Super Size Me

Morgan SpurlockSuper Size Me was on TV last night and got round to watching it eventually. It was directed, written and stared Morgan Spurlock. I had heard from someone it would put you off McDonalds. I wasnt going to watch it but found it really interesting. It wasn’t just about McDonalds but fast food in general.

Since getting healthy and going to gym etc, the last time i had McDonalds was around Xmas and that was only a cheesburger. Cant remember the time before that. While watching it I found myself really wanting some fries. Just writing this now I really want some fries now!!! I really feel like some chicken nuggets too even after hearing how they are made.

It was shocking that guy who drank so much sugary drink he almost went blind! Admittedly he drank gallons of the stuff and was huge but still!!! Also there was a guy who ate all loads of Big Macs (2-3 a day, 19000+ in total). He didnt seem that big – he did say he hardly ever had fries though so maybe thats a factor. It was very sad though that he proposed to his wife in the McDonalds car park in his favourite car park place.

Overall Super Size Me was very entertaining. There was also abit in the film which may have inspired Jamie Olivers dinners when he went to some school and found out what they ate. Morgan Spurlock himself was a pretty funny guy so that made it more entertaining.


There seems to be another side to the story if you read the links below. Personally I think, although the experiment was to the extreme, it did highlight how bad millions of peoples diets are and how unhealthy it can be.

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Desktop – Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson wallpaperI got bored of the desktop on my laptop again and decided to change it. I could have just gone looking for a wallpaper of someone but decided to design one of my own. I could have picked any beautiful women to have on it but I choose Rachel Bilson (who plays Summer in The O.C.).

I posted about it on the forum Neowin and a lot of people seemed to like it. You can see this on My Desktop page. (Its dated 24th April 2005). If you want it you I guess I could send it to you.

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Molyes at TOTP

As I mentioned a few days ago Chris Moyles and his team from Radio 1 presented Top of the Pops last Friday. Everyone did well although Comedy Dave did look really nervous. Aled’s teeth seemed to get whiter and whiter as the show went on and Aled did the walking on the treadmill like the music video with Peter Kay.

There are some pictures on the Chris Moyles web site on the Radio 1 web site.

PFA Player, young player and team of the year

The PFA Player of the year were announced at the weekend.

John Terry won the main award. The other nominations were fellow Chelsea players Frank Lampard and Petr Cech. Thierry Henry, Steven Gerrard and Andrew Johnson were also in the running. I think Frank Lampard should have won but Terry has been brilliant.

The winner of the young player of the year was won by Wayne Rooney. He has been fantastic for us since he joined from Everton and has at some times seemed like the only player who seems to want to play for United. Jermain Defoe, Arjen Robben, Cristiano Ronaldo, Stewart Downing and Shaun Wright-Phillips were also nominated.

The team of the year was also announced – most of them were pretty predictable but not sure about 1 or 2 of them. The team announced was:


Gaz Terry Rio Cole

SWP Gerrard Lampard Robben

Henry Johnson

Personally I would of had Rooney instead of Johnson (he won the young player of the year award so what does he have to do!!). I would of had Heinze instead of Cole – maybe I am being biased since I don’t really like Cole!!!!

United win

RooneyUnited beat Newcastle for the second time in 8 days. I only saw the highlights so can’t really say if they played really well or not apart from what I have read online. All I have to say about it is that Rooneys goal was fantastic and a contender for goal of the season. It was a 30 yard volley from the left of the box which was hit with the outside of his foot.

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