RIP Richard Burns

Richard BurnsRichard Burns, the last British World Rally Champion (2001) died today. He was also the first Englishmen to win the World Rally Championship. He has died after suffering from a long illness. It was in 2003 that he actually passed out while at the wheel travelling in his road car. Marko Martin was in the passenger seat and had to grab the wheel. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He started to recover after treatment but recently fell into a coma.

He was a great rally driver and his rivalry with Colin McRae was really exciting especially in 2001. I was shocked to hear he had died.

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RIP George Best

George BestGeorge Best died today from massive organ failure. Over the last few years he had suffered from several illnesses including liver damage and kidney infection. He was arguably the best ever football player. Many people will remember him for his ‘playboy lifestyle’ but others will remember him for his amazing football skills.

He had his faults – drink driving, allegations of hitting a women, drinking when he knew another drink could have killed him. However it does not stop me feeling sorry for his family and friends. If we just think about football related things he was the best British player ever.

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Oh dear!! :(

George W BushThe most powerful man in the world can’t get out of a room properly!! Worth watching the vide0 – go to the BBC News page.

After making some speech, he headed for a door to get out but it was locked. He was supposed to exit another way and made some stupid excuse “I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn’t work.”

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Ronaldinho – amazing skill

Some amazing skill in this video shown by Ronaldinho. He basically gets some new Nike boots and then doing some skils and then hitting the crossbar 4 times in a row while keeping the ball up. Some think its a fake, some dont. The one thing that makes me think its a fake is that after he hits the bar the fourth time the camera zooms in as if it knows he will no longer hit the bar – why would they do that??