RooneyUnited won the Carling Cup beating Wigan 4-0. From what I saw (watched highlights), heard (listened to 2nd half on radio) and read it could well have been more but the took the foot of the accelerator with about 20 minutes to go. It could and maybe should have been a hatrick from Rooney and Gary Neville was maybe a little unlucky not to win a penalty.

Rooney was brilliant (he won Man of the match). Saha played well. Giggs also did really well for the second goal. Ronaldo did well and seems to be starting to play more as a team. He still now and then do too many tricks and loses the ball but when it goes right it is very entertaining. However he did take the mickey towards the end and was given a telling off by Giggs 🙂 Alan Green on Radio Five Live said it was “disrespectful”. I personally thought it was great – as long as he does it when we are 4-0 up. Doing tricks like that is part of football and I am sure we would love to see the likes of him, Ronaldinho and Messi do it in the World Cup this summer (as long as its not against England). He got a yellow card for his celebrating (he took off his shirt) but it meant a lot to him to score – before the match he said he wanted to win it for his Dad (who recently died).

I have also read that Wes Brown (who is in the England squad for this Wednesday) played well too and has a chance to be in the World Cup squad especially with Sol Campbell being off form and also Jonathan Woodgate always being injured. (Still think he needs to get his hair cut properly!!) The rumours that Ruud would not start were true and he didnt even get to play in the match. Saha deserved to score because he has been playing well recently. He seemed happy when we scored and celebrated with the team behind the goal for the 2nd goal. The TV showed him smiling after the 3rd and 4th goal too. I am sure he would have been happier if he was on the pitch though!

Rooney scored first goalAmazingly this is Rooneys first ever senior medal. In fact the last medal he won was when he was 13!

It was a really nice touch that the players wore t-shirts at the end saying “For your Smudger” – of course referring to team mate Alan Smith who suffered a horrible injury last week. They had an interview with Rio after the final whistle and he said is was Silvestres idea. I have read somewhere that Smith will get a winners medal. I hope this is true.

United owner Malcolm Glazer once again wasnt at a United match but his 3 sons were. I wonder if he even knew the match was happening. Do you think he has MUTV?

There are some good photos from the United match including the celebrating on the BBC site and also on the Gettyimages Editorial web site (just search for “Manchester United v Wigan Athletic” if the link doesnt work).

In other football news, in the football match I played this afternoon (which is why I couldnt watch the United match) we lost 7-2 to FC Wirral. 🙁 This was our first game as “GM Monkeys”. Wirral FC have been playing as a team for awhile as far as I am aware. The funny thing was thing in their team was 2 of my uncles and 3 of my cousins! I had played 5 a side with my cousins before so I knew they were good players. I played the first half and the last 10-15 minutes of the 2nd half. I think I did OK overall but it just shows that all this time I have been going to the gym I am still not that fit! I need to do more running in the gym I reckon. Someone is designing the official GM Monkeys web site o will link to it when its complete. I dont think anyone took any photos but there was a photographer there and he took a photo of the 2 teams and I think he said its going in some brochure or something ?!?!

Eric Cantona advert

Eric Cantona has filmed a Nike advert which is about playing football beautifully and not diving and cheating etc.

Its pretty funny.

View here on YouTube

Also, if you didnt see Match of the Day a couple weeks or so ago it showed a mascot taking to mic out of Gerrard. He went to shake his hand but then pulled his hand away and then putting his hand on his nose and making a funny gesture. LOL

View this video on YouTube

More of these videos can be found on the excellent

Winter Olympics

Shelly RudmanThe Winter Olympics is now over – I have watched bits here and there including some of the ice hockey, bit of the skiing and some of the snowboarding. I wanted to watch more but unfortunately didnt manage to.

As expected Great Britain didnt win much at all but Shelly Rudman did brilliant to win the silver medal for the womens skeleton. Our one medal hope at the start of the Olympics was for womans curling – we were the defending champions but only managed 4th. We also managed 4th in the mens curling.

The freestyle snowboarding with Shaun White (the flying tomato) was amazing. He is a professional skateboarder with 3 houses. I have seen one of the houses when it was shown on Cribs on MTV. He won the gold medal on his very first one so in his second run he was just showing off a bit and did some massive jumps. Very impressive. In other snowboarding worth mentioning was the womens snowboardcrossing (of whatever its called!). The US boarder was miles ahead and was almost doing a lap of honour but then fell over with about 50 metres to go and then the Swiss skater overtook her. She said she was happy with the silver but she must have so been lying!!

There was of course some controversy with the figure skating. The Chinese couple fell over and she fell badly. They went to the side of the rink and she got some treatment. She amazingly carried on and did brilliantly. They ended up winning the silver medal. The controversy was that she may have been off the rink for too long.
Also in the figure skating it was quite funny but also embarassing when the Italian couple were on but they fell over. It was all his fault and the look on her face at him said it all. He was in trouble when they get back into the dressing room.

Watching the highlight package is the whole Olympics showed some great moments. One thing about the Winter Olympics is that a lot of the sports are very spectacular and difficult (maybe not Curling!). Unlike the Summer Olympics with the likes of running and swimming, anybody can do that – of course not as well. However, if a member of the public tried something like Ski Jumping or the Skeleton they would properly kill themselves!!

Lots more information on the Winter Olympics can be seen on the BBC Sport web site. You can view some videos including the review of the Winter Olympics.