

Its the Monaco grand prix this weekend – I watched the qualifying and Massa and Button well the main losers in the 1st and 2nd round of the qualifying. Michael Schumacher got poll – he did a good time but it looked like Alonso would have beaten him. However, Schumacher made a mistake on the last corner and kindoff blocked the path. It properly delayed Alonso a couple tenths of a second and he was 3 tenths up on that lap. It has recently been announced that Schumacher will start from the back of the grid – the stewards think he had his accident deliberately.

Big Brother

Well I have not talked about Big Brother this year and thought I should post my thoughts. Already 3 people have left – one person left (for his own safety), Dawn was kicked out for rule breaking and Bonnie was the first evicted by the public.

Shabang (I whatever his name is) seemed like a complete idiot causing division, stealing food,… It turns out he was not all there and was mentally unstable. He threatened to kill himself. He hid the fact from Big Brother that he had taken anti depressents in the past. The night before he left, everyone in the house bullied him. Although he had not been nice himself while he had been there it was now something like 12 against 1. With the possible exception of Pete, they locked him out of the house, laughed at him, stole his clothes, ignored him. It was not comfortable watching and was like schoolground bullying.

Pete, who has Tourettes, is the favourite to win. After that night, he will even more likely to win.

I have watched about half of the highlight shows so have not seen it all but here are my thoughts (for what its worth):

Bonnie – didnt really do much. Her video shown before she went in didnt do her any favours – one of the first words she said was “you get me”. I hate that! As usual she claimed to be mad, get naked etc but didnt do any of it. Big Brother didnt give her her suitcase and this really bothered her. She said her clothes made her the person she was…
Glyn – he says he won an award for best looking lifeguard in Wales. LOL. Looks abit odd. For some mad reason he finds Lea attractive (see below).
Richard – seemed alright but was one of the ringleaders when bullying Shahbaz – idiot.
Lea – apparently spent £35000 on plastic surgery – not sure if its all on her breasts. Apparently they are the UK biggest if not the worlds. They are a size 30M or something like that. The most shocking thing about her though are her eye brows which appear to have been drawn on. She also says she is 35 years old – looks more like 50 to me.
Sezer – apparently earns around £250000 a year and is a top property developer and city trader (or something like that). Has been nicknamed Sleazer which says it all. He is a total player and there have been all sorts of stories about him in the newspapers.
Imogen – seems to have paired up with Sezer. Stories in the paper about her having relations with footballers including Cristiano Ronaldo. Properly the best looking in the house and seems reasonably OK
Grace – seems to have paired up with Mikey (but also George). Shes another one who seems ‘OK’. Quite attractive too.
George – not really seen enough but seems alright
Shahbaz – although he had mental problems he was an idiot. You did want to just hit him. Hes 37 years old but acted about 6 years old. Hes been unemployed for 21 years i.e. hes never had a proper job. Amazing.
Nikki – came into the show wearing a bunny outfit. Is very shallow and wants to marry a footballer. She is quite entertaining in the show – not sure if intentional. Is another one who is abit unstable going mad about tap water. In the newspapers her friends are worried about her – she used to be anorexic. Not sure about her face but has an amazing body.
Pete – has Tourettes. Has paired up with Lisa. Not sure if its right that he is on a TV show and we are laughing with him/at him when he has his ‘outbursts’. Although he has Tourettes, his personallity already is quite ‘out there’. Seems like a nice guy.
Lisa – very loud! She is not your typical Chinese person. She is also from the Manchester area but I have never her (or heared her) when I have been out. Swears a lot and as someone said is a “Geezer Bird” – very common with fag in her mouth, swearing, legs spread apart. She was on Blind Date a few years ago and won. The man she went on holiday hated her and wanted to pay for his own ticket back home.
Dawn – in her video she basically said she hated people, didnt have friends and didnt want to make friends. In the house didnt seem as bad. She was kicked out of the show for cheating – she was getting secret messages from the outside. The message was that her sister was ill – this basically meant that the press about her wasnt good. Not sure if this is true – there has not really been any press about her. The only thing really is that she was amongst the group of people who were involved in the bullying of Shabang.
Mikey – doesnt do much. In his video he was rather arrogant though. He was quite shovanistic in his video.