Snooker Loopy

Ding(Sorry for that rubbish title!) 18 year old Ding Junhui won his first ever UK Championship. He beat the legend Steve Davis 10-6. I watched the last few frames – a great match.

One thing about Ding though was that he seemed to show no emotion – maybe he is a Vulcan – he could be as well since we cant see the top of ears!! I think he needs a haircut!! When he finally won he did finally manage to crack a smile but it all looked like an uncomfortable smile!

Well done Ding! The first ever player outside the UK to have won the UK championship.

In some other sport news, Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-0. For once I wanted Arsenal to win. It would have meant United were 6 points behind them. A draw would have been good too. Arsenal are now 20 points behind Chelsea (and 11 behind United). It now looks like Chelseas main challengers are United and Liverpool.

Back to the actual match, Arsenal were unlucky with a disallowed goal – it was given for offside but Van Persie was onside and it looks like they gave offside for Henry (who was not ‘active’ in play). Also Essein once again was at the centre of some controvery – looked like he tried to elbow someone and also in another challenge looked like he just tripped someone up. Out of about 3 ‘tackles’ he got 1 yellow card. One other thing to note is that the 2 managers didnt shake hands at the end of the match – Jose just walked straight down the tunnel – Arsene Wenger said it wasnt deliberate but I think it was!!

UK Charts

NizlopiToday was the last Top 40 chart before next weeks Christmas charts. No. 1 was the JCB song by Nizlopi. Wasnt too sure to start with but I like it now. It reached No. 1 and beat Westlife to the top (so thats one good thing!!). However the general state of the UK charts is rubbish. Evidence of this is the Crazy Frog – Jingle Bells/U Can’t Touch This is No. 5. What on earth is going on!!! Also Robbie’s new song is No.8. One surprise is that McFly entered at no. 9.

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Christmas Parties

Its the season of goodwill and all that (and also the season for eating and drinking too much). I went for a meal last weekend which I helped organise as part of the BBC Organisation I am the member of.

We had a Christmas meal in Pitcher and Piano. The food was OK. I had chicken salad for a starter but it only had 3 pieces of chicken and actually didnt taste that good. The main course was duck which was really nice. For dessert I had just cheese and crackers – it wasnt the best dessert in the world but you dont expect too much from cheese and crackers. The chocolate pudding some ppl had looked really nice and wish I had that instead!!

Afterwards we went to the club MTwo till it closed about 3am. Was really tired and I played football the next day for over 2 hours!

Yesterday I went out for meal etc in Liverpool. We went to Mei Mei near Chinatown. Had a really nice meal including lobster. We then went to the club Modo in Concert Square. A very good night. Thanks to the ppl who organised it all 🙂

Photos are now online. (You need login details to access them so email me for them). Liverpool pics | Manchester pics

Space Cadets

Space CadetSpace Cadets started on Channel 4 last week. It sounded like a great idea but too be honest its been a bit dull. I watched the first couple episodes and caught a few bits here and there. The idea is that they have picked 11 ppl to ‘go to Russia to some space camp and then go into space’. The ppl they have chosen seem to be some of the least intelligent ppl in the UK. Out of all the contestants there are 3 actors. They have chosen 4 ppl to go ‘into space’. At the moment 3 contenstants and 1 actor are in ‘space’ and the rest are in the space camp (called STAR). The ppl live in the space camp, as far as I know, have not been shown at all so they are just doing nothing!!

There is a rumour that they are all actors and the joke is on us – one of the contestants is in the Give Blood advert.

The rating has been going lower and lower and is now below 2 million. I plan to watch it tonight because the ppl in the space camp will be told they are not in Russia (and are just near Ipswich). Tomorrow the others find out they are not in space. Its rumoured that Channel 4 have spent £5m on this show. Personally I don’t think its money well spent. The actual ‘space-ship’ didn’t seem to be that well made and when they went in one of them almost broke it! What is quite funny is that a few of the contestants have almost guessed what is really happening.

UPDATE: I watched the final episode on Friday and it abit better but it was all relative – it was still disappointing. When they came out of the ‘space pod’ instead of being all shocked they were actually shown a video clip just before going out so they were not as shocked. It was so embarassing for them but they got £25000 out of it and also prize to really go to Russia, STAR and a weightless plane trip.

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A decent win for United

Rooney and FletcherUnited played Wigan today in the premiership and won 4-0. Rio scored his first goal for United (about time!!), Rooney scored a couple and Ruud scored the penalty he won.

I only saw the last part of the second half and not much happened but from what I have read we played really well in the first half. Ronaldo came on in the 2nd half and looked like he was trying to be more of a team player more but I think he was trying to hard and passing the ball at the wrong time a couple times. He is still young and has time to learn. We are now 9 points behind Chelsea – they play Arsenal this weekend. For once I will be cheering on Arsenal. United are playing Villa the day before so its possible we could be 6 points behind them by Saturday night.

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