SvenEngland played Denmark tonight and lost 4-1. It was a terrible performance. The first half was relatively OK but the 2nd half was shocking. England conceded the first goal mainly because of David James madness of rushing out of the penalty box. The other goals all had elements of really poor defending.

Rooney was OK (took goal well) and Beckham generally did well. However players like Lampard and Gerrard did nothing. I think the problem is, although both brilliant players, they need a defensive midfielder playing alongside them. For their respective club team they play with defensive players – Makelele and Hamann. If I was Sven I would find a way to play a defensive midfielder and Gerrard and/or Lampard. Not sure who he would drop and how he would do it but thats what hes paid £5m a year for. For too much if you ask me!! Unfortunately the England squad didnt really have defensive players apart from Hargreves. I personally think Carrick should be in the squad.

The only plus point is this is a friendly match and largely pointless. Although there is never a good time for a friendly, in the first week of the season just after the first match seems madness. Sort it out The FA!! While your at it sack Sven!!

On Match of the Day they showed David James talking and his ‘kind-off’ excuse was that he was not mentally prepared to play cause he was not expected to play. Whats that all about!!!! Hes a professional footballer on the sub bench (and knows Sven makes tons of substitutions) and should always be ready. I really hope this is the last England game we see David James.

Alan Shearer makes some really good points including why on earth Defoe only got 45 minutes and why David James played – if he wanted to change goalkeeper (which I think was a mistake) he should have given Green a chance. Read the article by Alan Shearer.

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LostThe drama Lost started last week with Channel 4 showing the first 2 episodes. They then showed episode 3 on E4. What a fantastic program!!! Apparently they spent millions on the pilot alone!!

One thing that was abit silly was that hours after the crash one of the characters was sunbathing very close to wreckage.

Lost is not really what it seems. At first it seems like its just a normal desert island storyline but it seems all completely different. The island seems to have some sort of ‘monster’ on the island. Seems like some sort of jurassic park island!!

The 2nd season is about to start in the US next month – I have no idea what is going to happen. Did they stay on the island?? Is it another group of ppl who crash?? The DVD for season 1 is out soon so may buy/rent it just so I dont have to wait months to see what happens in season 1.

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24Finished watching season 4 of 24. Once again really exciting. The only problem with having them all available to watch at once means that you end up watching hours in one sitting. At one point I planed to watch a couple hours but ended up watching about 6 hours!! Each episode ends in a cliffhanger and just have to watch the next one and find out what happens next.

It is amazing what happens in 24 hours in 24 world. Here is what happened in the previous seasons.

Season 1 – Assassination attempt.
Season 2 – Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) race to prevent a nuclear bomb being detonated by terrorists in Los Angeles.
Season 3 – Bio-chemical weapon could be released killing millions.

These were the main ‘threats’ in the season but they were other threats e.g. kidnapping.

Off to a winning start

United celebrateA great start to the season for United. We beat Everton 2-0 and it was great that both Rooney and Ruud scored. Van der Sar looks like he is going to be a great goalkeeper for us too. Park played really well but maybe should of scored one of his 2 chances. Ronaldo didnt play cause he was injured but he should be back for the next match. Giggs also didnt play cause he was ill with some infection.

The only worry really was that the midfield really wasnt that good – I think Keane had a poor goal and Fletcher was not that much better losing all the 50-50 balls. Hopefully it was just a bad day for them and too early in the season.

Chelsea and Arsenal won but from what I have read they were not that convincing in their wins especially Chelsea who beat Wigan 1-0 with a very late goal.

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