Come on Wigan!! (Just joking!)

Boro v Unitedre: Boro 4 – 1 United

What a disgraceful, shamful embarassing performance 🙁

At this rate the match against Chelsea next week we are so going to go humiliated. We never seem to do well against Boro but 4-1!! Passing was shocking, from the little I saw and the stuff I have read no one played well except possibe Ronaldo or maybe Rooney. VDS made a bad error but f*cking Rio was terrible. The stupid lazy arrogant tw*t!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I have no idea why Park was taken off instead of Fletcher. Smith just isn’t a central midfielder – hes a decent forward but just isnt good enough. We need to get someone like Ballack ASAP. We do have some important players out but thats no excuse. For whatever reason keeping possession of the ball seemed to be a problem for the overpaid lazy millionaires.

I am going to support Wigan this season!!! Come on the Latics!!! (Only joking!)

Movie and meal

The lovely Jessica Alba (Into the blue)Went to the cinema for the first time in what seems like ages. Went to see Into The Blue which stars Jessica Alba and Paul Walker. I wasn’t expecting much from it as I heard some poor-ish reviews. I thought it was pretty good and my friends also thought it was quite good. Maybe we were biased cause they were all appreciating the beautiful attributes of Jessica and Paul. (Jessica did look really really hot 🙂 ).

We then went for a drink and then a meal. It is one of my best friends birthday soon so we give him his present then (since some people may not be able to come to his birthday do). The card we got him I thought was very funny – its a 40th bday card but hes going to be 30. I will upload a picture of it soon.

Homer Simpson named in Top 10 Men of the decades

Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson has been named in the list for Top 10 Men of the decade!!!

The complete list are:

– Philosopher – Homer Simpson
– Activist – Bob Geldof
– Sportsman – Lance Armstrong
– Musician – Damon Albarn
– Manager – Sven-Goran Eriksson
– Visionary – Jonathan Ive
– Designer – Sir Paul Smith
– Writer – Ian McEwan
– Scientist – Craig Venter
– Chef – Jamie Oliver

Don’t understand why Sven is in the list though. The list was compiled by a group of ‘experts’ for Men’s Health magazine.

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United a 1 man team

GiggsUnited played Lille on Tuesday in one of the dullest matches ever. The match ended 0-0. After 2 or 3 decent (ish) performances, we were poor again. Rooney was not playing because he was suspended after has sarcastic clapping in the game versus Villareal.

Pretty much everyone was rubbish apart from Van Der Sar who did OK and Park was really good (for the 10 minutes he was on). Park was actually captain while he was on after coming on for Giggs (properly a mis-communication and he should have passed it to someone else – not sure who it could ofgone to).

To make matters worst we had more injury problems. Adding to Keane, Heinze, Neville, Brown,… we now have Giggs out for several weeks with a fractured cheekbone. He was elbowed by Tavlaridis. Tavlaridis actually fouled loads and for some reason did not even get a yellow card. In fact most of there team were really dirty. To add to our problems, Scholes got sent off for 2 yellow cards. It was the usual bad timed tackles by Scholes but just stupid to go into the challenge with a yellow card already.

Thank goodness Rooney is back for the next match.

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I went to London this weekend for a long weekend. I went with my Mum and visited my brother. We went on the London Eye and also the River Cruise. Both were really good. I had been on the London Eye a few years ago when it first opened. I had also been on a river cruise but this was even longer ago (I remember seeing Concorde flying over us). Also went to the HSBC building where my brother works. Went up to one of the top floors and got a really good view – unfortunately it was a little misty but still impressive. We also went to Covent Garden and had some nice waffles.

We also went to Carnaby Street to check out some of the trendy shops and also went to Oxford St. Went to the Apple store which was pretty cool. Although I don’t really like Macs I really like the way they look.

Food wise the breakfasts in the hotel were very nice. I usually just have cereals for breakfast but I had a proper full breakfast (bacon, mushrooms, hash browns, beans, potatoes, sausages,…). For the evening meals we had one meal in the hotel which was OK – the meat was a little dry but the salad was actually delicious. The other evening we all went to Sakura – a Japanese restaurant in the centre of London. We all had set meals – I had a beef terrayaki meals – a really tasty appetizer, miso soup, terrayaki, rice, dessert – quite a lot for less than £20. The restaurant is well known for not having the best service in the world. This was the second time I had been here and have both times found the service fine – this time they were actually pretty polite.

It was a good break and we were very lucky with the weather and also the traffic. I had borrowed my Dads portable Sat Nav but didn’t really need it – it was handy though to know we were not heading in the complete wrong direction.