The long Easter weekend … continued

The football on Sunday was pretty good. It was sometimes frustrating in the first half but it got a lot better in the 2nd half. England scored 4 goals in about 16 minutes. Some goals were a little lucky but we totally out played them. Rooney was excellent. J. Cole was also really good too. Possibly not as good as everyone is going out but he did a lot better than he has done in the past. He used to try a dribble everyone in the team and then lose the ball.

Sunday I had another lie in 🙂 and got up to play football around lunch. Played for around 2 hours and was exhausted afterwards. I did somehow manage to score a couple goals. Got back home and got ready to go out to an Easter party at my aunties. We sang karoake for around 4 or 5 hours singing some really cheesy songs very badly. We then played cards and some other game I can’t remember. I didn’t get home till about 1am. When I got home I watched the recording of the Tusnami Soccer Appeal game (not sure of proper name). It was a celeb v legends game to raise money for the Tsunami appeal. The legends won 6-2.

On Monday I ended waking up late and getting out of bed at 1pm and then went to do a bit of shopping. Also watched a couple movies and some TV. Now back to work but thankfully its a 4 day work week 🙂

Easter time

Met up with some friends yesterday – went for some pub food. I had a bacon and cheese burger which was pretty nice. A few others had the steak which looked really nice. We then went to see Hitch at the AMC Cinema. I really enjoyed it and was very funny. If you dont know it stars Will Smith and he is a date doctor – basically helps men get start a relationship with women. I took down lots of notes from all his tips 🙂
We then met up with some other friends and went for a quick drink. The other guys went to the cinema and we went for some food – we went to Tai Wu. We ate far too much but it was very nice. Anyone, I am writing this just as England kick off against so I will properly write later on talking about the football. Hopefully talking about a great victory for England.

Spring is here

Its been getting warmer and warmer since I came back from holiday. Being Manchester it has rained abit but overall its pretty nice. As I write this now at 10.40pm its very warm. Looks like this Summer could be really hot.

Its the start of the long weekend – Good Friday tomorrow and Easter Sunday on … Sunday. Tomorrow I am going to be meeting friends – apart from enjoying the warm weather (checked the forecast and its Ok tomorrow and Saturday) we are going to go see Hitch in the cinema. I have heard its pretty good and I like Will Smith so I am hopeful. Saturday I will be watching the football – apart from that I may do some shopping and spend some of my birthday money. Sunday I will be going to football training and then going to a family birthday Easter party – I must remember to buy some Easter eggs or something for my cousins. Monday will be spent relaxing and trying not to think about work – properly watch some DVDs.

Awards and festivals

The winners for the Bloggies have recently been announced. This is the fifth year running. “The Bloggiesâ„¢ are a set of 30 publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs. ” Check them out – there are some really good blogs out there. 2005 Bloggies

There is also a festival happening called South by Southwest – it is being held in Austin, Texas. As well as the music, there is also the interactive side of things. Radio 1 are actually there putting on their own gig. On the interactive side of things the Web Awards were announced. There are also hosting a load of talks – some of them by top names from the world of blogging/web/internet. (Google, WordPress, Six Apart etc)

2005 Bloggies
South by Southwest