RooneyIts looking more and more like we (Man Utd) are going to sign Rooney. He has been reported to have handed in a transfer request.

The figure United are offering seems to be £25m with some reports saying a player is also involved in the deal (David Bellion).

If we do get Rooney, it means we will have 4 world class strikers (5 if you include Solskjaer who is unfortunately out all season). The last time we had 4 world class strikers was in 1999 and we won the triple that year 🙂

When everyone is back and fit we should be doing really well and with many players competing for the same position which is all good.

The difficult decision for Fergie would be who is in his first 11 when everyone is fit.

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Solskjaer out for the season :(

Ole SolskjaerMy favourite player at United looks like he could be out injured for the whole season. He has a seriouos knee injury and has surgery on the knee a couple times. Thankfully it looks the Ferguson is backing him. It will be really sad if this ends his United career or even worse his career. He has been a fantastic player for United and so loyal. Many other players would have left if they were mainly used as a substitute. He has scored some vital goals including that winning goal in the 1999 Champions League final. In my opinion one of the best finishes in the game and when Beckham left played brilliantly on the right. Fingers crossed he is back fully fit soon.

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Eating and drinking…

Had another nice relaxing weekend. Met up with friends for dim sim at Tai Wu. We then went to the Manchester Art gallery – had a look at some Panda exhibition – not much really and personally did not think it was that good. Did check out the rest of the gallery which was alright. Went to Tribeca for a few drinks and was there for a while. Made sure we were there for the cheaper drinks starting at 4pm.

In the evening we went to Cafe Rouge on Deangate (next door to the Living Room). Had a nice Crayfish salad and Steak and Frites. Very nice. Went to the nearby pub (Wetherspoons) afterwards and then some ppl who had travelled from Birmingham had to head off home. With a few of us left we headed towards the Zinc bar (i think thats what its called) near Printworks. I suggested seeing I, Robot. Everyone else said why not as we went to see the 11pm screening. Thankfully I was not too drunk to make sense of the movie! 🙂 I will be writing a review for this soon … ish.

I have pictures from the weekend online at some point but possibly not for public access. If you want the link, just email me.

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Leeds BBQWent to Leeds the weekend just got to visit friends, have a BBQ, chilling out etc. Had a really good time and aswell as seeing some friends not seen in a while but also some new people.

Arrived in Leeds early afternoon and after parking up the car, made our way to town and met the other ppl in Wetherspoons. After some chatting we went for some food in Little Tokyo. We had a ‘light’ snack – i shared some tempura prawns, sushi and pork dumpling things. Very nice!

After eating we made our way to the BBQ – lots of lovely food and drink. Very nice kebabs 🙂 Some ppl left early-ish but the rest of us played board games which was very funny. Taboo first and then a new game to me – Cranium. Its like a combination of 4 or 5 games in one. Pictionary, charades, travia pursuit,…. Some were pretty difficult but had a good laugh. Ended up finish playing around 2am.

Following day we had played some more Taboo (!) and then some breakfast. In the afternoon we went to Roundhay Park were there was the Leeds Mela – an Asian festival type thing. On the way back I did get stung by a wasp. We were walking towards the pub so put some vinegar on it. Helped a little but still stung. It was all OK in the end. Later on we went into town. Went into the Corn Exchange and then to the Hi Fi Club and had a later afternoon lunch – I had beef and yorkshire pudding – and met a few other people who also went to the BBQ. Went to a pub (Deer Park) for some drinks and then after a bit we started heading back and then time to drive home.

Thanks for all the sorting out of the BBQ and the whole weekend ‘Kitty’ 🙂

I have some photos from the weekend – I have not linked it to the site yet as some ppl properly dont want there pics on the Internet – send me an email if you want the link to see them.

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