What a match!!!

Liverpool winFirst of all congratualtions to Liverpool – their players and all their fans. 3/4 of the stadium was full of Liverpool fans and they completely out-numbered the Milan fans.

What an amazing match. Liverpool were 3-0 down at half time to a brilliant AC Milan team. Milan were playing like they did against United and were playing really well. It all looked it was all over for Liverpool. Rafael made a few changes – he changed the formation and bought on a couple new players. Liverpool scored within 10 minutes and scored 3 goals in just over 5 minutes. It was amazing!! Liverpool then had all the play. Overall the extra time was not as exciting as the first 90 minutes but Dudek did make a superb double save. First one was amazing, but the second one had an element of luck in it. It finally got to the lottery of the penalties. Dudek made a great save but Milan missed a couple penalties. Their first was a terrible penalty and he skyed the shoot.

Match review (BBC)

The Boy With The Incredible Brain

Watched a really interesting program last night about some extraordinary people. The person they focused on was called Daniel Tammet. If you search using Google you will actually find out loads of information about him. He was able to do massive calculations really quick e.g. 321378323 x 78321332. The thing is he did not work at out as such but knew the answer without thinking. He just saw it in his head (in the form of shapes). He was also able to remember PI to over 22,500 places. It was amazing stuff. What Daniel is is called a savant. Normally for people who show such amazing skills have difficulty describing what they see because of disabilities. Daniel did not have any major disabilities but was autistic so could not do thinks like drive, tell left from right and also wire a plug.

Article about Daniel on Guardian Unlimited

They also showed several other people including the character in the movie The Rainman was based on. He was like a walking encyclopedia.

I also read about a young girl who can paint amazing painting. She started painting when she was 4 – she is now on 10 years old. Read more about her.

Movies to see

If you didn’t know I really love movies. Back in March 2005 I wrote down a big list with a load of upcoming movies for this year (with 1 or 2 to be released in 2006). Since then I have seen some trailers for some good looking movies so I decided to re-do the list and create a separate section (this page can easily be accessed now for the Miscellaneous page). I more than likely won’t see all the movies below (since some just seem ‘alright’ and maybe just wait till on DVD/TV) but will be checking out the main blockbuster ones like Star Wars and Fantastic Four. Most of the trailers I view are on the great site Daves Trailer Page.

So here is the new list (to be honest this is more a record for me so I make sure I don’t miss any ‘must-see’ movies). If there are any movies you think should be on the must see list please tell me – I am sure to have forgotten some.

Star Wars

Still in no particular order these are:
Star Wars 3 aka Revenge of the Sith
King Kong (actually released right at the start of 2006)
Fantastic Four
Assault On Precinct 13 – watched (pretty good)
The Interpreter
Batman Begins
Harry Potter 4 aka Goblets of Fire
War of the Worlds
Mr and Mrs Smith
The Wallace & Gromit Movie: The Curse Of The Were Rabbit
The Island
The Da Vinci Code (released 2006)
Superman Returns (2006)
Flight Plan
The Wedding Crashers
The Transporter 2
Dukes Of Hazzard – this could be Ok or really bad.
Fun with Dick and Jane
Longest Yard
Sin City
Cars (2006)
Red Eye
V for Vendetta