Watched the wrong match

Ronaldinho and EtoLast night Barcelona played Benfica and Arsenal played Juventus. I decided to watch Barcelona because of Ronaldinho. Although there was lots of chances and for a 0-0 game was fairly entertaining, and a few tricks from Ronaldinho the game could have done with a goal or 2. However, from what I have heard today I wish I watched the Arsenal game. It seems like they played really really well. (They won 2-0). I dont like them winning but I guess if they concentrate on the Champions League they will not get the 4th place in the league and not be in Europe again (and its good for an English team being in Europe). Although they are doing very well in Europe I dont want them to win it!!

In tonights match United played West Ham. We won 1-0 and from what I have heard could have got a few more. The most important thing is that we have the 3 points and are now 9 points behind Chelsea. Ruud scored his 149th goal for United and scored just before half time. Park did well to set him up. One worry is that Evra sounds like he had a shocker. Our other January signing Vidic seems like he has potential but Evra just doesnt look like a United player from what I have seen and read. I just hope this summer we got a world class central midfielder and dont get someone with ‘potential’. Arsene Wenger seems to get really players in the transfer market but over the last few years Fergie just hasnt. He has bought some fantastic players:

Rooney (but everyone knew he was amazing)

BUT he has bought the likes of Djemba Djemba and Kleberson.

The FA = joke

Sir Alex Ferguson has had a go at The FA for being inconsistant. The FA fined Gary Neville for his celebration infront of the Liverpool fans. He was fined £5000 for inproper conduct. Just to show how inconsistant they are they have not punished William Gallas for this thumb-down gesture to Fulham fans. You could see on the TV that the fans were certainly not happy – surely thats improper conduct.

Sony Radio Awards

Chris MoylesThe Chris Moyles show has been nominated in “The Entertainment Award” in the Sony Radio Academy Awards. Amazingly they have not been nominated for the Breakfast show even though increasing the number of listeners by millions and doing the show for 3 years. (He gets 6.5 million listeners a week).

Wes Butler, who used to be a DJ on Radio 1 but is now on Galaxy Manchester, is up for the best Breakfast Award. He only started the show in November last year and the tapes are sent into Sony in December. Well done but only after 1 month!! Come on!!

Scott Mills got 2 awards – very well deserved. He has got a lot better recently with some great features like Flirt Divert.

Dirty cheating ****

Man UtdAn eventful weekend of football in particular 2 matches on Saturday. It was the Liverpool derby and Liverpool beat Everton 3-1. The game finished with 10 players on each time after Gerrard and Van der Meyde got sent off (seperate incidents). The game had 7 yellow cards and 2 red cards. I think the Liverpool derby is the fixture which gets the most bookings and/or red cards. It wasnt really a dirty game that justified that many cards.

The Chelsea v Man City game will be remembered for Drogba’s cheating. His first goal was pretty good but his 2nd he hand-balled it in. His dive was ridiculous. I got caught slightly in the face but then a couple seconds later fell over and rolled over a few times.

In the post match interview he admitted he dived.He then quickly changed his mind and said he didnt dive. Possibly he said it wrong cause his english isnt that good but hes still a cheat.

“Sometimes I dive, sometimes I stand. But I don’t care about this. In football you can’t stay up all the time…I don’t dive, I play my game. If they are not happy with this and don’t want me to play, I don’t play.”
Chelsea’s Didier Drogba on his performance against Manchester City.

Distin got yellow card for arguing and then got another yellow card at half time when he went up to the ref to ask him why he was booked before and all about Drogba handballing the ball into the net. Distin sent off for not giving ball back. Shame on you Rob Styles!

United played Birmingham on Sunday and won very easily 3-0. It could easily of been a lot more.

The following day I played football myself. I was pretty tired after going out the previous night for a few drinks to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately I managed to twist my ankle after blocking a shot. The ball hit my right ankle and twisted it back. I couldnt really play the rest of the training. I got home and put some ice on it. It had swollen up. Its now 2 days later and its still abit swollen and can see brusing but its getting better 🙂 I have taken 2 days working from home so I didnt have to walk on it as much as possible. Yesterday I couldnt really walk on it but it seems better now. My research on the net worked! (RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

Birthday drinks

Went out on last Saturday night for a few drinks to celebrate my birthday (which was on Monday 20th). It was abit of a late decision thing and only emailed around on Tuesday. Several ppl couldnt make it but I was very happy that a fair few ppl could come. We went to Bar 38 and stayed till about 1130. We then went to Baby Grand. It was really busy in particular downstairs and abit too crowded. We left at about 2 ish and then went to Kwok Man for some lovely food. By then time I got to sleep it was around 4.

I took a few photos and will put them online at some point.