Arsenal 2 – United 4 :)

Fantastic game. There was the usual controversial decisions in the match. Arsenal were guilty of some blantant dives in particular Cole and Viera. It all started to kick off even before kick off with Viera and Keane arguing in the tunnel. After watching Match of the Day it looks like Viera was having a go at G. Neville saying something along the lines of “come and have a go if you think your hard enough”. Keane then got involved.

Anyway .. back to the match. Giggs played really well, Scholes was excellent, Ronaldo was pretty good too. Everyone played well – the only exception was Carroll conceding letting the shot go through his legs and Micky Silvestre being stupid pushing Bergkamp and then head butting Ljungberg. Just before pushing Bergkamp though, Bergkamp took a swing with his arms trying to elbow Silvestre but missed. A moment of madness. Rooney was also lucky not to be sent off after he kept swearing at the ref. Uniteds 4th was a great pass by Scholes but also a great finish from O’Shea by lobbing the keeper.

Just waiting for all the whinging, moaning and complaining from the Arsenal fans, players and manager 🙂

Arsenal now out of the title race – we just now hope that Chelsea slip and we still have to play them.

Redesign of site

Its been all of a few months and time for a redesign of the web site. I am redesigning so it will all be using CSS. Also working on a design that has a lot more whitespace and is nice and fresh.