The FA does it again!

NevilleGary Neville has the charged by the FA with “improper conduct”. For showing some passion in the game (which all football fans want – thats why some fans don’t like Sven as England manager). The charge is absolutely rudiculous! This was after Gary ran 60 yards to celebrate in front of the Liverpool fans by grabbing his shirt and “gesticulating widely”. As Gary said “You are caught up in the moment and for a few seconds you go bananas”. The inconsistancy of the FA is so annoying. He shows some emotion when we scored a last minute goal against one of our biggest rivals and he cant “go bananas”. In the Manchester derby the other week, Robbie Fowler went to the United fans and could of been interpreted as inciting the fans but he got no warning and anything at all. It looks like the most he will get is a fine so at least he wont miss any matches.

I dont like to say it but its seems there are different rules if you play for Man Utd. Sir Alex Ferguson has said he is angry at the charge. He mentioned other players from other teams who had recently done similar things and got no warning or anything at all. Talking about the Liverpool derby “Gerrard and Carragher ran the full length of the field with their fists raised at the Everton fans recently and not a word was said.” “At Manchester City, Robbie Fowler ran past our fans showing five fingers (indicating the 5 European Cups Liverpool had won). Our fans surged to the front and the stewards had real trouble dealing with them and not a word was said then either. ”

“In terms of Gary, all we have seen him doing is celebrating. To whom? There is no evidence, so I think the FA have a hard case to prove.”

In other United news, Ronaldo has been charged with misconduct by Uefa after he stuck his middle finger up briefly at the Benfica fans after he was substituted. He had been booed throughout the match. The hearing will be on 2 February. If Ronaldo is found guilty he will more than likely be forced to serve a suspension.

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Ole to sign new contract

OleOle Solskjaer looks set to sign a new contract with United. His current contract ends this summer but he has recently come back from his long term injury and has so far done well since he has come back.

If you don’t know Ole Solkjaer is one of United fan’s favourite current players and also all time favourite players. Part of it is down to him scoring the winning goal in the Champions League in 1999. Another reason is the loyalty he has shown United.

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Jennifer AnistonSome great news today. I heard this afternoon that Friends will be returning for 4 double bill episodes. Each star has been paid $5m each. It will be on our screens next year. There could also be a new spin-off starring Matt Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc called It’s A Guy Thing. This could all be just one of those rumours and turn out to be untrue. However, the producers of the show have said its all untrue and the show is not coming back. We will have to wait and see what happens.

UPDATE: Looks like Friends is not coming back. Link

Other good news I have just heard is that Sven-Goran Eriksson will leave as England coach after the World Cup this summer. Woohoo!! About time we got in a proper manager – its too late to get a new manager in now.

Rio! Rio! Rio!

United 1-0 LiverpoolUnited beat Liverpool 1-0 today with a late goal from Rio. He scored about 1 minute into injury time at the end of the match. Almost better than the actual goal was Gary Neville’s celebration. Instead of going to celebrate with team mates went over to the Liverpool fans and grabbed the badge on his shirt, jumped about like mad, almost taunting the Liverpool fans etc. LOL. I have heard that he may get in trouble with the FA for this … I hope not. It just shows passion for the game and how much it means to him. After all the taunting and verbal abuse from the fans against him for 90 minutes, surely a minute of taunting them a little bit was alright!! Watch Neville and Rooney celebration here.

Considering our midfield of Giggs, Fletcher, O Shea and Richardson I was worried how we would be against the likes of Gerrard and Alonso.

Rooney played really well as usual but it was also good to see Giggs play really well too. Evra played the full 90 minutes are did well.

Overall a good weekend with Chelsea drawing and Arsenal losing (and City losing) but its still very likely Chelsea will win the league.

In other sport news I watched the 2nd half of the Masters Snooker final – it was a brilliant match. It had it all, great shots, fantastic breaks, misses, kicks. John Higgins won 10-9 in the end – I wanted Ronnie O Sulliven to win but oh well. It was the last finals held in Wembley.

On a sadder note, the whale which got lost on Friday and found itself in the Thames died yesterday. Rescuers managed to winge him up when he got close to them at low tide and then onto a barge. The whale died from breathing problems later on at about 7pm. Even if it did not die on the barge it may have died later on anyway. Experts seem to think that they had to do anything and they couldn’t just leave it to die in the Thames. It was clearly confused. The whale is now being examined by experts

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Finally a good performance from United

United playersUnited played Burton Albion last night in the 3rd round FA Cup replay. United won 5-0 and overall played well. Rossi was easily the man of the match setting up a couple goals and scoring 2.

Burton did really well over the 2 matches. In the first 5 to 10 minutes of the match last night, they were the better team and I was preparing myself for another frustrating game. Thankfully Saha scored after 7 minutes which settled us down. Saha had a good first half but poor second half and should have scored at least 3 goals.

It was great to see Ole Gunnar Solkjaer playing at Old Trafford again after being out injured for so long. He was captain for the match. It would have been brilliant if he managed to score but didnt really get the chance. He played OK putting in a couple really good crosses in.

Silvestre thankfully played better tonight but Fletcher still couldnt pass. Richardson did really well scoring a really good goal and supplying the great cross for Saha’s goal.

Next up Liverpool …

Other football news, it looks like the next wonderkid is going to sign for Arsenal. Its good to see that with all the money in the world Chelsea did not manage to sign him. Walcott (who is only 16) will cost Arsenal £12.5m – ppl are saying he will the most expensive teenager or something like that. Maybe I have heard it wrong but Rooney cost about £27m. Also if they are talking all teenagers and not just British Cristiano Ronaldo may have been a little more (from memory it was about £12.5 too).

On a completely different note just a quick word about Celebrity Big Brother. All of them seem to be really unplesent people. The best person is the non-celeb Chantelle. Preston seems OK as well I guess. I have only seen the first 2 and then some bits here and there. Michael Barrymore seems rather unstable always mumbling, Pete is a bully,…. I also dont like Faria – she says she doesnt want to be famous and then she goes on Big Brother, goes on about hoping to be more famous after Big Brother. Anyway, thats enough of Big Brother.

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