Liverpool night out

LiverpoolWent out in Liverpool on Saturday and had a great time. Got to Liverpool about 645pm and got back home to Manchester about 430am – I was knackered!

Went for a nice meal in Casa Bella on Victoria St and then moved onto the new Sports Cafe. It had only been opened recently. Spent a while in there and chatted and played a party game involved a cork and passing it to the next person from mouth to mouth. I don’t know the name of the game but I am sure lots of you have played it before.

Sports Cafe was OK but the dance floor was a bit quiet really (and the ratio of men to women wasn’t that good – where were all the women!). There seemed to be quite a few Hen Parties.

We moved onto Mood in Concert Square and stayed there till it closed at 2am. Started of in the RnB floor, moved to the dance floor and then ended the night with cheesy music – a strange mix of music including the Ghostbusters theme song and the Proclaimers. We then walked someone home, had a quick drink and chat and then I gave a couple ppl a lift home. Got home and was hoping McDonalds was open – unfortunately it wasnt so found some stuff in the cupboard at home. Some lamb stew or something. It was about 515am by the time I got to bed and the sun was almost starting the rise.

I planned to have a nice lie in but someone rang at 730!!! It was my parents who are on holiday. I jumped out of bed but didn’t manage to answer it before she put the phone down!!

Photos online! The page is password protected – you will need to email me for password. If anyone has any photos from the night please tell me.

Gumball action

Gumball RallyGumball Rall 2005 was recently held – in May 2005. It was a rally from London to Monaco.

A good site about the Rally is with loads of videos.

(You can also view photos from last years rally on Kimbles site –

The idea the the Gumball started in 1933. Motorcycle racer “Cannonball” Baker crossed the United States from one side to another in about 54 hours. The first rally was in 1971. This inspired the 1970s movie Gumball Rally and 1980s movie Cannonball (and all the various sequels such as Cannonball Run).

Maximillion Cooper started it all up again – he did this by getting 50 (rich) friends together, partying and then going from London to various countries in Europe. The rally has been happening every year since. Loads of celebrities take part in the rally include Jay Kay, Johnny Knoxville and Jodie Kidd.

You can view more information about it on the official site. (The flash version of the site isnt that good – the normal version of the sites good with some good pics).


Watched a few movies over the last few days. I got round to watching War of the World and Fantastic Four. I also watched a couple others including Kung Fu Hustle.

Fantastic FourI had heard that War of the Worlds wasnt that good but I really enjoyed it. It had its flaws but overall pretty good. The ending was abit quick but apparently thats how it ends in the original and also in the book so can’t complain too much. Tom Cruise was playing a different sort of character he usually does and did a good job. He had a nice car too – not the usual fancy shiny car etc – it was a Mustang. Dakota Fanning played his daughter and acted really well but she was annoying in away – the american childstar kind off way. Tim Robbins did seem to over-act his part but it didnt ruin the movie.

Read some other reviews of it: BBC Movies, Aint it cool.

I had heard the Fantastic Four wasnt that good either – apparently it was really aimed at the younger pre-10 year old audience and it was. However it was still quite entertaining. It also had its flaws – Dr Doom was a crap baddie. He just seems the normal sleezy bad dude. A lot of ppl have been saying how bad Jessica Alba was rubbish but I thought she did an alright job. Maybe I am biased since I thought she looked so hot!!! There wasnt enough action in the movie but when there was it was pretty good – The Thing and The Human Touch were the best characters. One other thing that did bug me – Ioan Gruffudd – who is welsh – plays a American character. However, his welsh accent could be heard a few times in the movie.

Read some reviews of it: BBC Movies, Aint it cool.

Next movie,……. Kung Fu Hustle. I had heard this was really good but had some great reviews. However, I didnt think it was that good. The kung fu action was impressive but that was it really. Bit disappointed.

Continuing on the subject of movies – watched several trailers today. One of the most interesting is one called Aeon Flux. It stars Charlize Theron who has black hair in the movie (and she looks great in it). The movie is based on a MTV animated series set 400 years in the future.

Check out more on the official site –