Jose Mourinho – kettle, pot, black,……

I hate him even more now!! So he expects teams to go all out and attack and lose 5-0. Just because his team did not manage to win and he starts complaining about teams just defending.

He then goes on about them pretending to be injured and falling over. For one thing from what I saw Spurs did not really do that – its just cause Chelsea kept attacking. Then going on about falling over and pretending to be injured. This was his tactic for Porto when they won the Champions League with boring football. Especially against United when Porto would fall over whenever someone walked near them or even looked at them!!

What an idiot!!

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Rooneys a United player!

Rooney - a United playerRooney finally signed as a United player official last night with hours to spare before the midnight deadline.

The deal totals around £27m. Everton are guaranteed £23m. The other money is made up depending on how well United do e.g. winning league, and it also depending if Rooney is still a United player in 2007. Agents are getting around £1m and some other various fees. Total potential spending is almost £30m if you include the agent fees.

It looks like he will be fit for the Liverpool game too at Old Trafford which is when Ruud and Rio should be back!! 🙂 Excellent!!

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