Singapore and Phuket holiday


Went to Singapore and Phuket with parents and brother. Had a good time and good to get away from the cold weather but its good to be back home. We were in Singapore first for about 4 days. Weather was very warm and humid. Stayed in the Traders hotel. While there had lots of lovely food including the famous Steamed Chicken and Rice and also things like the Chilli Crab.

Went to the Famous Newton food market and had Sharks Fin soup, massive King Prawns, crab,… it cost about £75!! and it was my treat that day.

There was lots of shopping including the Suntec City shopping centre which was the largest in Singapore. It also had the largest fountain in the world but it was closed unfortunately. Also went to the Funan IT mall which is a whole shopping centre for of IT stuff

Didn’t buy many tourist type things but got a couple DVDs and some CDs.

While in Singapore one of my friends was also on holiday there. We did not plan to meet up since she was leaving the day after we arrived. While in HMV just looking at CDs who do I hear call my name. Such a small world!! I know Singapore is small but ….. 🙂

We also went to Sentosa Island – went to the Butterfly/Insect place, dolphin show and the ‘sea world’. One of my favourites was the Night Safari – unfortunately being at night all the photos did not really turn out that well – basically a Safari at night with all the nocturnal animals.

We checked out Little India and also ChinaTown – Little India had so many different smells. While in ChinaTown we ate in a place called The Shore Heritage Restaurant. Its run by some guy called the ‘ Porridge King’. He is some celebrity bodybuilder. While we were there they were filming some scene for a tv show – no idea what the show was though.

On the last day we went to the Raffles Hotel and had the famous Singapore Sling in the Long Bar. Basically Gin and Brandy and things like Pineapple and Cherry etc. Thanks UD for paying for the drinks 🙂


We were in Phuket for about 4 days as well. It was a lot warmer in Phuket and rained less. It was too hot to be honest. We stayed in the Thavorn Beach Village and Spa. It was very nice. We ate at the hotel a couple times while we were there – the Thai restaurant and the Teppanyaki restaurant. While we were there we went to an elephant trek safari – went for Canoe ride – we were rubbish!, elephant ride, Water Buffalos, monkeys, rubber tapping, thai cooking – with some lovely Thai curry – mmmmmm!!!

We also went to a place called FantaSea – some sort of culture theme park. It most mostly a big show and buffet (claimed to be the worlds greatest – it was massive! – all within a park with shops and fairground style games. The show was pretty impressive – started a little slow and almost fell asleep but then got a bit better – still I think the magicians were a bit annoying.

We checked out Patong Beach one night and it was very busy. Lots of fake tshirts.

I didn’t buy much either in Phuket really except some trainers – since they are all made in Thailand it was cheaper!

Got the flight back from Phuket to Singapore on Sunday early evening and then the flight back to Manchester around 11.30pm – I did manage to watch the United v Arsenal match for about 10 minutes before having to catch the flight – just before landing in Manchester the pilot told everyone the score 🙂

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The Match

Sky One The MatchThe Match on Sky One was a brilliant show and idea.

Best described as a sort of Celeb Big Brother crossed with football.

The idea was basically take a load of celebrities and train them for 1 week and see if they beat a team full of legends. The legends included some of the best players England has ever seen including Gazza, Bryan Robson and Peter Beardsley. The celebs included Ralf Little, Jonathan Wilkes and Gary Lucy.

The final match was on last night and it finished 2-1 to the legends. Nearly everyone was expecting the legends to thrash the celebs but they did really well and just won with a last minute goal in injury time. Jonathan Wilkes scored a brilliant goal (a 30 yard lob) – it may have been a fluke but still … It was all pretty exciting and the celebs did really well. Some of the celebs have had trials with teams including Harvey who currently plays semi-professional and Jonathan Wilkes who had trails with Everton. Ralf Little was man of the match and was pretty impressive. To be honest I think they were the better team.

I think its likely that there will be The Match 2 with other celebrities because its been really successful and its raised loads for charity. Robbie Williams has already said he would do it – I reckon Ant and Dec would want to do it also.

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Avril rocks!!

Avril LavigneI went to the MEN Arena last night to see Avril Lavigne. Unfortunately it was raining so I got quite wet walking there – took about 20 minutes. Outside the arena, some guy was giving away from FREE posters – not bad!!.

It was the first night in her UK tour. We arrived a little late and missed the opening act/special guests. The special guests were a band called Simple Plan from Montreal. I have heard some of there stuff before and its pretty good. I was buying a t-shirt when they were playing.

Everyone was waiting patiently for her and a mexican wave even started. Instead of the usual 2-3 waves going around the crowd it went round at least 8 times. It got a bit much. At around 9pm it all went dark. On the stage behind a big sheet you could see the silouette of Avril playing on the guitar playing He Wasn’t. Everyone was shouting and screaming. Excellent. As well as the rock songs, she also played really nice slow songs including a few where she played solo piano. She did interact with the crowd abit and almost dived into the crowd – but didnt want a lawsuit on her hands!

She was on the around 1 and a half hours. The crowd really got going with classics like Sk8r Boi (which was brilliant!) and Complicated. She sounded great. I recorded a couple songs on my phone – unfortunately the quality is not that great so I properly wont upload it to the site.

The complete setlist was:

He Wasn’t
Happy Ending
Take Me Away
Freak Out
Sk8er Boi
Anything But Ordinary
Who Knows
I’m With You
Losing Grip
Fall To Pieces
Nobody’s Home
Dont Tell Me
Complicated (Encore)
Slipped Away (Encore)

Click here for photos. There are some more photos from some people on Avril Lavigne Bandaids, who were a lot closer than me. You can view them here – I may put them on my site nicely resized, which will be faster loading if I get permission. Direct link

Rating: 9/10 – (would have been better if was closer but thats not her fault)

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