Sack Sven!

Not too bothered about his affair and all that – people make mistakes but this is a great excuse to get rid of the most over-rated manager ever


Concert squareWent to Liverpool last Saturday (17th July) and had a good time. Arrived around lunch time and met in Wetherspoons. When everyone arrived we went to a Chinese/Korean all you can eat buffet. The place was called Yums on Bond Street – very nice.

Unfortunately someone got there mobile stolen while we were there – some kid pretends to ask for directions or something and while he was helping them I think he grabbed the phone. 🙁

After walking around the shops etc in the centre we walked to Albert Dock area and to the bar called Blue. Spent a while there and just had a drink and chatted. Before we knew it it was time to think about where to eat.

We ended up in a Italian restaurant called Cesa Bella (i think) – a very authentic Italian restaurant and one place that could accomodate the 20+ people.

We then went to the bar area and ended up in Concert Square (which was very busy with people drinking outside) in a bar called Arena which was quite nice. Some of us left just past 10 as we had to head back home with the designated drivers. The others went to the club next door which I think was called Modo.

Overall a very nice day and the weather was nice most of the time (only pouring down with rain around lunch time). It was good to see some people i had not seen for awhile and some new people.

I have some pics (not many at all … could not be bothered taking pictures).

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British GP

British Grand Prix - Jenson ButtonPretty exciting race with some good overtaking. Massive crash for Trulli where his car actual rolled once or twice – thankfully he is OK.

Schmacher as usual won and drove really well. McLaren seem to have got there act together and were really fast.

Unfortunately Jenson did not manage to get on to the podium and just did not have a car quite fast enough. Fisichella was properly the driver of the day after starting from the back and ending up 6th.

Final Positions:

1. M Schmacher
2. Raikonnen
3. Barrichello
4. Button

In the press conference, as usual Kimi was as mono tone as ever! 🙂

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Birmingham dayout

Went to Birmingham yesterday (Saturday) to see some friends and basically chill out, eat, drink etc.

Did not take too long to get to Birmingham from Manchester – about 1 and half hours – rained really heavy for a bit and was also delayed by some heavy traffic. Was also delayed by some farmers moving a load of cows along on the road. I drove by really slow – could do a lot of damage if they bumped into the car – not sure if the insurance company would have believed me!

Went to Star City in Birmingham and played a couple games of bowling – score of 116 and 104 i think – not too bad for first game in over a year. Then we had some chicken at Nandos. Pretty nice – the extra hot sauce they had was really hot!

We then went into the middle of Birmingham to the city centre and had a look at a photography exhibition called “Earth from the Air” – very impressive. You can also download some of the pictures as desktop wallpapers. Some artist had taken photos from a helicopter of loads of places around the world. Some of them looked really good (I will put some some photos I took of the exhibition and others on here at some point…maybe).

Also went shopping in the shopping centre Bullring. Its just under a year old and looks very nice inside – full of glass and a nice modern design.

We then walked around the shops checking out the DVDs, cameras, gadgets etc. Nothing bought but saw Euro 2004 on PC-CDROM for £9.99 at HMV – seems good value to me. We then walked to the Chinatown Quarter and went to a bar for a couple drinks.

We then went to a chinese buffet and ate too much, headed back to Star City to pick up the other cars, played a couple games in the arcade and then headed back home.

Overall a nice relaxing day 🙂 So glad its Saturday so can have a nice lie-in tomorrow 🙂

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Mel C Concert – Manchester Academy Sept 2000

The concert was superb.

Mel was on top form as usual and gave a energetic performance.

Her bubbly, friendly personality showed.

Northern Star was brilliant when all the crowd sang too.” I Turn To You” was great and also one of my favs “Suddenly Monday”.

“If that were Me” was so cool.

I just hope there will be a Melanie C video soon – maybe one after the Wembly concert.

Below you will find some pictures taken at the gig by someone on the Melanie C messageboard.

Concert pic1 Concert pic 2